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Best And Worst Value European Capital Cities To Buy Property

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As the UK Government reports that the average house in the UK is valued at £294,910, overseas property experts at Your Overseas Home have researched and revealed what you could realistically get if you buy property for the same price abroad.

In Your Overseas Home’s recent campaign, the best and worst value European capital cities to buy property in have been revealed – and it probably comes as no surprise that London is still relatively unaffordable in comparison

Europe is home to many wonderful cities, each with its unique history, attractions and vibe. However, the capitals tend to have the best paying jobs, most interesting cultural attractions and most exciting nightlife and social scene too. So it’s not surprising that these have become dream locations for many looking to move abroad. 

But with the average house price in the UK sitting just shy of £300k at £294,910 (according to government data) – and close to double that in London – the overseas property experts at Your Overseas Home have set out to explore more affordable capital cities in Europe. 

So, where can you get the most value for your money in Europe, and where should you expect to pay a premium price for a property?

The Your Overseas Home team looked at properties advertised online within the €300-330k bracket of each European capital city. Then, they looked at the property listings to delve into the price of the property, alongside the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, distance to the city centre and even the amenities that the property comes with – like saunas and swimming pools. The experts used this information to place each country into a unique ranking system, revealing what 300,000 GBP could realistically get you in Europe’s capital cities. 

Christopher Nye, senior content editor at Your Overseas Home said: “The cost of living and current rise of inflation and interest rates across the UK has made it hard for many to purchase their dream home in the UK. It’s quite startling to see that actually house prices in the UK (London), are the third most expensive in the whole of Europe

“Seeing as places such as Kosova, Armenia and Cyprus are able to offer homes and properties which are much more affordable, this might encourage those who are potentially worried about making the jump to move abroad, to finally take the plunge so that they can live a much more affordable lifestyle.”

The most affordable European capital cities to buy a property in: 

With the cost of living crisis impacting so many across the world, Your Overseas Home have taken a look at the most affordable cities across Europe for people to buy a property, to escape the UK. The city of Pristina, in Kosovo, comes out on top. The findings show that with a budget of just over £300,000 you can purchase an incredible five-bedroom house, boasting three bathrooms, a garage and a spacious garden. If you wanted so much space, your £300k budget would get you almost 500 square metres in Pristina.

Armenia’s Yerevan, known for its iconic landscape below the mountains, is the second most affordable European capital to buy a property in. For £300,000 you can purchase a fully-furnished, three-bedroom house with three bathrooms, a large garden, and a three-car garage. 

The data reveals that capital cities in Eastern Europe offer better value for money in properties than Western and Central Europe.

The most expensive European capital cities to buy a property in: 

Research reveals that Stockholm is the most expensive capital city in Europe to buy a property. With £300,000, you’ll get a small villa with only 300 square metres of floor space.

Dublin is the second most expensive capital in Europe to buy a property, and with house prices continuing to rise by 9% each year , it’s going to keep getting more expensive. 

With the cost of living crisis affecting those in the UK so heavily, London, United Kingdom is the third most expensive capital city in Europe to buy a property

The European capital cities that offer the most space for your money: 

For those who want to purchase a property with lots of space, capital cities in Eastern Europe offer the most value for your money overall, with Pristina, Bucharest, Skopje making it into the top three. 

When we just compare the size of the properties, Pristina comes out on top, costing property buyers a fantastic £577 per square metre, in comparison to London’s average of £8,091 per square metre! In second place is Bucharest in Romania, where it costs £624 per square metre, and following in third place is North Macedonia’s Skopje at £606. 

For more information and a full breakdown of the results, please visit the campaign page: https://www.youroverseashome.com/what-300k-can-get-you-in-europes-capital-cities/