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Effective Employee Retention Strategies For Your Expat Business

Effective Employee Retention Strategies


Expatriate employees already have a number of family benefits ranging from schooling, health insurance and spousal job placements, to accommodation advantages and assistance. So it may be some thought that beats anyone’s imagination why some of these types of employees may not be settled in a particular company. The reasons are not far-fetched.  Look at employee retention strategies.



As an expat business owner, you cannot say you are becoming a success if you have not mastered the strategies of retaining your staff. If your company doesn’t promise job security or cater to staff’s career growth amongst other forms of ineptitude, then you risk losing your prized assets. Here are some strategies to effectively retain your employees.


Be a brand they want to identify with

You may feel that you pay your employees a lot of money to be financially comfortable in addition to other benefits they are already enjoying but you need to ask yourself if they are proud of your brand. The fact is that no one wants to be a subset of what is frowned at by the majority. The mouth-watering incentive you have for them may not be able to match the disdain they get or the unhappiness they feel when they put on their work identity cards. They would rather jump ship. Instead of your business being known for the wrong reasons, let it be known for good things like involvement in the local community, charity organizations and a family-like work environment.


Create more time for your staff by outsourcing some of your duties

As an expat business owner, you are definitely going to have a lot to think about. You are in an environment new to you and if your business is not making profits, you might as well pack your bags and go back home. Ensuring your business’s success is a consequence of how well your staff is faring. Do you have time for them? So, how do you create more time to grow them career-wise and ensure they are not overworked?

Outsourcing some of the official duties that are not directly involved with making a profit for the company will be a good move. It will avail you and your staff more time to concentrate on other aspects of the business that will bring in the money. For example, your payroll outsourcing, a payroll service provider will help you handle the administrative and compliance functions of paying your employees. This take the burden from your staff and create more time for one another.


Top-notch training and opportunities for employee personal development

One of the best ways of retaining your employees is by empowering them career-wise and providing an environment for them to thrive. Regular top-class training, especially for digital skills and availing opportunities to use these skills in the business will keep your employees endeared to you. Many businesses these days make use of RAR because of its compression rate. It even does a better job than zipping. This makes transferring large data around very easy. You should let your staff know how to use a rar opener when handling information and content. Other important digital skills training topics like being safe online, problem-solving, communicating, and transacting will empower your employees with the right tools for their jobs.


Encourage regular feedback and act on them

As an expat business owner, have you ever bothered to ask why an employee may be leaving? You will find out that it may be due to a problem you could have been able to take care of. This is what regular feedback aims to control. You need to encourage your employees to give feedback regularly and you have to make it a point of duty to act on them in a timely manner. You may get to know if some of your managers are making life difficult for their subordinates or a staff member is getting weary from doing long journeys to and from work. You can handle these by calling the manager to order in a friendly way and granting remote work opportunities for your employees.


Allow unbiased opportunities for advancement

If your employee knows or feels that there is no room for promotion, then you are just barely hanging on to him or her. The slightest opportunity they get to switch their allegiance to an organization offering that kind of opportunity will be jumped at. As an expat business owner, you need to create equal and unbiased opportunities for your employees to gain promotion.

The reason why some expat businesses are not successful is because of the callous way they handle their staff. Your employees form a core part of your business and dealing with them unfairly is indirectly attacking your business’s growth. Start making your employees more relevant today because they dictate the tempo of your business. If you treat them well, they will stay with you and always put in their best.


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