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Alert: You Must Have Medical Cover To Enter Dubai

New laws mean that anyone moving to Dubai for work or other reason will not be able to take advantage of the UAE’s public healthcare facilities. You must instead take out private medical insurance to cover the cost of your treatment.

To make sure the new law is complied with you will not be able to apply for a residency visa unless you can prove you have valid medical insurance.

Over the past decade, Dubai has become internationally recognised as among the best in the world for its healthcare facilities. But it comes at a cost and is something that few people can afford to fund out of their own pockets.

Public healthcare facilities in Dubai are generally of a good standard and the emirate’s public healthcare system is better than most found in the region and indeed across the rest of the world.

In 2007 the emirate created the Dubai Health Authority or DHA, to oversee both private and public healthcare facilities. So for those expatriates who did not have medical insurance, there was always the fallback position of being able to apply for a health card from the UAE’s Ministry of Health (MOH) that allowed you to receive care at a public facility.

Proof that you have valid medical insurance is in the form of a document provided by your insurance company.