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How To Find The Right Type Of Job Search That Works For Expats

job search that works for expats


Expats are often faced with different experiences in their job search. While companies may be fighting to recruit some intelligent minds out there, some other job seekers may have to put up a valiant effort to find a good fit. Many expat job seekers employ different means to look for available vacancies in their career choices.  Here we look at how to find the right type of job search that works for expats 




One of these means is outrightly searching the internet for opportunities, but it is not yielding the desired result for most people because they are doing it the wrong way. Here are some ways to do the job searching the right way.


Networking and referrals

Many of the great jobs out there are never advertised but those roles get filled just by referrals. Just by word of mouth from friends, former colleagues and ex-bosses, you get to know about them and next thing you know, you are interviewing for a position. This is a very good job search option as it helps you avoid facing too many competitors for a particular role.

So, to stand a great chance, you need to be able to build strong networks with people who have made the same choice of career as yours and make sure to fuel the relationship by regularly keeping in touch. For example, you should be building a network with friends who are data analysts if you want one of the data analyst jobs that could be available in their companies. This will make them remember you when there is a vacancy. Some companies even offer very good incentives to employees who are able to refer a very resourceful candidate for vacant roles. Networking is a strong job search tool and you should start considering it henceforth.


Visit company websites

Sometimes, all it will take is visiting the websites of the companies you have a desire to work with. Having a dream employer in mind is very good and you need to make sure their requirements match what you can offer. So, if you track openings on their sites, there is a chance that you will find just what you are looking for. It will take some time but it will also pay off in the end. You can even go as far as connecting with the companies on LinkedIn and making comments on any posts they make that have to do with your skills. This works very well as some expat job seekers have taken this approach to get hired by those companies with time.


Internships or temporary appointments

Most job seekers are always on the hunt for permanent positions or nothing, and this could delay their chances of landing jobs, especially great ones. They are scared of becoming jobless again only after a few months of working and so totally ignore that option. Little do they know that temporary employment and short-term contracts often pave the way to permanent positions. Getting a foot into the company has never been easy and you could use that opportunity to quickly build networks for future referrals. The experience you will get is also very important as it enriches your resume. The importance of internships in landing a permanent job should never be underestimated.


Attending job fairs

Most times, job fairs are organized to focus on specific companies, but it could also be generalized. Whichever one it is, you need to keep your ears open to job fair opportunities whenever they arise. The promotional material will include a list of the organizations that are represented. All you need to do is to investigate any of the companies on the list that interest you and go to the job fair with copies of your resume and business cards to sell your skills. If you have conversations with any of the recruiters present that day, you have to take it as seriously as you would take an interview. This could set you far above other applicants who may treat the encounter as a time to just chat. The benefits of job fairs are really high and while you are searching for a job you should never miss them in future.


Final word

Getting a job as an expat could be both difficult and easy. It all depends on how you go about your job search. These tips will guide you to getting a job faster, but there are other different ways to search for your dream job.  You cannot afford to rest easy while searching for a new job. You can land that job through a route that you least expected, but only if you keep pushing.