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Finding An Affordable House When Moving Across The World

finding an affordable house


If you are moving abroad for the first time it is exciting and is a huge step in your lives. It will teach you several things about yourself and will widen your horizons about various cultures. Many times while moving abroad there are several things you need to take into consideration and this may result in doubt creeping into the picture.



How will I find a house? Can I trust the real estate agent I have hired that doesn’t speak English much? But after you have lived abroad and are past the first time jitters moving to other countries later becomes easier.


Tips while making a rental agreement

Many times while visiting abroad you will be required to move to Asia. You will find that renting an apartment in these conditions is quite easy. Yet many people spend a lot of time looking for an apartment and by the time they find a suitable one, it is time to move on. So, renting an apartment from some country outside of the U.S. may feel a bit scary but after doing it once you will feel a lot easier in the future. Of course, there is something you have to learn each time. Even when you are feeling like an expert you aren’t one. Fortunately, you would have learned from your mistakes. Here are some alternatives you can consider.


Rent a temporary place

You can rent temporary accommodation by using Hostel, Airbnb with a 2 to 4 weeks contract and then look for more permanent accommodation after you have arrived and settled in. You can later seek help from house and land platforms for getting a perfect place at affordable pricing.


Rent for a month in advance

If you feel that you have found the exact apartment you were looking for with a reliable agent, ensure that you make a contract for the initial month before you sign into a longer contract. After reaching your destination you might find a budget alternative after you have received a more realistic picture of the culture and people from your destination. In case you have a contract of say five months at this point, you may be paying far too much compared to other alternatives available and are unable to change the apartment you have leased.


Check online reviews

Ensure that you check online reviews about this property you are considering. In case it is a private property that does not have reviews you can opt for considering it as a temporary accommodation with one monthly trial contract. Once you have arrived in the new place you can perform viewing.


Have a clear contract

Always make sure that you have a clearly stated contract and you can understand what it is saying. In case you feel as if it is missing certain details you may write them down, suggest them, or add to your terms. This contract has to include a minimum of your and leaser’s names and contact details, apartment address, lease dates indicating validity period, terms for ending this lease, etc. It should also indicate who will clean this apartment, who will make the payment if someone else is going to clean it, terms for returning your deposit, and signatures.      You should talk with the responsible person about a lot of things such as what you are allowed to renovate, whether you can change the siding or do home additions and so on. Discuss every detail, so you know for sure.


Take pictures

Ensure that you take pictures of the accommodation from all angles after arriving. If you locate dirty corners, cracks, or broken handles save all this info on your phone. This will provide proof due to the availability of these photographs if needed. This is because you may be required to get someone to clean the place and make sure everyone is sticking to the terms. It will also ensure that you do not lose any deposit amount for things you are not guilty about.



When you are looking for rental apartments on Google, translate “rental apartments” in the local language for the Google search. This will allow you to access local sites. If a company offers temporary accommodation for say 3 weeks it will be a terrific advantage. When you have such an offer at hand keep an open mind and look for suitable accommodation while searching.