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Emigrating Is The New Norm For Millennials

Nearly two thirds of Millennials want to move abroad, and nearly half expect to move multiple times according to a study by Crown Relocations.  Improving quality of life tops the list of reasons for moving abroad and pragmatic issues top the list of concerns over emotional ones


An increasing number of UK millennials are considering leaving the UK and moving overseas, according to a new study.*

The survey found that 59% of UK millennials had plans in place or were seriously considering a move overseas in the near future.

The study, conducted by Crown Relocations – a global relocation and moving services company –  showed that while other age groups believe that such a move would be permanent, the majority of UK millennials questioned (46%) did not. Many expect to live in more than one foreign country in their lifetime.

Improving quality of life, cited by 37%, is millennials number one reason for leaving the UK. To follow their dreams (25%) and improve their well-being (25%) also topped the list. Conversely, only 12% thought that a move would help their career progression highlighting a need for employers to deliver better global job opportunities, where possible.

Europe is UK millennials’ destination of choice, followed by Australia and New Zealand. Overall a third believe Europe to be the cheapest place to live, 44% believe it to be the easiest to move to and a quarter named it as the friendliest.

When it came to security, 32% of UK millennials cite Europe as being the safest place to live. This is in sharp contrast to the US, where only 13% of UK millennials believe America to be the safest destination. US gun crime is regularly in the press and with deaths from shootings at the highest levels since 1996**, over half of UK millennials wouldn’t relocate to the US because of gun crime.

UK millennials are very comfortable with the idea of relocating overseas. 49% of those questioned claim they would have no problem settling into a new country. Other age groups, such as retirees were more cautious; citing concerns such as not knowing where to go once in a foreign country. However, UK millennials appear to take a more pragmatic approach; with the majority believing a simple ‘how to’ guide, app or website, as well as access to locals for guidance, would be enough to settle in their new country.

This level-headed approach is also reflected by what UK millennials look for after moving – with information regarding hospitals and emergency services considered more important than the location of the nearest bar and restaurant. The biggest concern for UK millennials was finding employment (38%), followed by saying goodbye to family/friends (36%), learning the language (35%) and issues surrounding visas (34%).

Andy Buckle from Crown Relocations, comments, “We often consider millennials to have their head in the clouds having been raised with the mantra to ‘follow their dreams’ – and this is certainly reflected in our research. However, they may well be growing up as their approach to relocating abroad is much more pragmatic – with more concerned about finding their local hospital and doctors’ surgeries, than where the nearest bars are. These very practical concerns, including finding a job and sorting visas, highlights a need for support and help before and after they land.”

And they’re pragmatic when it comes to what they’ll take with them – with the majority taking all of their clothes, beating sentimental photos and even pets to the top of the list.