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5 Best Travel Gadgets For Your Adventure In 2021

Best Travel Gadgets


Who doesn’t love adventure? Traveling offers a break from the regular monotonous work-life schedule. But having a great adventurous trip requires careful planning. You need to think about any eventualities that may inconvenience your trip and plan for them.  Here are the best travel gadgets to help you on your trip.




Many people travel with their phones, laptops, and other electronic devices that require charging. With a heavy duty extension cord, you can use one wall socket to charge all your devices. You won’t worry about the hotel not having enough wall sockets. But that’s not all you may need when traveling. There are tons of gadgets that can improve the quality of your travel. Some are must-haves, while others are just great additions to your travel kit.


1.  Refillable Sanitizer Wristband

Since the emergence of Covid19, the need for hand sanitization has gone up. You probably have a hand sanitizer with you almost everywhere you go. But walking around with a bottle isn’t easy. It is easy to misplace or even forget at home.

Given that it may be several years before the pandemic is fully contained, you need a more reliable solution. Have you heard about the refillable sanitizer wristband? If you haven’t, it’s one accessory that you should add to your travel kit. It is simply a wearable, refillable hand sanitizer bracelet.

You don’t have to think about taking your bottle everywhere you go anymore. Just fill the wristband with a sanitizer, and you are good to go. As small as it looks, this bracelet dispenser can hold 10mL and the larger one, 15mL of liquid.


2.  A Laptop Stand

Most people always carry their laptops when traveling, even for adventure. You might have pictures to upload to your laptop or want to update your social media. But spending time hunched over your hotel desk or working from the bed can reduce your productivity or even impact your health.

If you are a digital nomad, you don’t have to struggle to work on your laptop. Why don’t you get a laptop stand? It is portable, foldable, light, and can fit in a tiny space, so you don’t even have to worry about extra space.

This innovative travel accessory will help elevate your laptop as you work. You don’t have to work hunched and hurt your back since you can sit upright and maintain an eye line level. With this gadget in your travel kit, you can set up a portable remote workstation anywhere you travel.


3.  Universal Travel Adapter

A travel adapter is a must-have when traveling. But if you are traveling to other countries, it is even more critical to have a universal one. You know that wall sockets are not universal: some countries use two pins while others use three pins. Even worse, you may find yourself in a country that uses rectangular pins instead of the rounded ones you are used to.

While traveling overseas comes with various logistical challenges, you don’t want to find yourself unable to charge your laptop or smartphone. You may find yourself searching all stores for an adapter that works with your devices only to come out empty-handed. That’s where a universal travel adapter proves useful. A universal adapter comes with everything you need in one gadget. Even if you are traveling from the US to the UK, where wall outlets are different, you don’t have to worry about charging problems.


4.  Power Bank

Traveling for adventure means you sometimes have to go to locations without electricity. Unless you want to stay off the radar, charging your phone or camera can give you a headache where there is no electricity. But why should the lack of electricity cause you to miss important phone calls or even take those memorable photos?

A power bank will help keep your devices charged when in places with no power outlets. You can charge your phone and stay online to update your friends about your adventures. You also don’t have to worry about your iPads, GoPros, or cameras running out of power.

You can get cheap power banks with 5,000mAh and 10,000mAh capacities. But if you want more durable power, it is better to go for 20,000mAh as they will last longer and provide you more charging cycles.


5.  Smartphone Sanitizer

In today’s world, you probably touch your phone more than your face. Your phone could be a leading source of contamination. Most people sanitize their hands then touch their phones immediately, potentially contaminating their hands again.

By sanitizing your phone, you significantly reduce the chances of contaminating your hands. A smartphone sanitizer is a great way to keep your phone clean and sanitized. With UV disinfectant, the smartphone sanitizer kills germs on your phone even when you are using it.

It is so light and slim that you will hardly feel that your phone has an extra casing. To make it even better, some versions can double up as a charger.



Traveling for adventure is always fun. But inconveniences can spoil even a good trip. You need to plan your travel and get all the gadgets you need to reduce inconvenience. With these gadgets, you can be confident that little can go wrong.