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Buyers Reveal Most Desirable Holiday Home Must-Haves

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Prospective expats and holiday home owners have revealed the non-negotiable features in their dream property.  In a survey of over 1,500 home hunters conducted by overseas property consultants at YourOverseasHome, 71% of respondents stated that being within walking distance to shops and cafes was essential, while 68% needed a garden, and 54% wanted a good view.



Perhaps surprisingly, only 50% stated that private parking was desirable and just 35% were looking for a property with a pool.

In the battle between new and old, more people were looking for an older, more traditional home (35%) compared to those requiring a modern and pristine property (15%) – proof that newer isn’t always better.

The survey by Your Overseas Home was completed by over 1,500 prospective home buyers in Europe, who were looking to buy a property in France or Spain in May 2022.

Christopher Nye, chief editor at YourOverseasHome.com, said:

“Everybody has a different idea of what their dream home would look like and the features it would ideally include, but when it comes to homes abroad, it looks like there are a few essentials that most people tend to agree on.

“In this case, convenience is key, as the majority of our respondents wanted to be close to shops and cafes. It’s also great to see that people are continuing to value older, traditional properties over more modern alternatives.”

What would you consider essential in your property? 

Answer choices Responses
Walking distance to shops and cafes 71%
A garden 68%
A view 54%
Private parking 50%
A swimming pool 35%
Old and beautiful 35%
Accessible by public transport 29%
Emergency medical facilities within easy reach 23%
Modern and pristine 15%
Other 11%
Total respondents: 1520