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Healthcare In Malta

malta healthcare
Malta’s state healthcare system is of a high standard (ranked recently as 5th in the world) and is available to all residents of Malta, including foreigners who have moved to Malta, free at the point of delivery. EU citizens can get free healthcare with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The public heath services are funded through national insurance and taxation.

The state fund provides most medical services including specialist treatments, hospitalisation, prescriptions, pregnancy, childbirth and rehabilitation. Those on lower incomes can get free prescriptions, subject to means-testing. People with long-term or multiple ailments may also qualify for free treatment. Doctors are well-qualified with many trained overseas and almost all speak English.

There is also a thriving private healthcare system and this can offer a wider range of services and shorter waiting times. Private health services are licensed and monitored by Malta’s public health authorities to maintain standards. Doctors in Malta are able to practice in both the public and private sectors. Malta has a high reputation for plastic surgery and dental treatments and this reputation together with the lower cost than in many parts of Europe attract people travelling specially for these treatments.

Private health insurance is advised for expats in Malta. It will generally be necessary to pay for medical care at the time of service or on release from hospital and then claim from your personal health insurance for reimbursement.
Good dental care is available in Malta and is covered by private health insurance or is paid for out-of-pocket.