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Arabic, English


I have worked in project management for over 30 years in UK, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. I have delivered training sessions in project management fundamentals to staff in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain at work place.

Furthermore, I worked with government entities in Bahrain that enhanced my network and knowledge of the local Government procedures. My tenure with the strategic projects directorate at the Ministry of works was instrumental in understanding the Governmental system, strategies, policies and vision; with its connections to the strategy management framework in alignment to Bahrain vision 2030. My work involved delivery of monthly projects updates for the ministry as well as numerous presentations for the Parliament and Ministerial Cabinet.

My extensive experience in project management of resources through mobilization activities, quality and cost control, monitoring and evaluation, would ensure effective implementation as per projects documents. This covers the provision of services, modern housing, safe infrastructure, and the development of public facilities to meet the needs of citizens for quality standards of living.

I have also experience in contracts management responsible for the planning, design, procurement, construction, maintenance, assets management, trouble shooting, environmental impact assessment and delivery of infrastructure and building works. My progressive engineering experience has provided me with the opportunity to develop strong client relation building skills and an ability to lead multi-disciplinary teams. Maintenance experience gave me a vision into foreseeing future hurdles and solving elements leading to such obstacles.

Being PMP and PRINCE 2 certified, I carried out capacity building in principles of project management for supervised staff, with training sessions in project management fundamentals.

I was also the coordination point between consultancies in UK and Ministry of Works through the British Embassy to develop strong communication, cooperation and business opportunities under initiatives by Prince Andrew.


Project Management Institute (PMI)
Project Management Professional (PMP)

   Aug 2011
— Aug 2011

Southern University and A&M College
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

   Jan 1981
— Dec 1985


Ministry of Health
Head, Engineering & Construction Supervision

   Jan 2015
— Current

Responsibilities included:-

- Working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by phasing out refrigerants emissions that have harmful effects on ozone layer depletion and recycling of harmful chemicals as Bahrain’s first refrigerant recycling centre opened in Tubli.

- Primary contact and the advisor for the District on professional and technical matters pertaining to engineering. Construction and maintenance of the Ministry’s buildings, facilities and supporting equipment.

- Manage projects life cycle from initiation through satisfactorily completion and final settlement. This includes project development, resource mobilization, implementation, monitoring & evaluation.

- Prepare and review specifications, drawings and related material necessary for contract preparation and negotiation of bids.

- Prepare reports on the status of projects, problems being encountered and action being taken to overcome such problems.

- Establish and oversee a preventive maintenance program directed toward minimizing downtime and repair costs.

- Preparation of non-recurrent and recurrent budgets for assigned areas of responsibilities, in consultation with various departments.

- Review work schedule, cost estimates and monitor work progress to assure that manpower skills and financial resources are effectively and economically utilized.

Fahd Alireza Engineering Consultants
Engineering Manager

   May 2012
— Dec 2014

Responsibilities included:-

- Manage housing projects in throughout planning, development, urban design and implementation in accordance with Saudi Government objectives and goals connected to its national implementation plan in achieving sustainable modern housing for citizens.

- Client Representative in design and construction management.

- Lead employees towards goal achievements.

- Daily internal coordination and weekly progress meetings.

- Monthly presentations internally and externally.

- Design development and controlling projects from conceptual design, detailed design and complete package of tender documents, to construction supervision and administration management, in line with the international standards and codes.

- Recruit employees; assign, direct, and evaluate their work; and oversee the development and maintenance of staff competence.

- Develop and implement policies, standards and procedures for the engineering and technical work performed in the department

- Perform administrative functions such as reviewing and writing reports, approving expenditures, enforcing rules, and making decisions.

- Present and explain proposals, reports, and findings to clients.

- Consult or negotiate with clients to prepare project specifications.

Ministry of Works
Project Manager & Technical Advisor

   Aug 2006
— Apr 2012

Aug 2008 - April 2012

PROJECT MANAGER, KING HAMAD GENERAL HOSPITAL AND MAJOR HIGHWAY AND INFRASTRUCTURE LEADING TO HOSPITAL AT AL MUHARRAQ, KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN, MINISTRY OF WORKS, STRATEGIC PROJECTS DIRECTORATE. The project is the construction and commissioning of The King Hamad General Hospital and the Major Highway and Infrastructure leading to the hospital. This is the construction of 4storey, 312-bed hospital, with comprehensive highways, roads and infrastructure network, located in Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain. The project is built on partly reclaimed land with an overall site area of 227,000m2. The project consists of three blocks over 4 levels with one (the Podium basement) concealed by Earth Berms. The three trapezium shaped buildings is generally of concrete ground slab and footings, concrete suspended slab, beams and columns, steel framed walls with aluminium cladding, suspended concrete slab roof with waterproof membrane, aluminium framed windows and louvers, stud wall framing, suspended ceilings, services and external works including roads, car parks, Helipad and landscaping. Total Floor area is in the vicinity of 64,638m2. Responsibilities also included:

- Manage the development and delivery of the construction. This includes project management of resources through mobilization activities, quality and cost control, monitoring and evaluation, would ensure effective implementation as per projects documents.

