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How To Finance Your World Travels

Finance Your World Travels


Many people dream of traveling around the world and even residing in other countries for a while. However, they think it’s only a dream because of the need to make money and the cost of everything involved in the travels (transportation, food, hotels, etc.). How do you finance your world travels?



Traveling is probably much more do-able than you ever expected. Consider these options to help finance your time spent abroad while gaining many other perks such as developing friendships, getting work experience and living in unique parts of the world.


Participate in Work Exchange

Since work exchange positions are not technically jobs, making money, a working visa isn’t required. There are different types of work exchange positions to suit virtually any experience level or interest. You could be taking care of animals on a farm or learning the sales process of a retail business. Typically you’ll receive room and board in exchange for your work. Work exchange is an excellent opportunity to learn about a region before moving there on a more permanent basis or to have some experiences and meet new people.



There are all types of freelance jobs you can do remotely anywhere in the world, which is great if you love to travel. Freelancing will often provide you more of a chance to set your schedule.


Work in Hostels

One of the best jobs if you want to be regularly traveling around the world is working in hostels. This job is excellent for learning about different areas and their citizens and meeting friends from all over the world.


Guide Tourists

Different companies are always looking for tour guides to show tourists around places all over the world. Guiding tours is a great way to meet new people from all over the world and for you to learn about different places.


Work on a Cruise Ship

There are all types of jobs available on a cruise ship. Working on a cruise ship isn’t typically one of the easier jobs for expats, but it can be fun and take you to many places. You’ll meet co-worker friends and new friends who are vacationing.


Work on Airplanes

Flight attendants work long hours and busy schedules. However, it’s an ideal situation for some people, allowing them to travel all over the world and spend short periods in various locations. There is also frequently the option to move to different areas as airlines need employees.


Teach English

If you’re fluent in English, teaching English is a widely available job in many countries all over the world. There are different types of English-teaching jobs, so it can pay to research the different types and choose which is best for you based on your previous education and destination desires. Some of the higher-paying jobs in various countries require a college degree. Some others require a teaching certificate or other qualifications.


Teach Skills 

One of the best jobs for expats is to teach people abroad to learn new skills and hobbies in their free time. If you’re an expert at skiing or snowboarding, find a job as an instructor. Maybe you’re an expert diver and could teach people scuba diving.


Care for Children

If you love kids, you may enjoy being an au pair, staying for a while in various locations taking care of children and often living with their families. It gives you an excellent opportunity to get some insight into the daily life of residents of that country. Some countries have au pair visas. You can also get this job under a working holiday visa.


Work Seasonal Jobs

Taking short-term seasonal jobs can help you get a good taste of a location and then keep traveling. You can get jobs on farms or at summer camps, ski resorts, hotels and restaurants during the tourist season. Another great seasonal work job is working at festivals. There are all types of jobs for festival workers.

Now you have an idea of different ways to move around the world while financing your travel along the way. Begin today discovering the perfect opportunity to suit your interests and needs.


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