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How to Make Your Expat Home Feel Like Your Own

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We’ve learned that being overwhelmed by the sense of unfamiliarity that surrounds you – particularly in your new expat home overseas – is one of the most prevalent causes of ‘homesickness.’




Your surroundings have changed dramatically, and you now feel out of place no matter where you go. As you desire for common goods, people, and places where you feel comfortable and know what to expect, you may experience emotions of loneliness or isolation.

It will be significantly more difficult to acclimate if you don’t have even the slightest of these “comforts” in your new home abroad. As a result, it’s vital to work hard to establish a sense of “home” in your new surroundings.

As soon as you formally move into a new home, we make a conscious effort to showcase small elements of our own country. It’s amazing how much these small changes may make us feel better when we’re homesick.

Looking for a way to make your new home in a distant place more reflective of your roots while also reducing homesickness? Look no farther than these surprisingly easy-to-implement ideas…


1.  Décor

Although it may seem insignificant, the value of beauty in your house should never be underestimated! Hanging a renowned London ‘Red Telephone Box’ canvas artwork in your bedroom, for example, may provide you multiple opportunities to proudly grin at it as you wake up. Select a print of a well-known monument, animal, or scenery from your own country and proudly display it!

If that’s not your thing, find some encouraging quotes to post about your house as a pick-me-up when you’re feeling down, or choose a popular pattern, color scheme, or flag from your native country to use on throw pillows, blankets, or bed sheets. You don’t have to go all out; even a small amount of “home” may make a tremendous difference. Art deco might be useful in this situation.

You may even use this as a chance to express yourself! You may find a range of DIY craft blogs to help you create unique home décor that reflects your personality. You’ll feel accomplished knowing that you made it yourself and that it truly reflects who you are!


2.  Food

What better way to put oneself at rest than to stock your kitchen cupboards with your favorite snacks and meals?

Stock up on your favorite foods when you visit your hometown, or better yet, find a local shop that offers them!

Have some easy-to-prepare recipes on hand for the case you crave the flavors of your hometown by purchasing a recipe book or asking your mother for her secrets. Food has the power to transfer you to another era!


3. ‘You’ Zone

We’re all aware that the colors, shapes, textures, and interior environment of our houses have a subtle but persistent effect on our mood and psychology. As a result, feeling like an outsider in your own home can cause anxiety and depression.

When transferring to a new country, it is vital to construct a living space for oneself. You may go there whenever you need to be alone, spend time doing things you enjoy, and reflect on your overseas adventures.

Create a relaxing yoga environment in your apartment or a workspace in your bedroom with inspiration and mood boards. Any location that makes you feel joyful and at ease is a winner!


4. Photos

We feel that a house isn’t truly a home unless the faces of our loved ones are proudly displayed for everyone to see! Nothing beats taking a moment to reminisce on pleasant memories. New visitors may question the images, which may lead to a simple conversation, and we can start uploading photos from my new trips overseas to successfully connect our two worlds.


5.  Smells

Is there a perfume that instantly sends you back to your youth? Consider your childhood recollections or events in your own nation, and pick out a few odors that stand out to you. Whether it’s fresh lavender pouches in your drawers or freshly cut flowers in a vase in the kitchen, you should make sure you’re surrounded by relaxing scents whenever you spend time there.


6. Entertain

One of the most effective strategies to overcome homesickness is to form new friendships in your new place. Make sure your living area complements your new, exciting social life! Make any visitors feel at ease by establishing appealing environments and making your role as the host as simple as feasible. If you stock up on coffee, tea, and easy-to-grab snacks, you’ll be the ‘Monica from Friends’ of your new town in no time!