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8 Technologies That Make The Life Of An Expat Easier


Expats are faced with several challenges and there is an emotional pain that can come with it.  It can be difficult for some to make friends and build new relationships in their new environment. Barriers in language and adjusting to different business cultures can pose more problems. However, technology is always available to bail anyone out of boredom, loneliness, and other issues needing attention. Here are some technologies that can make life easier for expats.





The worst thing that can happen to an expat with all the other issues he or she may be dealing with is not having access to the internet. The internet is a joy to many and provides an opportunity to take yourself out of your boring and lonely environment to an exciting one online. Phones and other handheld devices would have been meaningless really if not for wireless connectivity. Wifi has changed lives and several working industries and an expat can use this medium to connect with loved ones back home via video calls. The opportunity of being online can make things interesting for the expat also.


Handheld devices

Smartphones, tablets, iPads and electronic notebooks can change the emotional predicament of any expat. Even when with loved ones, it could get really boring when you don’t get to use your smartphones for a day, let alone when in an environment where you are probably alone and bored. A smartphone set up with an international service plan is the best gift an expat could have. This will make it possible to use the same device and service no matter where you go. Smartphones and other handheld devices make online browsing convenient provided there is a wireless connection.


Adapter plugs

Not being able to charge your electronic devices can be very frustrating no matter what the reason is. Different countries are known to have different power sources and electrical outlets. Since you are taking different electronic devices along, it would be good thinking to buy some multipurpose adapters that will allow you to convert your power cords for any setting easily.


Translation apps

One of the possible issues for an expat could be the language barrier. Due to this, the person may find it difficult to make new friends or ask for help if needed. Some expats may not care about this if their primary languages are also spoken in their new country but it pays to learn the other languages that are in common use there. If you can get yourself some translation apps like Linguee, Fluency Now, and tools for video remote interpretation like InterpreCloud, they will go a long way in helping you speak and understand the basics of their language. Knowing how to speak the language of your new country can help you make friends more easily and build new networks.


Facial recognition

This is a field of technology that is fast-growing and playing important roles in the lives of many people. It is a type of biometric authentication tool that uses facial features for the verification of identity. This could make shopping quicker for you as this technology can recognize your face and automatically charge your credit card. This means you wouldn’t need to use cash or card to pay for these services. It also helps if you do not know how to speak the language of your new country yet.


Banking apps

As an expat, you would want online real-time access to all your accounts whether local or offshore accounts. Getting an app that allows you to check all these accounts at any time is necessary. With the apps you can make payments for some goods and even make transfers between any of your accounts or to your loved ones. This can help simplify all your banking transactions, especially those in your home country.


Virtual banking cards

Investing in virtual debit or credit cards can make life easier for expats. Though international debit and credit cards are not irrelevant, you can enjoy the same benefits from virtual cards. The virtual card has an extra layer of identity protection and is mostly programmed to be used once. So, if a fraudster gets hold of this card, it will be of no use to him since it is structured to be used only once. The funding source which is your account remains secure and will never be affected. So no matter where you are, your finances can be protected.


Voice assistants

Voice assistants can be very useful for an expat trying to adjust to life in a new country. Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google’s assistant can primarily do anything on the gadget it functions. Things like revealing weather conditions, streaming of various services, playing of music, and reading the news are some of the things a voice assistant can help an expat with and these will definitely make life easier for him or her.


Final word

Generally, technology is here to make life easier for everybody. The best part about these technologies is that they focus on industries that people prioritize in their lives. As an expat, you will find yourself having to do some new things that are not the norm when you are back home. Relying on some of these technologies will make things easier for you and just maybe help you adjust to the new environment that your new country provides.