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4 Business Opportunities For Entrepreneurs Abroad



Starting a business overseas is many entrepreneurs’ dream. However, before you decide to launch a company abroad, make sure you plan everything.  Choose the industry you are familiar with and perform thorough market research. Focus on finding gaps in the existing products or services and innovate to fill them.




If you are relocating overseas, here are several business opportunities to consider.

1.      Franchise Businesses

If you are just entering the business world, starting a new business abroad may be a high-risk venture. When you have little entrepreneurial experience, consider opening a franchise.

By purchasing a franchise business abroad, you already have a ready-made business model and strategy. Franchise businesses also have detailed marketing, customer service, and branding rules. They provide you with training and guides on how to run your business. You will get the support needed to get your franchise off the ground and succeed.

When looking for franchise businesses, focus on reliable resources such as local franchise listings. Consider hiring a business lawyer to help you choose a reliable franchise business that generates profits.

Finally, focus on your desired industry. Franchising goes far beyond the food sector. You could also start a:

  • Distribution franchise
  • Investment franchise
  • Manufacturing franchise
  • Trade-name franchise


2.      Expand your Healthcare Business

When it comes to generating profits, many seasoned healthcare professionals consider the U.S. only a slice of the pie. If you have enough experience, starting a business in the healthcare industry may be a lucrative professional opportunity for you.

For example, the pharmacy industry is growing at an astonishing pace. However, to establish a retail pharmacy business, make sure you follow strict industry regulations. Consult a lawyer to understand the sourcing, storage, sales, support, and accounting laws in your target country.

Cord blood banking has also gained immense popularity among parents. Consider partnering with a local healthcare business abroad to diversify your services. For example, you can combine stem cell storage service with genetic and genomic testing.

Make sure you research the local regulations when starting a cord blood bank abroad. For example, in China, the government allows only one cord blood bank to operate in each province. To start it, you need to gain government licenses, authorization, and permits. Italy and France permit private cord blood banks.


3.      Remote Work

With the rise of digital technologies, such as the cloud, virtual communication tools, and project management tools, the need for remote work has also grown. The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote work across various industries.

Today, you can hire top-notch employees without having to expand your business to the international markets. The technologies mentioned above help you manage a distributed team and communicate with it effortlessly, irrespective of their time zone.

Sure, there are a few things you should know when hiring international staff. Your company would still need to comply with a range of international recruitment laws. Therefore, consider hiring remote employees via a global employment organization. They help you connect with the right employee groups and meet the global payroll and employee management policies.


4.      Tourism-Based Businesses

Starting a tourism-based business can be an exciting business opportunity when moving overseas. So, take a travel and tourism course and start preparing on time.

The industry provides entrepreneurs with numerous opportunities. For example, if you are cash-strapped, you can choose a low-investment business, such as take-away kiosks, ice cream shops, or bike rental stores.

If you have a spare room or an apartment, you can start a B&B business. It appeals to tourists seeking more affordable accommodation options. Once you register on Airbnb, make sure you optimize your listing. Add the basic information, such as the property type, the number of guests, sleeping arrangements, etc. Next, make sure you hire a professional photographer. First impressions matter, so professional photography and accurate data will help you attract guests.

If you choose to start a B&B business, you need to understand the laws in your target area. You may need to get a permit and obtain a license before accepting any guests. For example, Paris and Miami Beach have strict regulations regarding hosting on Airbnb. On the other hand, Amsterdam and Portland have far looser policies.


5.      Expand a Real Estate Business Internationally

The global real estate market is growing impressively fast. Therefore, if you are running a US-based real estate business, why not expand it overseas?

For starters, make sure you research your target market. You need to understand the needs and pain points of your foreign clients. Only that way can you adapt your sales strategy to their needs and build trust with them.

For example, say a client is looking for a peaceful getaway for their family. Selling a spacious farm-style house may be more logical than offering a condo in a busy area.

Also, make sure you obtain all licenses needed to start an international real estate company. They vary from country to country, so make sure you do not violate any local laws or regulations.

Most importantly, consider focusing on a single real estate area. Residential, commercial, or industrial real commerce – choose one sector and stick with it.


Over to You

Starting a business abroad is all about research and innovation. Assess the market demand for your products and services and adapt to the local consumer needs. By creating an out-of-the-box business strategy, you will set yourself apart from the pack and generate revenue faster.