5 Tips For Handling Anxiety While Traveling Abroad


Traveling is meant to be a fun and relaxing endeavor. It provides the opportunity to relax, escape the routine life most people are used to, and unwind, depending on the trip’s theme. This, however, is not the case for everyone as travel can be a significant triggering point for stress and anxiety in some people.  Here we give tips for handling anxiety while traveling abroad.



It is not surprising as traveling puts you out in the open, and one needs to be strategic to overcome some nasty feeling that comes with traveling. Spending hours on the same spot in an airplane or finding your way around a strange place can indeed be nerve-wracking. Traveling comes with unique challenges that it takes an extra level of strength to overcome.

As a result, this article will shed light on various things one can do to handle anxiety while on a trip.


1.  Attempt Relaxation Techniques Before the Journey

There are many helpful ways you can relax before the trip. It can be breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, etc., before the actual journey. Making this a practice before the journey can relax you and prevent anxiety when you embark on the trip.

The idea is to pick any of the suggested relaxation techniques and get familiar with them. This way, when anxiety strikes while traveling, employ it to help you calm down. It is easy to close your eyes and have some breathing exercise if you start panicking while on air.

Moreover, it is also a helpful idea to have a list of relaxation toolkits handy. You can simply employ any of them when you feel your anxiety rising. Examples could be a playlist of relaxing music, an essential oil that can induce calmness, visualization exercise. One can also attempt a body-based relaxation process like progressive muscle relaxation, which involves tensing a particular part of the body for 8 seconds and releasing them.


2.  Use Whisky or a Cocktail to Treat Travel Anxiety

For people that want a workable solution to treat anxiety, a stiff drink  is a good option. Whisky not only handles stress but is good for overall mental health. This is a good option compared to over-the-counter medications that come with a series of side effects for the user. You can buy it from the airport itself and use it before or during the trip to reduce travel anxiety. Grab a glenlivet from the airport to make the ride smoother.


3.  Exercise Before the trip

If you are not flying first thing in the morning, you have a terrific opportunity to exercise before the trip. The exercise’s idea is to relax the muscle, which will prevent you from entertaining preflight jitters. As a result, get up and do something. It can be as simple as taking a walk, a jog down the neighborhood, or riding your bike.

The idea is to distract yourself in a way that you have no time for preflight anxiety. Doing nothing while waiting for your trip can cause a spike in your nervous energy, which will make you panic when you finally embark on the journey.

If you have stopovers, make sure to stretch your legs by walking the terminals. Avoid sitting down the entire waiting period. Such activity is good for the body and will loosen up your muscles. When you eventually want to attempt any of the relaxation techniques recommended earlier, it will be pretty useful.


4.  Plan for Some Scenarios

Anxiety and panic, many times, arise from raging thoughts of what might happen in the future. In other words, the brain is configuring your body to react to things that might occur. Without a doubt, you cannot always prepare for what can happen, but it can be comforting to have a plan for some unforeseen contingencies during your trip.

A few examples are:

In case I get lost: I will install Google Map on the phone and have the contact number of first responders with me.

In case I lose all my money: I will walk up to the nearest cop station and get extra cash at the ATM for emergencies.

In Case I Get Sick on the Journey: I have travel insurance that will cover me on the journey and can also buy travel health insurance before the trip. There are insurance policies that sometimes have a list of health service providers in other countries.

When you prepare for different scenarios like this, you can overcome any nagging anxious thought that might want to arise while on your trip.


5.  Stay Away from Cigarettes

Cigarettes alter brain function. Everyone reacts to Cigarettes differently, even though it can fuel travel anxiety.

As a result, avoid Cigarettes before and during the journey. You are better off going for a gum or a snack. Avoid caffeinated drinks as well because they can dehydrate you. This makes water the best alternative since it will not trigger a spike in your energy levels. Staying away from Cigarettes  is only for the period of the journey.



Travel anxiety is real, but it does not have to stop you from traveling abroad and getting the benefits of seeing the world. Here are five workable solutions that can help you travel without dealing with anxiety.



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