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Common Jobs at a Startup (and How To Get Hired)

Starting A Business Overseas


Startups are growing rapidly nowadays. But in order to make it successful, you need a proper team. You may see many startups making money but you know why startups fail? They don’t have the right team to make their business successful. 82% of successful business owners admit they have the right qualifications and the experience to run a company, even with limited cash flow.



So in this article, we’re going to discuss the main jobs at startups that can actually help you in growing your business. Moreover, some tips can be applied at any startup. So if you want your startup successful, keep reading.


Different vacancies offered at Startup

In order to be successful, the owner needs to hire talented people. The startup is not a one-person game; a team of about 5+ people makes success with their skills and capabilities. If you are an owner, it will help you decide which type of opportunity you may open for others. Or if you are seeking a job, it will help you groom yourself based on job opportunities. The following are some common job offers for startups.



The CEO is the person in charge of the vision and management of the company. The Chief Executive Officer is accountable for all decisions. No decision can be taken without his consent. He is a key part of the organization. Each team needs a leader that makes the right decision and understands the company’s role. The bottom line is that the CEO is the leader of the business.



To build software as a service startup, the developer takes the lead. Developers play a vital function in a startup, so make sure that you hire well-qualified specialists that can provide testing and implementation of the product. A developer must design the product with due attention and keep in mind the goals of the corporation. You also need to take care of creating the objectives and ensuring a smooth connection between the development team and the client. A developer ensures that the user is able to connect and know how to properly use this software or product. The developer is also responsible for creating a website that can be professionally impactful.


HR Manager

A recruiter is also known as an HR expert. The recruiter is accountable for selecting versatile and competent persons for the startup. The recruiter will decide on the job specification or criteria for selecting an individual. They are responsible for an interview and contract paperwork.


Digital Marketing Expert

When it comes to the creation of the brand identity, the reputation and impact of the marketing experts of startups play an important role. They are responsible for establishing the trademark within the industry. They are targeting the public and selling to the right people. They may use different social media channels, email marketing, paid advertisements, or search engine optimization for marketing purposes.


Networking Expert

A networking expert is an individual with a strong network and public relations. The expert helps the startup to create the right connection with the right people (people that may benefit the business). They practice their networking experiences to establish relationships with clients, investors, providers, and stakeholders. Their unparalleled expertise helps the startup establish useful agreements also partnerships.



That’s the person who typically works on contract. It must be someone with extensive experience who gives new ideas to startups. Most startups are seeking qualified consultants in a relevant niche that can provide business insights. A consultant can also be someone with experience in opening a startup.


Finance Manager

A financial manager, or an accountant, maintains a register of all debits and credits. A financial manager is responsible for all funding used in a company or debited by stakeholders or clients. Such specialists maintain all financial records and present this information to the founder of the startup.


How To Get Hired?

If you want to start up all that you need to follow these points:

First, discover the domain where you want to work. You may choose it according to your preference and continue your career.

Look for any businesses according to your skills and find employment opportunities there.

Make sure your network works well and you will be able to find a job thanks to your network.

Get groomed, hone your skills, and dress up for an interview.



Hiring staff for your startup is not a piece of cake. But this is something that is going to bring change and progress to your startup. Moreover, you can expand your firm by providing the job at different departments to fresh graduates. So, select the right one for the startup. Only a skilled person can help complete the mission of a company. Find these right skillful people and that will be your first step toward startup success.