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7 Tips On Choosing The Right Health Insurance In Singapore

Health Insurance In Singapore

The cost of healthcare can be quite high in Singapore, that’s why most expats opt for health insurance plans, but choosing the right health insurance isn’t about getting the most expensive plan you can afford. There are other factors to consider; from the coverage it provides and the customizability of the plan to which hospital networks you have access to and what kind of support you get.

1. Sufficient coverage

As with any other insurance plan, one of the key things to consider when securing a health insurance plan is whether you will be protected when it matters. Make sure that the plan will cover you sufficiently!

2. Reasonable premiums

Even the best plan won’t be helpful to you if you can’t afford it. So be sure to check that the premiums are reasonable and whether there are flexible payment options. Flexible payment options can come in the form of deductibles and copayments, these options can lower your premiums.

3. Hospital access

Checking which hospital networks your health insurance provides access to is key to ensuring that you have access to the hospitals of your choice. Some plans may allow you to add specific hospital networks to your policy at the cost of increased premiums.

4. Customizability

Different people have different needs. When you choose a plan that has a lot of room for customization, you can make sure that your plan covers your needs, whether it’s coverage for certain activities or access to hospital networks of your choice.

5. Multiple payouts for critical illness coverage

Typically, critical illness coverage offers a single payout that pays you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness (major cancer, heart attack etc.). When looking for a plan, check to see if you have an option for multiple payouts in the case of relapse to give yourself extra protection.

6. 24-hour support

When looking for the right plan, often people oversee the importance of having 24-hour customers and claims support. Accidents don’t wait until they are convenient for you, having an all-time-available support through multiple channels, helps you get on top of any problems you may face and gives you peace of mind.

7. Reputation & clear terms

Once you’ve found plans that you are interested in, be sure to compare the terms of each plan. It is important to choose a plan with clear terms that have little to no space for misinterpretation. This can ensure a smoother claims process. We also recommend choosing from renowned insurers known for being fair and processing claims efficiently.

Secure a plan from a broker like Pacific Prime CXA

To make things simpler for you, you can secure a plan through an insurance broker. When you secure a plan through a reputable broker like Pacific Prime CXA, you get assistance from experts who can help you meander through and simplify the complicated process of finding the right health insurance plan to help you fully understand what each plan offers.

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