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How Expatriates Can Keep Their Job When Moving Abroad

Keep Their Job When Moving Abroad


People who leave their home country, whether for a short amount of time or permanently, may still want to keep their jobs back in their home country. While this would have been impossible only a few short years ago, today’s technology makes it possible! From hybrid workplaces to job transfers, there are many ways a person can move to another country without having to give up their job.



Work Online

The most obvious solution to keeping the same job while working in another country is to work completely remotely online. Of course, this will not work well for all jobs. This works best for jobs that mostly involve computer-based work, like office jobs. It’s also important to note that a boss will not let just anyone work exclusively from home. An employee will need to make themselves seem special enough to be worth keeping around– even if they are not physically in the workplace. The book The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris delves into this idea deeper.

Employees should try to test the waters before asking their boss to work completely online. Try to start with a day or two a week online. This way, you can work to show your boss that you are able to be productive, even when you are not in the office. As time goes on, increase your online time and reduce your in-person time. With some serious effort, you can prove to your boss that you deserve to remain employed from afar.


Offer to Travel for Work

Employees who have the opportunity to work with clients or colleagues in another country have an advantage when it comes to traveling for work. Employees would do well to research the pros of having someone who is able to travel for work. It is even better if the country you are moving to has a base of operation for your company. This way, you can continue to work with clients and check in with the business in either a physical or online way.

If you are moving to a country that is close to your home country, you may also be able to work within a hybrid workplace model. With this workplace model, employees work online for part of the time and come back to work in the office for some of the time. If you do not live too far away from your home country, this could be a realistic offer to make to your employer. Sweeten the deal by telling your employer that you can drive there on your own time and dime– or don’t and see if you can get paid mileage.

Just like working entirely online, an employee looking to move into a hybrid workplace should begin by working from home a couple of days a week. This will go to show your boss that you have what it takes to work online and in-person without it affecting your work.


Ask for a Job Transfer

If you still want to work for the same company, but do not care if you are working with the same coworkers or not, then asking for a job transfer could be the perfect fit for you! Of course, this only works if the company you work for in your home company also has a base in the country you are moving to. This also works best for employees who have been with the company for several years and have shown their dedication and desire to continue working with the same company. When asking for a job transfer, make sure to state to your current supervisor why you are moving. Of course, talking about your previous work history is more important. Show what you can bring to your company from another country. The better you are able to argue a reason for the transfer, the more likely you will be to get it.



Moving to a new country is a big change and being able to keep your current job is one way to make it easier. Research these options and see what fits your needs best. After that, it’s time to make your move– in more ways than one!