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20th February: Sunny Sunday – Peak Day For Overseas Property Hunting


Third Sunday in February is the most popular day for overseas property hunting in Europe according to market leading property portal Kyero.com.  20th February set to be the most popular day of 2022.  Kyero, the largest overseas property portal in the UK, analysed over 91 million visits to its site.





New data, released by overseas property portal Kyero.com reveals that 2022 is likely to be a record-breaking year for overseas property hunting, with the most popular day of the year, nicknamed ‘Sunny Sunday’ (the third Sunday in February) falling on Sunday 20th February this year.

Over three million people are expected to hit the internet in February to search for their dream home in the sun, with Spain remaining the most popular destination.

Kyero, which has over 870,000 European properties listed on its site analysed over 91 million visits to its site, in data from the last five years to reveal:

  • ​​The third Sunday in February is typically the most popular day of the year for overseas house hunting, averaging the highest number of visitors compared to other days in the month over the last five years of data.
  • Sundays are the most popular day of the week for overseas house hunting.
  • February is a peak month for searching for overseas property. Over the last five years, 70% of each day in February has been one of the top 20 most popular days of the year.

Falling on 20th February this year, it’s expected 2022 will see the busiest ever Sunny Sunday in Kyero’s 19-year history as an increasing number of people look to make their dreams of moving to Europe a reality after lockdowns and Covid restrictions.

Louise Dell, founder of Kyero says:

“February is often a time of optimism and planning after the winter, with many people fed up with the short days and poor weather at this time too. Spring is around the corner and it’s a great time to make plans and look ahead to what you really want to do in the year – hence we have christened it Sunny Sunday!

“We know that Sundays too are a peak day for interest in house hunting with people using their weekends to dream and make plans for a life in the sun.

“We’ve been able to look historically at data for the last five years to provide a really comprehensive view of overseas property buying habits and predict buyer behaviour. We expect the 20th February to be a peak day for interest this year but the good news is that property in Europe is less competitive than the UK so while demand is up, so too are the number of available properties.”


Kyero.com has properties in the key European markets of Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.



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