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7 Reasons Expatriates Make Great Entrepreneurs

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Expatriates are people willing to leave behind everything and everyone they know to move to another country where they may need to learn a new language and embrace an entirely different way of life. Is it any wonder that many of the traits these people possess can cross over into their ability to start and run a successful business? Here are some reasons why expatriates make great entrepreneurs.




1. Expatriates Persevere

It takes perseverance to move to a different country. You have to apply for a visa and figure out where to live. You have to find a way to support yourself and find health and dental care. That kind of determination works well when starting a new business. You may have an idea that everyone else says is crazy, but by keeping at it and working hard you can make it a success.

2. Expatriates Know How To Use Computers

Expatriates know how to use computers and they aren’t intimidated by the internet. They’re familiar with a wide range of software and know about cloud monitoring. Because they tend to be technically savvy, they have the right skills to succeed.

3. Expatriates Like Being Their Own Bosses

Expatriates move to other countries despite loved ones likely telling them they shouldn’t. They’ve also likely been told by friends and coworkers that moving to another country is dangerous. They hear time and again how irresponsible they are to uproot and move to a strange place, but they move anyway because they listen to their own inner voice and prefer being their own bosses.


4. Expatriates Have Confidence

To be successful at starting and running your own business, you have to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. That belief is what can drive you to achieve your goals. Expatriates have faced a number of challenges by moving to another country and not only survive but thrive. That confidence gives them the ability to be successful entrepreneurs.


5. Expatriates Love Learning

To start a successful business that will eventually turn a profit, you have to develop a number of skills and learn to wear many different hats as you build your business. Expatriates move to other countries because they love to learn new things. This hunger for knowledge will serve them well if they start a new business.

6. Expats are Self Starters

You won’t be able to get your business off the ground unless you’re a self-starter. Nobody is going to make you finish those tasks, and unless you start that business it won’t go anywhere. Expatriates very likely would never have been able to move to a different country unless they were willing to take that first step, and then the one after that to achieve their dreams.

7. Expats Are Self-Disciplined

It’s easy to talk about moving to another country, and it’s an entirely different matter to go through all of the steps to get there. You have to find the place where you want to live and get rid of most of your possessions. You have to apply for a visa and save money for your travel. There’s a lot involved in moving to another country you want to live in. The same goes with starting a business. It’s all up to you, and unless you have that inner will, it simply won’t happen.

Because expatriates have the self-discipline to move, they also have the ability to start and successfully run their own companies.



Expatriates are adventurous souls with the right kind of knowledge and confidence to pursue their dreams both for their lives and their business ideas, chasing both until they succeed.



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