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CH2M win work to combat Kazakhstan’s drug trade

Under its existing Air Force Contract Augmentation Program, CH2M has been awarded additional task orders to design and deliver infrastructure that addresses public health and national security threats posed by drug trafficking.

The Republic of Kazakhstan, an ally of the United States, faces a significant challenge in stemming the flow of illegal drugs across its borders. Under its existing Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP), CH2M was recently awarded additional task orders through the Office of Military Cooperation at the U.S. Embassy to design and deliver infrastructure and facilities enabling Kazakhstan to more effectively combat the illegal drug trade.

Drug trafficking represents a significant threat to the stabilization of both the Republic of Kazakhstan and the surrounding region. According to the U.S. Department of State’s International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, Kazakhstan is a strategically situated transit country along the main northern trafficking route for Afghan heroin and opiates. This route links Central Asia to Russia and Eastern Europe. Importation of synthetic narcotics from Russia, China and European countries into Kazakhstan has increased recently.

Supporting the mission of the Kazakhstan Border Guard Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs, CH2M’s service delivery addresses public health and national security threats posed by drug trafficking through:

Design of passport control buildings to support customs and immigrations inspections, and provide administrative space for border guard personnel in Kyzylzhar, Kazakhstan.
Design of a living/administration facility to support border guard personnel at border guard stations in Merke and Akshimirau, Kazakhstan.
Design of quarantine kennel facilities to support working drug detection dogs in Kararoy and Astana; and a Canine Service Center and administrative facility in Kyzylorda.
“These new facilities will directly impact people’s lives in a positive way–from helping combat the flow of drugs that threaten citizen wellbeing, to enabling a better immigration experience for those seeking immigration to Kazakhstan,” stated Frank Smith, Project Manager and CH2M Director of Military Installation Planning.

In line with the client mission, CH2M will incorporate sustainable and environmentally responsible elements into the efficient and cost effective designs of the infrastructure, while executing within Kazakhstan’s design regulations and construction standards.

“Our designs will provide facilities that not only facilitate the important mission of the Border Guard Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs but are sustainable as well,” states Matthew Sutton, President of CH2M’s Environment and Nuclear business. “We are proud to have a role serving the U.S. Government and Republic of Kazakhstan partnership.”

CH2M has been serving the Air Force under the AFCAP contract for more than 10 years, working on over 50 projects ranging from environmental planning to infrastructure development to remediation, totalling $190 million. We have deployed more than 1,000 personnel and resources globally for this effort, including in Afghanistan, Greece, Haiti, Iraq, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

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