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ACC wins $200m Egypt hospital expansion contract

ACC was recently awarded a contract to expand the specialist Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357. The planned extension will upgrade the facility so that it continues to offer first-class paediatric cancer care to children of the world.

Constructed by ACC and opened in 2007, Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 is one of the largest children’s cancer hospitals in the world, providing world-class cancer care and treatment to infant and junior patients from Egypt and around the world. The extension consists of two buildings, an out-patient centre extending over 8500m² and an administrative smart building of 2500m². Both contain three basements, ground floor and 13 subsequent floors. The out-patient centre also includes a bridge link back to the main building.

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 is amongst the finest paediatric cancer hospitals in the world and is considered one of Egypt’s crowning achievements of the last 60 years. With the concept and vision of a handful of committed Egyptian physicians, businessmen and good-hearted people, it has become the pride of millions of Egyptians, Arabs and members of the international community. From the very beginning, the hospital has been funded by generous donors and the hard work of those committed to helping their fellow man and community.

General Manager of ACC Egypt, Engineer Salah El Kadi, said, “ACC is honoured to have its construction expertise called upon once more to expand the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, one of the world’s most established and highly-regarded cancer hospitals. We are delighted to take this fine institution forward to its next phase. To be invited back for the next chapter in the hospital’s development is a testament of the high quality of work we have produced for the hospital since its inception.”

Salah continued, “This expansion will improve the hospital’s facilities thus upgrading its ability to serve more patients. We will work with the same high standards of ACC to ensure that children who visit this hospital for cancer treatment, both from Egypt and around the world, are provided with the very best in 21st Century cancer care.”

Source: www.accsal.com