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4 Easy And Effective Tips For Keeping Your Dog Calm When Traveling

Keeping Your Dog Calm When Traveling

Our beloved pets are just like us, they can feel anxious and get stressed out too. This is especially true when on the move or traveling to new places. With that in mind, let’s look at a few things you can do to keep your pet chilled out and happy when you’re on the move.

Give Your Dog Calming Treats

Our beloved pets are just like us, they can feel anxious and get stressed out too. This is especially true when on the move or traveling to new places. A prudent step in easing their tension and making them comfortable is giving dog calming treats prior to commencing your journey.

Recently, there’s been a surge in popularity for dog calming treats with CBD as an ingredient. Cannabidiol (CBD), extracted from hemp plants, has shown efficacy soothing nervous pups without causing them harm. These flavored chews relax your pet while also being a delightful snack for them.

So next time you plan a trip with your four-legged buddy, consider packing some of these goodies along. It might make all the difference in ensuring a smooth travel experience.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

When it comes to traveling with dogs, comfort is paramount. A cozy and familiar environment can help put your furry friend at ease during transit.

Start by choosing a spacious and secure carrier that fits your dog’s size. Soft blankets or any of their favorite sleeping gears inside the carrier can provide an additional layer of reassurance. Consider using a pet seat cover if you’re going by car as well – they love having their little spot in your vehicle!

In addition to this, bring along some cherished toys or chewables they are fond of back home. Items that carry comforting scents like refuse from the dishwasher area will keep them engaged and remind them of home.

Creating this familiar ‘little world’ while on travel helps alleviate discomfort levels to ensure calmness throughout the journey.

The Value of Exercise before Hitting the Road with Your Dog

Pre-travel exercise is an often-overlooked technique to keep your canine companion calm during travel. An energetic or anxious dog trapped in a confined space for long periods can make for an uncomfortable journey.

Dedicating time for a good run or play session before you set off on your travels could be beneficial. By burning excess energy, it helps ease restlessness and eventually fosters tranquility. It could even be part of your own fitness routine.

A game of fetch, a romp around at the local park, and even a brisk walk around your neighborhood will work wonders. These simple exercises can tire out your pet enough so that they’ll most likely nap through the journey.

Also, remember to plan ahead. Ensure that there’s enough time left post-exercise to wind down so they hop into travel mode feeling exhausted but relaxed.

Familiarize Your Furry Friend with Their Travel Space Prior to Departure

Just like a child’s first day at school, dogs can feel overwhelmed and anxious when placed in an unfamiliar setting such as a carrier or car. Start slowly introducing them to their designated travel space days before your journey. Let them sniff around, play and even nap there occasionally.

As part of a broader training scheme, this influences positive association with the area, making it less daunting for the dog during actual travels. Simple exercises like these make a world of difference.

Wrapping Up

In short, keeping your dog calm while traveling doesn’t need to be challenging or stressful. By understanding their unique responses to travel anxiety and implementing these tips, you can ensure that every trip is a relaxing experience for both of you, no matter how far you have to go.