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4 Unique Job Ideas For Expatriates

Job Ideas


When deciding to move to another country, it’s often the case that you’re moving for work or have a job that moves with you. There are, however, many people who prefer to just make the move without having a position lined up. Thankfully, there are tons of interesting and unique jobs that expats can find for either short-term or longer-term periods of time. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your expat career.



  1. Travel Industry

Whether you’re an expert in autonomous flight or have a background in hospitality, there are many jobs you can find in the travel industry that will help you make being an expat a full-time job. Positions on cruise ships and for airlines are constantly opening up and offer unique experiences to their employees. Of course, these jobs are often demanding and require you to have specific lifestyle needs. If you don’t like cramped quarters and long hours, a job on a cruise ship may not be for you. But if meeting tons of interesting people, getting to see a plethora of amazing sights, and getting a unique job experience appeals to you, the travel industry might be your best option.


  1. ESL Teaching

If you’ve been looking into becoming an expat for a while, you’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of becoming an ESL teacher. English teachers are in high demand in many countries, and the requirements or certifications to become a teacher are often much lower than they would be elsewhere. This means you don’t need a teaching degree or background to be hired as an ESL teacher – as long as you have a good grasp of basic grammar and syntax, you’ll be just fine.

And most teaching positions won’t require you to be fluent in the country’s language, either. However, even though this teaching job isn’t as rigorous in its requirements, it’s still going to demand a lot of patience and dedication. Your students could be anyone from very young children to adults, so you may need to navigate difficult classroom situations while ensuring that everyone is getting the information they need. Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher, so don’t just pursue this career because it’s in high-demand.


  1. Freelance and Digital Nomading

There’s a reason why “digital nomad” careers and freelancing have become so popular with the rise of accessible laptops and internet connections. People want the freedom to take their careers anywhere they go, meaning that you can travel without having to change much or anything about your current position. Work from home can mean work from anywhere, as long as you have the resources to do so. However, not all careers are conducive to digital nomading.

There are many jobs that are better done in-person or require a stable environment to be successful. Jobs that have become popular for digital nomads are things like software programming, copywriting, and graphic design. These are jobs that aren’t often dependent on time zones and can be done anywhere with the same level of competence. If maintaining personal relationships with coworkers, bosses, and clients is important to you, becoming a digital nomad might be out of the question. But for those with the right skills and personality, it can be a dream come true.


  1. Hostel Work

If you’ve ever stayed in a hostel, you know that they require some work to keep them functional and ensure the environment is safe and inviting. English speakers are often popular for hostels during busy seasons, since many travelers will be from English speaking countries. You probably won’t earn much and may find the bohemian lifestyle isn’t for you. But you’ll have an opportunity to meet tons of interesting people and maybe even make some friends in the area where you’re staying, as well as potentially having accommodations and food taken care of. Being an expat is all about embracing the traveling life, and exploring your career options is a great way to open your mind to the possibilities.