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13 year working experience include 10 years welding engineer and quality control in power station construction ( 5yeas in India), familiar with welding and heattreatment of various grade of material of high-pressure equipment. 3 years working experience as Aramco approved procurement quality control management (1 year as welding and NDE coordinator and 2 years as procurement quality control supervisor), handling TIP inspection of master gas sale expansion, include establish procurement quality control team, make contract with TIP agency (exclusive contract), MR review, TBE clarification related to quality part, ITP and special procedure review, inspection report review, punch item and NCR handling, manufacturer inspection dosser review.


shandong university

   Sep 2000
— Jul 2004

material technique and engineering


Procurement QC Manager

   Aug 2015
— Current

Procurement QC Manager for 2 years
 Establish QC team: include interview of candidate, new staff training, PQC Management system (strategy) planning, TPI agency management ( we signed exclusive contract with fixed rate with 1 TPI agency and the other one as back up, it runs very well until now, 30% expense has been saved compared with traditional contract)
 TPI coordination: organize regulated meeting with TPI agency to evaluate the program in order to improve it; share necessary information with TPI agency
 Vendor document review: including ITP, special procedure(such as WPS/PQR, painting procedure, hydro-test procedure etc.) review, pre-inspection meeting preparation, NCR traceability and closure, inspection disposition report review,
 MR and TBE review: quality part of MR and TBE review, bidder quality evaluation
 Communication with owner: organize PQC’s internal job on the basis of better understanding owner’s requirement ,in order to improve PQI(project quality index).

Procurement QC supervisor

   Jun 2014
— Aug 2015

Procurement QC Supervisor (welding engineer) for 1year
 Third party inspection coordination: including ITP review, inspector QM code review and confirm, Inspection assignment package preparation, inspection report review, NCR traceability and closure, inspection disposition report review.
 Preparing quality reports required by schedule Q such as weekly inspection/fabrication status report, two-week look-ahead schedule, monthly progress report.
 Preparing special Form 175 for materials for which no existing Form 175 is applicable.
 Compile Quality requirements for all PO placed by SEPCO, including select suitable Form 175s, determine the inspection level according to SAEP-1151, select suitable COMPANY specifications.
 TBE: Quality requirement evaluation for all proposals, including reply to quality issues mentioned in clarification list and deviation list raised by vendor, review compliance list.
 Pre-inspection meeting agenda preparation according to COMPANY’s format.
 Welding procedure: Review all welding documents required by COMPANY standards and submitted by vendors such as WPS/PQR, Welder performance qualification record, weld repair procedures, PWHT procedure.

Welding Engineer/QC Engineer Welding supervisor

   Jun 2008
— Jun 2014

Welding &quality engineer for 4 years
Welding supervisor for 1.5 years
 2008.6-2009.5 in charge of HP Piping welding (include PWHT) technique & quality control of steam turbine in Rizhao thermal power plant.(680WM)
 2009.5-2014.1 as a welding & QC engineer in charge of boiler side welding technique & quality control in the early. became general manager of welding department in 2013 in Mundra project (India, 5×660WM).
 The routine Job is as following:
check and amend the WPS/PQR made by Indian subcontractors; Checking all welding activities is in compliance with the applicable code, standards and specification; Checking that only approved electrode, wires and gas are used; Randomly checking welding parameters according to approved WPS (Ampere, Voltage, Travel Speed and Gas flow rate) ; Checking the adequacy of equipment for preheating, welding, heat treatments and weld examinations; Checking the adequacy of the heat treatment technique and the recorded diagram; Checking the heat treatment diagrams.

Anhui NO.1 Electric Power Construction Company
Welding Technician

   Jul 2004
— Jun 2008

Welding Technician & Quality Assistant Engineer
 2004.9-2006.3 in charge of welding technique & quality control of waterwall system in Fuyang Huarun Thermal power plant.(600MW)
 2006.3-2008.4 as a welding engineer in charge of welding technique & quality control of whole bolier side in Huainan Luohe thermal power plant.(350MW)

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