- Oversee contract agreements, construction documentation, client liaisons and negotiations. Delivery of monthly projects updates for the ministry as well as numerous presentations for the Parliament and Ministerial Cabinet.

- Close management of project managers and engineers performance throughout the procurements and implementations phases.

- Regularly review the performance of contractors and consultants.

Aug 2008 - April 2012


- Ensure that Governmental system, strategies, policies and vision are aligned with its connections to the strategy management framework in alignment to Bahrain vision 2030.

- This covers the provision of services, modern housing, safe infrastructure, and the development of public facilities to meet the needs of citizens for quality standards of living.

- Provide technical assistance and implementation to ensure successful implementation of projects and programmes.

- Provides deep experience and technical knowledge of highways, roads and infrastructure, internal/external review process, perform routine research, advisory and consultative work and, but not limited to, writes reports of recommendations following studies or investigations.

Aug 2006 - July 2008

PROJECT MANAGER, IN-CHARGE OF INFRASTRUCTURE, ROADS AND BUILDING OF KHALIFA BIN SALMAN PORT AND INDUSTRIAL AREA AT HIDD, KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN, MINISTRY OF WORKS & HOUSING, STRATEGIC PROJECTS DIRECTORATE. The project is for the construction of all roads and infrastructure of the New Port and Industrial Area at Hidd, south of Muharraq Island. This contract comprises the infrastructure works for the port and causeway, including earthworks, ground treatment, road/pavement construction.

Aug 2006 – April 2012

Member of the following committees:

1. Ministry of Works Strategy in Alignment to Bahrain Vision 2030.
2. Ministry of Works Standard Specifications for Construction Works.
3. Tender Evaluation.

Saudi Arabian National Guard
Building Services Manager & Head, Projects & Task Force

   Dec 1998
— Jul 2006

Dec 2002 - July 2006

BUILDING SERVICES MANAGER AND HEAD OF PROJECTS & TASK FORCE, ROADS, INFRASTRUCTURE, KING ABDULAZIZ MEDICAL CITY EASTERN REGION, SAUDI ARABIAN NATIONAL GUARD HEALTH AFFAIRS. Responsible for planning, organizing, directing and controlling various work elements of the organization as required to meet broad objectives of engineering, planning, construction management, operation and maintenance of facility, roads and infrastructure network. Responsibilities included: -

- Undertake project engineering relating to new construction, expansion or modification of roads, infrastructure, facilities and equipment.

- Coordinates construction projects with Contractors, Architects, Engineers and appropriate authorities. Provides primary support for all inspection and acceptance activities related to new construction.

- Carries out functional planning, budgeting and scheduling for projects, utilities and maintenance services related to the hospital Programme. Previous technical direction and assistance to Administrators, Directors and staff in defining and evaluating requirements for future space and services.

- Develops and directs programs to maintain buildings, equipment and grounds in excellent condition. Managing the performance of repairs, installations, modifications and Planned Preventive and corrective Maintenance (PPM & CM) on facilities and hospital to maintain a safe work environment and to ensure proper functioning of hospitals.

- Develops and directs programs to operate facilities and systems in a safe and efficient manner, in compliance with Quality Assurance Program.

- Develops programs in functional safety, sanitation and environmental control to provide a safe, clean environment for all patients, staff and employees in accordance with JCAHO, NFPA standards.

- Selects and provide outside support services as and when needed to support certain highly specialised systems or equipment. Evaluates performance of such support services.

- Sets performance standards and conducts performance appraisals of all personnel reporting to this section.

Dec 1998 - Nov 2002

CIVIL ENGINEER, HEAD OF ROADS AND INFRASTRUCTURE SECTION, SAUDI PROJACS, ON PRINCE ABDULLAH MILITARY CITY AT AL-AHSA, SAUDI ARABIA, FOR THE SAUDI ARABIAN NATIONAL GUARD. Responsible for the construction supervision of a Military Complex of Saudi Arabian National Guard for SR.700m Project. The total built-up area of the project is approx. 165,000m2 (overall site area approx. 1.5 x 2.0 Km) in addition to an extensive and complete package of roads and infrastructure. Responsibilities included: -

• Job performed included heading the Civil sections of both engineers and inspectors.

