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JGC wins $355m gas plant project in Bahrain

JGC Corporation announced that it has received a contract to build the Gas Processing facilities in Bahrain. The Gas Processing Project, located in the Bahrain oil field area south of Awali, near Jebel Al-Dukhan, the Kingdom of Bahrain 20 kilometers south of Manama and operated by the Bahrain National Gas Expansion Company (B.S.C.)., calls for engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for the Gas Processing Plant with a daily throughput capacity of 350 MMSCFD. The project is scheduled for completion in September, 2018.

The value of the lump-sum turnkey basis contract is 40 billion yen . This project is intended to construct a plant for recovering high-value-added petroleum constituents (LPG, and naphtha) contained in petroleum-entrained gas which have not been recovered in the past.  It is expected that, by exporting recovered petroleum constituents as commercial products, this plant will contribute to the development of the oil and gas industry in Bahrain.

For this project, the client adopted a front end engineering design(FEED) Design Competition in which bidders carried out the FEED, and then prepared EPC proposals based on their FEED.  This required that the contractor should have a high level of ability to offer technical solutions in all processes ranging from front end engineering to construction.

Starting with the construction of two new gas Processing plants in the 1970’s and 80’s, JGC’s involvement in the country’s development has continued as we have also carried out a substantial number of plant expansion and revamping projects for the same country. JGC’s success in being awarded this contract is seen as being a result of its superior ability to offer technical solutions and its cost competitiveness together with the high level of trust from the client it enjoys as a consequence of its performance in the numerous projects it has successfully completed in the past. JGC fully intends to apply to the maximum its knowledge of the technologies necessary for the treatment of natural gas and its understanding of the in-country conditions to achieve the successful completion of the project and to further deepen our relationship with the client.

JGC has a history of successfully completing numerous projects in the Middle East, which is our most important market, and Bahrain is planning a number of refinery projects. We look forward to playing a continuing role in the industrial and infrastructure growth of the region.


Source: JGC Engineering