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OHL awarded Chile Dam expansion project

OHL has been awarded the project for the expansion of the Talabre Dam in Chile. This contract is the eighth stage in the construction of the tailings dam, located in the city of Calama, in Chile’s Antofagasta region. The project, with a 145-million-euro budget, was awarded by Codelco Chile, the world’s largest copper producer, to the Joint Venture led by OHL in conjunction with the Chilean companies, Conpax and Valko.

The contract covers the construction of periphery walls and other supplementary works. Highlights of the project include the extension of walls to a total length of 19 km and with a total fill volume of 4.7 m3; the construction of the 20-km-long tailings pipeline with a diameter of between 700 and 900 mm; three mobile clear-water pumping stations for a total flow of 690 liters per second and two regulating basins for the reclaimed water system with a capacity of 75,000 m3 each.

The OHL Group has been present in Chile since 1981, having performed outstanding projects in the infrastructures area. Significant examples include the Eastern Vespucio Toll Road; the construction and operation of Terminal 2 in the Port of Valparaíso; the Industrial Bridge road concession; the work performed on Route 60 (Section 2, Sector 1, Panquehue Bypass) and on Line 3 of the Santiago de Chile Subway –sections 5 and 6–; the Camino Nogales-Puchuncaví concession and the construction of the Gustavo Fricke and Curicó hospitals. Other projects deserving mention in addition to these are the EPC copper ore processing plant in Calama, currently under operation and maintenance, and the rhyolite crushing plant in Antofagasta, at which the Group has performed the O&M service.

The OHL Servicios division has recently entered the Chilean facilities management market through its subsidiary OHL Servicios-Ingesan, with the award of several projects in the area of cleaning and maintenance.

Source:  www.ohl.es/en