Electrica Engineer haing 10 Years Exp with Transferable Iqama

Last Updated: 20th January 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Saudi Arabia


Phone Number


Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Urdu


10 years of professional experience in project construction & Installation of electrical High Rise Buildings /Universities/ Industrial & Infrastructure in Utilities & mainly power delivery projects as a Consultant & Contractor.
Possess hand on experience of power delivery projects electrical layout & engineering design review of MV/LV (13.8/.4/.230KV) / Low Current System network.
Well cognizant in all aspects of designing, installing, operating & maintaining of electrical power system equipment ; switchgears systems, power transformer, package substations, generators, pumps, MCP panels, Distribution panels, MV / LV cables, lighting & power system & HVAC.
Proficiency in understanding of Saudi Arabian & international Codes & Standards such a SEC SASO, NESC, NEMA, BS, IEC, IEEE, ASME, ICEA,NEC , ANSI and UL Codes.


QUEST Nawab Shah Sindh PAK
B.E Electrical

   Jan 2003
— Mar 2007


Omrania & Associate Architecture Engineering Consultant
Project Engineer Eelctrical

   Apr 2015
— Current

Construction of Multistory Buildings, Health Units, Schools, Commercial Centers & Mosque with infrastructure facilitation of Landscaping with Mechanical & Electrical utilities including ;13.8 KV / 380 V MV / LV Distribution network, and Potable, Sewage, Storm & Irrigation Network , & Waste Water Treatment (WWTP) & Water Treatment Plant (WTP). Rabigh City


 Facilitate coordination with SEC (Saudi Electric Company) for site execution as per compliance of SEC distribution planning standards (DPS), SEC distribution material specification (SDMS), and SEC distribution construction standard (SDCS).

 Supervising the site execution by reviewing & modifying the Design/Workshop drawings of project which included; designed calculation, Single line diagram, Panel Board Schedule, electrical equipment layout, and cable sizing data sheets, MV/LV Distribution network of Buildings/ Infrastructure.
 Responsible to give approval of Drawing Submittals (Shop/As Built Drawings), Material submittals, Method Statements, TQ (Technical Quarries) submitted by Contractor.
 Supervising & monitoring the site execution for installation of all electrical activities related to Buildings; Conduit & Wiring Layout, Wiring Devices, Panel Board, Cable Tray, FA system, Telecommunication System & HVAC Control system.
 Supervising & monitoring the site execution for installation of Unit Substations (300, 500, 1000, 1500 KVA) & RMU 13.KVA.
 Supervising & monitoring the site execution for Laying of Direct Buried Medium Voltage (MV) Armored Cable sizes; 1Cx300 mm2 & 3Cx300 mm2 Cu/XPLE/DST/PVC.
 Supervising & monitoring the site execution for Laying of Direct Buried Low Voltage (LV) cable of different sizes; 4Cx300 mm2, 4Cx185 mm2, 4Cx70 mm2, 4Cx35 mm2Al/XLPE/PVC.
 Supervising & monitoring the site execution for installation of LV Mini Distribution Pillars (DP) 400 V & Fiber Glass Meter Boxes.
 Supervising & monitoring the High Tension & Low Tension (H.T/L.T) Joints & Terminations.
 Supervising the Hi-Pot & Megger Test for Medium & Low Voltage Cables.
 Supervising & monitoring the site execution for installation of Telecommunication Network with HDPE Conduits, Manhole & Hand holes.
 Supervising & monitoring the site execution for complete installation of Indoor/Street/ Road Lighting / Decorative Lighting Poles; 4 M, 8M, 10M, 15M Height.
 Reviewing & modifying the workshop/ Design drawings for Waste Water Treatment (WWTP)& Water Treatment plant (WTP) including Pumps with their essential control.
 Supervising & monitoring the site execution for complete Electrical related installation of Waste Water & Water Treatment Plant, and Building Power & Lighting System.
 Supervising & monitoring the site execution for complete installation of Grounding & Lighting protection of Power Equipment’s & Building Network.
 Assessing project progress, Planning & Scheduling, managing Cost & Schedule Variance, Contractual Obligations, Technical Specifications and BOQ, scope of work and specified standards & implementation to keep project on Track.
 Preparation of weekly & monthly tracking reports for site activities and addressing related issues to the management & client *MOH*
 Responsible for Site Testing & Commissioning of Power Delivered Equipment’s.

Al Rashid Trading & Contracting Company (RTCC)
Electrical Engineer

   Sep 2007
— Dec 2014


1. Construction of Central Utility Complex Plant (District cooling and heating plants) of King Khalid University Abha. Having Emergency Power generation of 8MW with 13.8 KV/380V Switchgear System, 22000 ton cooling capacity for Air Cooled and Water Cooled Chillers & Boilers having 40000 KW Hot Water capacity & WWT & WT Plant.

2. Construction of Male Academic Campus King Khalid University Abha. Total 8 no’s of Multistory Buildings, Health Unit, & devolvement of Main Electrical Power Distribution network MV 33/ 13.8 KV & Fiber Optic network in underground facilities.

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