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Eight Tips To Break Your Sugar Addiction

sugar addiction

Do you know that the number one thing that makes you sick and overweight is not fat but sugar? The average American consumes about seventeen teaspoons of sugar daily. Now, this is the statistic for an adult. You can only wonder how much sugar kids consume on a daily basis.

The high consumption of sugar makes one out of four teenagers pre-diabetic. This aspect perfectly explains why thousands of people are overweight – adults, kids, and teens. That said, science has proven that sugar is biologically addictive.

As a matter of fact, sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. Now, you don’t want to see this addiction in terms of having an emotional eating disorder. Sugar in flour causes a spike in your blood sugar more than normal table sugar. This sugar hijacks your taste buds, brain, hormones, and metabolism.

So, the crucial question is – How do we break this addiction and take back our health?

More Sugar = More Cravings

The thing is that the more sugar you eat, the more you crave it. Before you start to freak out about balancing your cravings, you should know that it doesn’t take more than ten days to get rid of your sugar addiction.

The key is to consume powerful addiction-reversing foods that will rewire and reset your body. You might want to look at it as a way of completely rebooting your body.

Shift Your Mindset

The first thing that you should do is to shift your mindset and make a solid decision with yourself that you are no longer consuming sugar. The next step is to quit cold turkey. By going cold turkey, you will stop all forms of sugar and flour, along with artificial sweeteners that cause obesity and diabetes.

Of course, going cold turkey is hard as you are prone to experience withdrawal symptoms, and you will want to get some sugar in your system. You will, however, want to stay strong and hold someone accountable to check on you.

You can also use apps that will help you stay on track and keep you motivated. If you are quitting sugar to get rid of the excessive weight, then you can immensely benefit from apps as well. Click here to get to know more about weight loss apps.

Stop Drinking Calories

The next step you will want to follow is avoiding drinking your calories. You will want to consciously and mindfully consume your calories by eating them. You will eliminate sports drinks, sweetened teas, sweetened coffees, soda, and juices. However, you will want to stick to green vegetable juice.

Add Protein to All Your Meals

 Another step that you will want to follow to cut out your sugar cravings is to add protein to your every single meal. This aspect is specifically true for your breakfast, where you want to ensure that you consume whole eggs regularly.

Consume whole eggs, nuts, seeds, fish, veggies, and fruits. Proceed to eat the right types and portions of carbohydrates. Ideally, you should only consume non-starchy veggies like zucchini, mushrooms, onions, beans, tomatoes, and eggplants.

Consume Non-Starchy Veggies

The list of non-starchy veggies doesn’t end here – but – you get the point that you have loads of a variety of non-starchy veggies. You will also want to include good fats in all your meals, including nuts, seeds, coconut, butter, avocados, and omega-3 fats from fish.

Manage Your Stress

More importantly, you will want to try managing your stress. When you are stressed, your cortisol goes up, which makes you hungry, and you crave sugar. This aspect might perfectly explain why you start binge eating when stressed.

Eliminate Gluten & Dairy

Subsequently, you will want to quit gluten and dairy from your diet – at least for ten days while you are on your journey to quit sugar. Believe us when we tell you that after a couple of days, after you have quit sugar, you will feel more energetic, and your mood will improve, too.

Trust us: Once you quit sugar, a whole host of symptoms can go away.

Get Quality Sleep Every Day

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you will also need to focus on your sleep. Did you know that less than eight hours of sleep a night can increase your hunger hormones and stimulate you to overeat? This aspect perfectly describes night-time cravings and the urge to snack during the night.

The best thing to do is to allow your brain to produce melatonin, a chemical your brain needs to sleep. You will want to switch off your tech gadgets at least one hour before bedtime. Also, make sure that the room is comfy, cozy, dark, and at an ideal temperature.

You will want to wake up early and go to bed early to feel fresh, productive, and happy throughout the day.