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Finance: Meet the Expert Panel

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Finance: Meet the Expert Panel

Questions & Answers

Get your financial queries answered here by our panel of experts. They are happy to tackle any of your financial issues relating to the expat life.

Just email us at expats@expatnetwork.com and we will pass your query to our expat panel. You will receive a personal response, after which both question and answer will be displayed on the site in this section.

Jason Porter


Blevins Franks
Expat Financial Advisory Firm

Peter Bellwood

Managing Director

Bellwood Prestbury

Financial Advisers to Expatriates

Trevor Wilkes


TrewTax Services

UK Tax Services

Alexander Beard Group Finance Logo

Paul Beard

& Executive Chairman

Alexander Beard Group

Financial Advisers to Expatriates

David McKeegan


Greenback Expat Tax Services

US Tax Services

Matthew Crisp

Commercial Manager

Currency Index

Currency/Money Transfer Specialists

Stuart Ritchie

Chartered Financial Planner
& Chartered Wealth Manager

AES International

Financial Advisers to Expatriates

Adrian Wright

Managing Director

International Mortgage Plans

Expat Mortgage Specialist

Howard Bilton

& Chairman

The Sovereign Group

Asset Management