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How to Best Showcase Your Apartment to Quickly Attract Renters

showcase your apartment
When you have a vacant apartment, it costs you money every day it sits unoccupied. That is why it is so important to decrease that time between paying tenants to the bare minimum. Rightfully you may wonder how you can market your property during difficult economic times and a crisis like COVID-19?

Written exclusively for Expat Network by Victoria Berman of AvocadoPesto

As we see more and more people choosing to work remotely from abroad, a new window of opportunity opens for property owners – targeting not just the local population, but also an increasingly larger number of expat communities. So, the only way to minimize the time your rental sits empty, even in a “crisis” like this one, is by acting quickly and effectively to get the property ready, market it appropriately, and attract prospective tenants (all around the world), prepared to sign a lease agreement. However, finding qualified and good tenants takes more than just printing up and posting flyers around your neighborhood or relying solely on word of mouth. For this reason, we have rounded up a list of our best apartment marketing tips to help you reach your goal.


Tip #1 Prepare Your Property and Apartment Listings

For your apartment to give off an irresistible first impression that quickly has people deciding to sign, everything must look desirable. When a place looks like it has been designed and maintained with care over the years, prospective tenants will be more likely to put down an offer and stay for longer. Consider investing in some brand-new contemporary furniture built to last if you are renting a fully furnished apartment. Keep in mind that greenery and fresh flowers give a place a charming and cozy appeal.

Also, most online apartment listings are somewhat generic. So, if you want yours to stand out from your competition, you need to make it exciting and draw your readers’ attention. With a little creativity and work, using the right words paired with beautiful pictures, you can make your lists enjoyable and entertaining. You shouldn’t make your prospective tenants work hard to find details about your property. Be as clear and as detailed as possible. Nowadays, most people looking for rental are looking online and want to make comparisons quickly.


Tip #2 Organize Open House Event

Many property owners run apartment open house events (tours) to show potential renters how it is like to live at the property. Though debated by its efficiency among real estate agents, an open house’s goal is to secure buyers’ interest. The way we see it, this is an exceptionally successful way to generate excitement about your home and potentially lead to an offer. During an apartment open house, you will get the opportunity to meet potential tenants face-to-face before setting up individual private showings. Meeting a larger number of tenants at once saves you time as you will not go through the trouble of organizing as many showings to get impressions of your renter options.

Since times are changing, it is wise to use technology to your advantage, no matter if the event is hosted by a professional real estate agent or yourself. Before you hold an open house event (preferably the first weekend after the property goes up for sale), make sure you include an open house sign in sheet. This way, you will get the chance to know your prospects, their wishes, and requirements in advance, leaving you just enough time to give final touches to your property and prepare your selling strategy.

Use Facebook Events to help you promote whenever you host an open house. Create a public event, use attractive photographs, and promote your event across your social network. You can also combine this event with your Facebook paid marketing efforts, such as running Facebook Ads for much more exposure, to help you reach even more prospects. This advertising tactic combines online and offline advertising, which in combination can do wonders.


showcase your apartment


Tip #3 Use Social Media Advertising Tactics

Beyond the conventional advertising methods, social media is a great free advertising tool you can use to market your property, reach larger audiences, and find your ideal renters.


Post Professional Pictures On Pinterest & Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram are excellent apartment advertising tools because they allow you to feature your apartment with pictures. To do this right, make sure you showcase your apartment’s best features by using professional, high-quality photos. If your budget allows it, consider hiring a professional photographer. Besides pictures of the rooms, add photos from the amenities, especially if they are of high quality. That can help your place stand out from the competition. If you are in good terms with your former tenants, ask them for testimonials. That is an excellent way to bring a human face to your place and build a connection with potential new renters.


Run Facebook Ads

Feel free to market your apartment on Facebook. After all, it would be best if you go where potential renters are, and the chances that your ideal customers are on Facebook are high since practically everybody is on Facebook nowadays.

If you are in a hurry, you should look at paid Facebook ads to reach even more local prospects interested in signing a lease with you. Facebook marketing is an excellent platform for apartment marketing, even for individuals, since on a small budget, you can reach potential renters when they are looking for a new apartment in your neighborhood. You can use advanced targeting options to focus your attention on your ideal renter. Moreover, Facebook is low maintenance, it’s easy to use the platform, and there are many customization options to help you focus your marketing budget based on location, demographics, and other options.



To attract and secure new renters, even in times like these, you need to make sure you are showcasing your place the right way and among the right audiences. And when doing so, never forget to market your community as much as you market your apartment.