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5 Reasons Why Working Abroad Is The Ultimate CV Booster

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Many people consider working abroad but can be put off by the risk that it will be seen as an indulgent move and interruption to their career.  The reality is that there are many benefits to working abroad and StandOut CV set out five reasons why working overseas can be good for your career.

Written exclusively for Expat Network by Andrew Fennell, the founder of StandOut CV


Experiencing new places and cultures helps us to grow as people, but it can be pricey. That is unless you choose to work while you’re abroad.

But often people are misled to think that travel looks ‘flakey’ on a job application, even if you were working. This is simply not the case. Not only can working abroad help to expand your horizons, but it also looks great on your CV.

That’s because working outside your own country requires certain skill sets that employers value and it can help you to develop professionally, as well as personally.

But if you’re still not sure whether working abroad is the right move for you, here are five reasons why it is the ultimate CV booster:


1. It boosts your language skills

Whether you already have a basic grasp of another language or you’re learning as you go, working abroad can be highly beneficial for boosting your language skills.

As being multilingual is a sought-after attribute in the job market, having even a conversational level of proficiency in another language can instantly make you more employable.

If you’re living and working somewhere for a prolonged period you’ve got the perfect opportunity to sharpen up on your language skills — so make the most of it.


2. It proves you have vital soft skills

Travelling and working abroad takes a certain set of personality traits and soft skills — many of which, employers find highly desirable in a potential employee.

For example, in order to travel, move your life and begin a job in another country you need to be a confident, independent and ambitious person — and these are all things that employers look for in a candidate.

What’s more, it proves you’ve got transferable skills such as good communication, organisation, adaptability and perhaps even problem-solving talents. After all, you never know what could happen when relocating your life – even temporarily!


3. You’ll build a global network

Every time you start a new job, there’s plenty of opportunity to meet new people. You’ll be working with new colleagues, meeting new clients and expanding your network.

This is even more beneficial when you’re working abroad, as you take your network international. Building a global network opens you up to so many more opportunities and looks great on your CV as it shows the employer that you’re approachable and communicative.

They might also like the idea that you can utilise your contacts to the benefit of their business.


4. You’ll learn to do things differently

Language barriers, new cultures and different ways of doing things make working abroad even more impressive because you have to push past more barriers than you would back at home.

You’ll have to adjust to how other cultures conduct their work, showing flexibility and adaptability — something that employers really appreciate.

You can shout about all these experiences and any challenges you had to overcome when writing your CV — for example, getting used to different working days or learning to use technology that you haven’t used before.


5.  It can help to give you an international edge

If it comes down to two great candidates, both with equally great credentials and experience, but one of them can speak another language, who do you think the recruiter is more likely to choose?

What’s more, if you’ve travelled and worked abroad it gives you more talking points in an interview and suggests that you’re a curious and confident person. This can help you to stand out from the crowd.


Could working abroad be the CV boost you need?

If you’ve been thinking about going travelling or relocating for a while, but you weren’t sure if this would negatively impact your career progression, it could actually be the complete opposite.

These are just five of the many reasons why working abroad could be the CV boost you need. And what could be better than fulfilling your dream of travelling whilst making yourself even more employable?