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7 Best Scotch Whisky Distilleries To Visit

Best Scotch Whisky Distilleries


If you love drinking scotch and always dreamt of visiting fine distilleries, then Scotland must be on your checklist. It is the largest whisky producer globally, and there are innumerable whisky distilleries situated in different parts of this European country. Of all the distilleries scattered all over the region, it can be confusing to decide which whisky distillery to visit.



Here are the seven finest scotch whisky distilleries you can travel to & get a wonderful tour.


1.  Talisker Distillery

People who are fond of premium whisky are undoubtedly aware of Talisker. Considered to be one of the best in the market, the Talisker Distillery is in the Isle of Skye. The best part about visiting the Talisker distillery is to enjoy the breathtaking views and natural beauty surrounding the place. Since Talisker is such a renowned brand, this place has crowds on most days. So, if you want a full tour of the unit, make sure to pre-book your slot and reach here on time. Don’t forget to carry your scotch glasses to enjoy the tasting experience.


2.  Arran Distillery

Arran is in the center of the beautiful Isle of Arran. This distillery was established in 1997 and is relatively new compared to the others in Scotland. Its excellent location has made it probably one of the most scenic distilleries. You can reach the distillery via train, ferry, or any private vehicle. There are pretty gardens all around and vast green fields for picnicking or having a tour.

It has got the Distillery Visitor Experience of The Year award given by the Scottish Field magazine for two consecutive years.  You can either have a personalized tour that varies from 4 hours to 12 hours and explore the place and enjoy palatable lunch at the on-site cafe. Else, opt for the 8 hours distillery tour.


3.  Springbank Distillery

 Unlike Arran, if you want to reach Springbank, you are in for a tough day. It is among the few remaining conventional Scottish distilleries that produce more than 750,000 liters of whisky yearly. The authorities here offer tour service through the entire distillery. You can have a clear glimpse of how they process whisky inside the distillery. If you haven’t had the opportunity to taste their whisky before, you are going to love it.


4.  Edradour Distillery

 The Edradour distillery is the smallest whisky manufacturing unit in the whole of Scotland. One of the most famous distilleries, it is a two-hour drive from Glasgow.  Follow the guide to take a complete tour of the area. Visit the in-house distillery shop where you can buy their fresh and exclusive whisky. The distillery has a dedicated section for the guests and people as the entire area is vast.


5.  Laphroaig Distillery

Founded way back in 1815, it is one of the oldest Scottish distilleries producing about 3.3 million whiskey liters every year. The distillery is on the southern coast of the island of Islay. Its gorgeous natural features and scenery will make you gaga over this place. You can choose to buy a few bottles as well. The name of the distillery itself stands for “The beautiful hollow by the broad bay.” There are three tour options available if you want to get an inside peek of how they make whisky here.


While the experience tour lasts for an hour, it allows you to taste the three best whiskeys. The distiller’s ware tour takes you through each stage of whisky production. You can also get a sample from there.

The third tour is a unique, ‘water to whiskey experience.’ It provides you with a package of seeing the distillery, casks, peat cutting, and having scrumptious lunch.

As it is among the oldest of the lot, you can click some aesthetic pictures all around the place, which has many heritage buildings.


6.  Blair Athol Distillery

The Blair Athol Distillery is the most significant unit in the Perthshire town, having a lovely Scottish ring. Their scotch whisky is smooth and defined by a unique taste that is difficult to describe. The company manufactures whisky in different ways and sells them in the market. Also, this distillery has a beautiful and natural makeover throughout the year. Don’t forget to ask the guide to give a tour and check out how the employees are making whiskey inside big old drums.


7.  Ardbeg Distillery

In Scotland, Ardbeg is a go-to name whenever someone desires to drink whisky. The brand’s fantastic quality whisky helps you to enjoy an outstanding level of fun. Once you visit the Ardbeg Distillery, you have a whole day full of activities to take part in or to start admiring the awe-inspiring scenery of the surrounding isles. The best part about visiting the distillery is that you can enjoy the whole day doing many activities that include outdoor and indoor activities. The Ardbeg Distillery is without a doubt one of the best in the industry in 2021.


Final Thoughts

So, here are the top seven whisky distilleries in Scotland! Each of these distilleries is well maintained, and they produce massive amounts of whisky every year. Make sure to note down the names and pay a visit to all the distilleries here on your next vacation.