Marketing Specialist

Last Updated: 20th November 2020 (over 2 years ago)

United Kingdom



Phone Number


Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

Belarusian, English, Russian


Budgeting, planning, promo campaigns, marketing communications, marketing researches;
Collaboration, coordination and management of work advertising agencies and vendors (including budget management and cost cutting)
Strong MS Excel user;
Analytic skills: familiar with the numbers, data analysis, research data understanding and ability to make conclusions and decisions based on.

Cooperation and teamwork with colleagues and vendors (problem solving);
Negotiation and communication with partners.


Belarusian State Economic University

   Sep 2006
— Jun 2011


Representative office of LLC "LG Electronics Rus"
Marketing Specialist

   Jan 2020
— Aug 2020

1. Development of a marketing plan and budget: annual, quarterly. Budget approval.
Implementation of activities within the marketing plan and budget.

2. Marketing communications:
2.1 Planning, development, launch of internet campaigns:
-Advertising on the Internet (search, display and video campaigns) (Google, Yandex, Mail, social networks, YouTube and other video services);
Task for a communication agency; coordination of media plans; Briesf and control of the development of visuals; development of landing pages (preparation of technical specifications, approval; verification of correct operation).
Monitoring the performance of campaign indicators.

2.2 SMM (Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, Youtube):
A tender was held, a new strategy was chosen, aimed at increasing a loyal audience with minimal use of material incentives for subscribers. Emphasis was placed on the engaging content (copyright and design).

3. Online-store marketing:
Work was done to increase the number of reviews on partner online stores:
-launched programs to stimulate writing reviews by end users;
-agreements with partners to publish reviews in their online stores from (with reference to with a agreed frequency;
-agreements on the automatic publication of reviews using the API (the site was revised).
For 3 months more than 2000 reviews were added on the sites of three partners (both end users’ and from
Was agreed to create an e-shop-in-shop at the largest retailer site.

Representative office of Samsung Electronics Rus Company in Minsk
Marketing Specialist

   Apr 2017
— Nov 2019

1.Marketing budget planning: annual, quarter, project based. Implementation of activities within the marketing plan and the budget.

2. Marketing communications:
2.1 Planning, development, launch of media campaigns: advertising on Internet and traditional media (OOH, indoor, advertising in business centers, shopping malls, cinemas, on TV, radio). Within these tasks: preparation of a brief for communication agency; coordination of media plans and campaign launches; key visuals brief and design coordination; development of promotional pages (preparation of technical task, coordination); control, analysis of the performance (key indicators achievement).

2.2 SMM (Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, Youtube):
Annual strategy setting, preparing brief, tender coordination.
Control, coordination, launch of local photo and video content production with local agency.
A number of advertising video clips were filmed: video reviews, the New Year’s video project, where the subscribers chose the ending of the video, Youtube-show for young audience was filmed; project with OnAir magazine (Belavia), where the winners of the contest participated in a mobile photo shoot and got on the pages of OnAir magazine.
Within these tasks, coordination of the script, storyboard, locations, actors, control of compliance with the strategy and communication strategy of the brand.

2.3 Launch of special content (advertorial) projects with Belarusian media (,;, The village,, etc.).

3. BTL, PR:
Participation in BTL events as a partner and organization of BTL events.
Example: the republican promo mobile show room with all mobile devices (Galaxy Studio). Organization of press tours (together with the agency).
Collaboration with local opinion leaders.
Researches: mystery shopper, communications research.

4. Retail marketing:
Initiation, control of production and installation of brand zones, shop-in-shop’s. Providing POSM points of sale, souvenirs for trainings.
Work with sales personnel (promoters):
Monthly targets calculation based on sales department information and approval, approval of hiring (ROI-based), a business trips plan for promoters (sellers), monthly target achievement calculation for field employees (sellers, merchandisers, trainers).
Launch of additional motivation for promoter, organization of the trip for winners.

LLC "Toyhouse"
Marketing Specialist

   May 2016
— Mar 2017

Brands Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price, etc.

1. Development of a marketing plan, budget planning, implementation of the plan;
2. Purchase planning and ordering of goods based on sales department information;
3. Events participation as a partner and organization own events.
Price promo’s with various mechanics every month (discounts, sets, bundles);
PR-event: participation in the Belarusian Children's Fashion Week, participation in the fashion show, participation in the fashion show at the children's event.
National promotional campaign Hot Wheels "5 + 1": BTL, TV-, internet-advertising, photo contest, final event.
4. Branding of stores (installation of displays, “shop in shop”-type); POSM.
During the campaign (2 months), the increase over the same period is 4 times.
5. Work with the global brand team and other Mattel representatives, reporting, activities and best practice presentation.

1 subordinate.

LLC "Avalontorg"
Marketing Specialist

   Jan 2013
— Aug 2015

Brand manager Dilmah tea (August 2013 – August 2015)
1. Annual budgeting.
2. Analytics; planning of assortment, purchase and sales planning, distribution, stock control.
3. Activity planning for the sales department, customers, for the end consumer (price promo).
Monitoring of competitors’ activity and prices.
POSM production and distribution.
Reporting to the vendor about marketing activities and budget (presentation).

4. Planning and launching an advertising campaign: working with advertising agencies for planning TV advertising and organizing BTL (promo’s in key retail), advertising on Internet and in the press, OOH ads at transport.
Organization of an advertising game: negotiations with the chains on branded additional placement, work with an agency for organization, design, and information support.
Organization of a PR-event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Dilmah in the CIS countries.
The event was shown on central TV-channels, internet and print media.

New line up launch: presentations for sales department, POSM production and distribution, launch program (additional branded zones placement, BTL activity (trial program in the largest stores in Minsk with the participation of a growth doll of an elephant during 1.5 months), additional motivation program for the sales department and customers) and budgeting.

5. Was in charge of a project on own coffee brand re-launch (rebranding, repositioning, expanding the assortment) in cooperation with a consulting agency. In terms of it there were run market researches :
-study of competitors;
-focus groups (insights);
-consumer survey (poll).
As a result of the research of competitors, focus groups and the survey, positioning was determined. The package was redesigned and a product launch program was developed.
The coffee package design was rewarded at international advertising festival.

Marketing specialist for grocery portfolio (January 2013 – August 2013)

analytics; reporting to vendors; planning of indicators of turnover and distribution; development and launch of motivation for the sales department, decision makers; planning marketing activity (and stocks) for the end user; ordering promotional goods, control of promotional stocks; POSM providing; presentations for the sales department; product trainings.

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