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4 Health Insurance Trends To Watch In 2021

Health Insurance Trends


Like a whirlwind, the COVID-19 pandemic has swept over most aspects of our lives. Naturally, it did not leave the insurance industry untouched. The pandemic has accelerated telehealth innovation and delayed countless treatments, for better or worse. Explore the top 4 health insurance trends in 2021 and what they mean for expats with our friends at Pacific Prime.




Written exclusively for Expat Network by Pacific Prime UK

Regional health insurance trends in 2021

Here, we’ll zoom into the regional changes affecting expats and the local health insurance industry.


This year, Asia-Pacific battles the twin pressures of an aging population and the pandemic. What’s more, mental health claims and delayed treatment are on the rise. Expect an increased demand for insurance products in certain Asian countries due to economic uncertainty.

The Middle East

As the economy slows down, insurers race to invest in technology to meet changing consumer demands. Several countries have also launched mandatory health insurance. You’ll likely see improved healthcare facilities to boost the UAE’s medical tourism sector.


Most premiums continue to pool in the South Africa region. Soon, more insurance-related mobile apps will be available.


In countries like the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) has been backlogged. As a result, expats and locals alike may be turning to private health insurance.

The Americas

The Affordable Care Act has made a comeback in the US, while the American Rescue Plan is rolled out to battle the pandemic and boost insurance coverage rates. Meanwhile, Latin American insurers are customizing plans for a fast-growing market of working and middle-class populations.


What are the global health insurance trends in 2021?

Let’s dive into the global health insurance landscape. You can also download our State of Health Insurance Report for a more in-depth look into the changes shaking up the industry.

1. Insurers and clients continue to cope with the financial impact of COVID-19

Insurers will need to cruise the tightening regulatory requirements worldwide. However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel as more insurers are covering pandemic-related costs.

2. Major healthcare trends and challenges

Good news: healthcare providers are looking for ways to improve the healthcare experience for you. For instance, healthcare and outbreak management will be augmented with AI and blockchain technology in the future. This is one of many crossovers to look out for between healthcare and technology.

3. Impact of COVID-19 on the insurance industry

In a number of countries across the globe, most patients avoided going to the hospitals in 2020 and 2021. That’s why your claims will be delayed for any non-urgent treatment. Here’s where telehealth saves the day with its virtual consultations for physical and mental health.

Specifically, virtual consultations skyrocketed to a stunning 3,000% boost in usage. With the  COVID-19 restrictions and border closures, expats become more vulnerable to mental health issues.

4. Changing consumer needs and expectations for insurtech

Health comes first across all ages. Increasingly, the younger demographics are becoming health-conscious and attracted to health insurance. Likewise, patients are also expecting a higher quality health experience.

Of course, virtual healthcare is still no substitute for in-person sessions. That said, you can be sure that ‘phygital’ (a portmanteau of ‘Physical’ and ‘Digital’) or a mixture of physical presence and digital channels will become the norm.


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