• Liaison with designing Engineer to ensure engineering functional requirements of the project is maintained.

• Checking shop drawings (and calculations as appropriate) submittals to ensure compliance with the design intent, Client requirements, construction best practice and process accordingly.

• Supervising construction work to ensure correct methodology, use of specified materials and general compliance with specification.

• Participating in regular technical coordination and progress meetings with the Contractor.

Section Engineer

   Apr 1989
— Nov 1998

Dec 1995 - Nov 1998

FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT, UK. Responsible for the construction supervision of approximately 2.4 km of dual three-lane carriageway link road for £80m project adjacent to the western side of the London Underground Central Line Railway from the south west side of High Road, Leyton to Poppleton Road, Leytonstone. The work also involved the construction of four bridges, four footbridges and approximately 4.5 km of piled retaining walls.

Dec 1994 – Nov 1995

SECTION ENGINEER ON THE A12 HACKNEY TO M11 LINK ROAD (ADVANCE DRAINAGE CONTRACT) FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT, UK. Responsible for the construction supervision of approximately 3.6 km advance drainage work project which located in north-east London between the River Lea and the Green Man (A12/A11/A114) Roundabout, Leytonstone. The work involved pipe jacking of 900 mm and 1200 mm diameter pipes using tunneling machine ISEKI Unclemole, construction of 29 manholes varying in diameter between 2.4 meters and 7.6 meters at depth up to 21 meters, and construction of reinforced concrete pumping station substructure.

Aug 1994 – Nov 1994

HIGHWAY ENGINEER ON THE A13 WENNINGTON TO MAR DYKE FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT, UK. Responsible for the preparation of the Contract Documents and Specifications, and preparation of Bill of Quantities in accordance with standard Method of Measurement for Highway Works. This significantly involved using an integral system ICEPAC.

Jan 1990 – Aug 1994

HIGHWAY ENGINEER ON THE A12 HACKNEY TO M11 LINK ROAD FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT, UK. Responsible for the detailed highway and drainage design to side roads for £70m project. Duties undertaken include the geometric design using varies computer aided design programs including MOSS; surface water drainage design; pavement design; preparation of construction details; site clearance and public access across the work; preparation of Bill of Quantities; supervision of drawing preparation and site survey.
May 1989 – Aug 1990

LIAISON ENGINEER ON BORDER STATIONS PROJECT FOR REFRIGERATION INDUSTRY COMPANY/PUBLIC WAREHOUSING COMPANY, KUWAIT. Responsible for the design and construction supervision of all elements of the infrastructure development to three major border control stations at each of the land entry points into Kuwait. Duties included the design of the infrastructure and surface water drainage, preparation of Bill of Quantities, cost estimates, Contract Documents and design liaison duties between the Client and Consultant. The work involved extensive use of computer aided design facilities.

April 1989 – Aug 1990

ASSISTANT ENGINEER ON MESSILA INTERCHANGE LANDSCAPING PROJECT FOR THE MINISTRY OF PLANNING, KUWAIT. Responsible for the landscaping, irrigation and erosion control of a major interchange and the intersection of Sixth Ring Motorway and the Fahaheel Expressway. Responsibilities included assistance with presentation of proposals to the Client, preparation of work programme for the design phase using computer methods and, site supervision.

Aladsani Contracting Est.
Site Engineer

   Apr 1988
— Mar 1989

Responsible for the construction of Housing Complex for the residents of Kuwait. The work involved the construction of roads, surface water drainage, and utilities services on the AL-Qurain Project for the National Housing Authority. The work included the construction of water supply lines, storm and foul water drainage system, and all aspects of roads and pavement construction. Duties for pavement construction included management and control of the materials and equipment.

DeLeuw Cather International Limited
Assistant Highway Engineer

   Feb 1986
— Mar 1988

Responsible for the detailed design of major highway scheme to the Fifth Ring Motorway Project for the Ministry of Public Works, to AASHTO Standards, utilising computer aided design and interactive (CAD) design. The project involved the upgrading of 20 kms of highway to dual 4(5) lane motorway standard and grade separation of the junctions along the route. Involved in Quality Assurance checking and verification of highway layout and geometric design prior to final submission and preparation of Bills of Quantities.