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5 Ways To Support Your Children While Working Abroad

Support Your Children While Working Abroad


Flying overseas for a job while your family stays back is one of the most challenging decisions you’ll have to make, considering how much you want your children to feel your love and care. Even though you can send money and ensure they have everything they need, it’s never enough. Here are five ways you can support your children while working abroad.




1. Talk About Your Intentions and the Future

Children often develop negative thoughts and may go astray in their teens if they feel neglected. If they are old enough, explain to them your reasons and that it’s all for their benefit. Make them understand that you are taking the step to give them a happy life and a brighter future. If they’re still young, ensure that your spouse or guardian explains the situation to them once they get to a reasonable age. Doing this right will make them respect, admire, and love you more.


2. Create A Communication Routine

Routines eliminate false expectations and limit disappointments. Talk to your spouse or the relative taking care of the children about what time is more convenient for the kids to communicate. Once you reach a mutually convenient time, schedule your communications to that. Also, know which mode of communication is most suitable and at what time. Decide whether you’ll be doing Skype, video calling on your webcam, or leaving WhatsApp messages. Options are numerous, so help them to anticipate and look forward to the call.


3. Celebrate Their Special Days and Know Their Daily Activities

Being miles apart doesn’t eliminate your parental position in your children’s lives. You should ensure that they feel your presence as much as possible and appreciate your role in their lives. Know when a school project, contest, or any special activities are taking place and show your support. Don’t forget their special days, including birthdays. These gestures may seem minor but go a long way to remind your kids that they have a responsible, caring, and loving father.


4. Be their Emotional Pillar

The decision to stay far away from your family affects the children as much as it affects you. As a result, you need to avoid creating panic and worry in their hearts as much as possible. Telling your children how much you miss them and how you wish you were with them all the time may break their hearts since that’s what they want too. Instead, talk about their achievements, say how happy you are for their progress and how much you love them. Appreciating, encouraging, and congratulating their little efforts all the time makes them happy and satisfied.


5. Communicate Regularly

The Internet has turned the globe into a small village. Take advantage of that and let your children see you every day. Have family times, read bedtime stories together, and connect at each moment. If you communicate regularly, your children feel your presence more, which fills the void your absence may create in their hearts.


Tips on Parenting While You’re Abroad

Working abroad doesn’t take with it the need to be there in your children’s lives. It would be best if you learned how to raise your children responsibly despite the distance. Here are a few ways to do so.

  • Communicate with their guardian about parenting and know how your children are growing. Consider talking about your preferences, understanding the new developments in their lives, and participating in decisions affecting their lives.
  • Stay in the know and be involved in their daily activities. Let your children know that you care about them and you’re virtually there for them.
  • Spend as much time as possible with your children when you’re on vacation. That helps you to bond well with your children.

Staying away from your kids isn’t an easy decision. If you can’t avoid it, ensure that you are virtually present in their lives as much as possible.


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