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6 Best Tourist Spots In Maryland You Must Visit In 2021

Tourist Spots In Maryland


Maryland is like a microcosm of the entire United States.  The entire country’s entertainment and beautiful ladscapes can be experienced in one place. Maryland is a small state in the USA, but if you are planning to visit check out the list of things to do in Maryland. You will also see how many tourist destinations there are in this small area.



Written exclusively for Expat Network by Jais Frank, co-founder of Rslonline.



From the historic city to the beautiful shore, everything is present here. The state holds the past images of the civil war. The tourist mainly rents a bicycle or bike then travels the entire city by riding it. All the popular tourist destinations are near downtown.

The landscapes are very beautiful. Long and green landscapes cover the entire state. And along with the landscapes, the shores are another popular destination in Maryland.


6 Popular Tourist Spots In Maryland

Maryland is a small state but filled up with multiple popular tourist destinations. This state is sitting beside the Atlantic ocean. So from the seashore to the mountains, along with the long green landscape view, you can see all the flavors in a single place.

Check out the most famous six places to visit in Maryland.

1.   National Aquarium

Seashore and without seeing the beautiful marine aquarium? It is not possible.  The National Aquarium of Maryland is the most popular nonprofit public aquarium. The mission of the aquarium is to inspire human beings of the world, to protect the aquatic treasure and help us to understand how to preserve our marine life.

Marine life is being very disrupted currently because of global warming and pollution. And the national aquarium is spreading awareness to visitors. This one aquarium holds 8,300,000 liters of water. And the place is home to 750 types of different sea species.

Address: 501 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States


2.   The Walters Art Museum

Walter Art Museum is a public museum established in 1934. The art museum has a huge permanent collection of paintings, art, and textile from around the world. This one art museum presents the panorama of change of art form from the third millennium BC to the present 20th century. Only such a huge collection of art makes this possible.

The Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ethiopian, and Western Medieval pieces of art are the finest here. As well as these, the museum has a collection of Renaissance and Asian art pieces. And the illuminated manuscripts and rare book collections allow Walter Art Museum to present a wide range of art and history.

Address: 600 N Charles St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, United States.


3.   Assateague State Park

Do you ever imagine seeing the horses running on the beaches? Assateague’s wild horses are the main attraction in the park. These wild horses are mainly wild and they are meant to live in the wild. This park is the right place for them and this open seafront park is a famous tourist destination.

When you first get here, you will get a wonderful feeling from the beauty of nature and the blue sea. The beach is covered with white sand. Hence the horses are the main attraction – enjoy the view of the wild horses as you relax on the beach.

Address: 6915 Stephen Decatur Hwy, Berlin, MD 21811, United States


4.   Deep Creek Lake

Maryland’s mountain climate makes the lake beautiful as you see the differences as you move between the four seasons. Small lake curved in the mountains, the water is deep blue. It covers an area of almost 3,900 acres  and 66 miles of shorelines.

This is the largest inland body of water in Maryland. Apart from the natural beauty, the area includes many spas and salons. And along with the enjoyment of nature, you get the chance to relax your mind and body by availing yourself of the treatments and massages.

Location: Garrett County, Maryland


5.   Historic Ellicott City

When you visit Ellicott City you are going to feel the history and ancient architecture of the whole city. Not only the history of the city, but you will also feel more at home here.  When you plan your visit to these historic cities, do not skip visiting the United State’s oldest existing railway station. This historic city is just 30 minutes drive from Baltimore city.

You will see the beautiful boutiques and art galleries along the main streets of an ancient city. The unique city location makes the place one of the most popular tourist destination among travelers.  Historic Ellicott City is situated between Washington DC and Baltimore city.

Location: Ellicott City Station is the nearest railway station


6.   Maryland Parks

Do not miss visiting the parks in Maryland.  These beautiful parks are full of entertainment and adventure sports. The Appalachian Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay both provide epic geographical diversity.

These parks have a wide range of entertainment and sporting activity. You can enjoy cycling, boating, fishing, camping, horseback riding, picnic, hiking, and other activities here.

Here are the names of some famous public parks in Maryland.

  • Calvert Cliffs State Park
  • Assateague State Park
  • Big Run State Park
  • Dans Mountain State Park
  • Chapel Point State Park
  • Casselman Bridge State Park


Wrapping Up:

These are not only the most popular tourist destinations, but they include the best landscapes with great opportunities to take stunning photographs. When you travel somewhere, the main objective is to create memorable moments. Maryland is a popular tourist destination for family vacations as well as those traveling alone.

Although these areas are small Maryland provides a long list of entertainment options for different categories of traveler.