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HK – MTR deal to Thales and Alstom

Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation has awarded Thales and Alstom a €330m (£246m) contract to upgrade the signalling on seven metro lines.

Thales executive vice-president for transportation systems, Jean-Pierre Forestier, has described the project as the largest resignalling contract ever awarded.

The extensive project will equip the seven MTR lines with the latest communications based train control (CBTC) technology. CBTC gives operators precise control in the movement of their trains, allowing them to run on the line at higher frequencies and speeds – with or without drivers.

Thales and Alstom will be responsible for the replacement of the existing signalling system including automatic train supervision (ATS), interlocking, and automatic train control (ATC) in the control centre, trains and stations. Thales will provide the advanced SelTrac CBTC system.

Project implementation will be carried out by a Alstom Thales joint project team. Thales, the consortium leader, is taking the technical lead while Alstom will ensure the overall project management, as well as the supply of the remote trackside equipment controllers to deliver an interface with the existing field elements.


“With their combined technical strengths, rich experiences and dedicated commitments, Thales and Alstom are fully confident to provide MTR with the most secure, efficient and reliable signalling and infrastructure systems,” said Pascal Cléré, senior vice president, transport information solutions at Alstom Transport.

Forestier added: “We are very proud with winning with Alstom the largest resignalling contract ever awarded. Joining our combined experience and expertise, Thales and Alstom will contribute to enhance a mass transit system that is vital to Hong Kong success.”


Source: www.theconstructionindex.co.uk

Link: http://tinyurl.com/jvtr33m