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5 Financial Tips For Volunteers In Australia To Achieve Financial Stability

Financial Tips For Volunteers In Australia

Over the years, volunteering, working, and even living abroad has become more affordable and rewarding for people around the world. While it used to be notoriously expensive to relocate to another country and settle there, nowadays you can choose volunteering as a great way to explore a new country in an affordable way. Most importantly, volunteering is a great way to spend time in a new country and see if in fact you want to live and work there. However, that still doesn’t mean that volunteering abroad is not going to yield some financial expenses.



If you’re looking to relocate to Australia, for example, you have to be prepared for a higher cost of living, and you need to manage your finances wisely. It’s also important to establish a good credit score before relocating. By volunteering for the first few months, you can get free accommodation and meals, but during your time here you are bound to want to experience what the country has to offer, and that requires you to manage your finances in a more efficient and effective way.

So, here are the best ways you can retain control over your finances when volunteering in the great Land Down Under, especially when looking to relocate with a limited budget.


Plan your finances well in advance

To start, if you want to have a stable financial standing in Australia as a volunteer, you have to plan your finances way before you arrive. In the months leading into your trip abroad, it’s important that you do your research, list all the expenses you can expect to encounter while here, and make a concrete plan of attack.

Firstly, consider what’s paid. You probably won’t have to worry about accommodation and food, so that’s a big expense you can cross off your list. You will, however, need to pay for the flight, and any other extra activities and destinations you may wish to experience. Make sure you know what those are before arriving. Don’t wing it, but stick to a concrete plan so that you can minimize your spending and maximize your savings.


Consider working remotely on the side

Volunteering is a fun and rewarding experience, and it will make up a large portion of your day. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t continue working remotely while volunteering in Australia. In fact, you can use your time volunteering in Australia to find a job that will allow you to relocate there for good.

Whether you’re strapped for cash or you simply want to continue earning while abroad, you should consider working remotely as a digital nomad. This is a great way to secure your income.

That said, you can also take on seasonal jobs in Australia as a volunteer, seeing as how the tourist visa permits you to work. Consider both options and what makes the most sense for your goals and the amount of volunteering work you already have.

Most importantly, though, be sure to use this opportunity to find a long-term employer.


Use a credit card that allows you to save money

In Australia, you’ll find many opportunities to save money through special deals and discounts, promotions and payment methods. In recent years, the buy now pay later trend has been kicking off, and the credit cards with low or no interest fees have also been kicking up. You should use such payment options whether you’re still a volunteer or if you’ve relocated there for the long run.

While there, you’ll find that the popular Humm90 interest free credit card in Australia is a great choice if you want to shop around without interest, for example, and you can also look for numerous retailers that allow you to buy now, but pay when you’re ready. These types of payment perks will allow you to stay in control of your finances but also minimize your credit card spending when volunteering, working, and living in Australia.


Set a clear spending limit and budget properly

It should go without saying that to save money you need to budget properly. Set yourself up with a weekly allowance, list all the expenses, and stick with your budget. This is one of the top ways to survive long-term volunteering, but also to prepare yourself for the transition into becoming a full-on expat in the Land Down Under.

Look for cheaper deals and discounts as well as cheaper stores and places to shop in general. This will allow you to save money and avoid breaching your weekly budget. All the money you save you can easily reallocate towards other experiences to enrich your stay, but also help you relocate there much faster.


Build an emergency fund

Last but definitely not least, make sure to have a financial safety net. It’s a worthwhile cause to get a loan or build your own emergency fund before you leave, because there is no telling if you might fall into hard financial times.

Chances are that it won’t get to that, but it’s important to have a financial safety net, nonetheless. Start saving up early and make sure to allocate a portion of what you earn abroad to your emergency fund, just in case.


Wrapping up

You don’t need to break the bank to volunteer in Australia and ultimately relocate there for good. But, you need to be financially stable. With these tips in mind, you should have no problem saving money here and staying in control of your finances so that you can enjoy your stay and quickly become an expat in the Land Down Under.