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Fugro win $13m Pemex extension

Fugro (Mexico), the global supplier of offshore geotechnical services, in conjunction with Diavaz, has been awarded an extension for the ongoing offshore geophysical and geotechnical campaign by the Mexican national oil company, PEMEX.

According to Fugro, geotechnical field operations, laboratory testing and geoconsulting activities will support exploration drilling activities in the Bay of Campeche and deepwater locations in the Perdido area. The value of the contract extension is approximately $13 million.

Fugro says that the field program is planned to start in October 2015, from the ultra-deepwater geotechnical and well services vessel Fugro Synergy, while the Geoconsulting program will continue through 2016.

Fugro’s geotechnical soil data collection, lab testing and consultancy services are centered around onshore and offshore site investigation. The geotechnical information is used to design foundations for deepwater wells, offshore structures, on and offshore pipelines, ports, large buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure.

Source:  www.offshoreenergytoday.com