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Korea, Republic of


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55 to 64

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English, Korean


• Expert in consulting on design and construction of 380KV, 230KV, 115kv, GIS substation) and MV (33KV-4.16kv) SWGRs & MCC, emergency power systems of Co-generation power plant in petrochemical complex..
• Conducted pre-commissioning, commissioning & start-up for power plant in petrochemical plant
• Design the Electrical and Control system of Power plant in EPC environment with strong knowledge of electrical codes and standards
• Reviewed and modified electrical distribution system, BMS and GTG Control Logic in Power plant for sustainable operation
• Planed, prepared an emergency operation procedure, maintenance schedule and Standard operation procedures(SOP)
• Troubleshooting and analyzing of power system during a test and normal operation.
• Carry on supervision and technical support the electrical maintenance work of Co-Generation Power Plant which includes gas, oil and coal fired Boilers, Steam turbine generators, Water treatment and WWT plant


Chung-Ang University
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

   Mar 1981
— Feb 1986


Saudi Aramco
Project Electrical Engineer

   Dec 2014
— Sep 2017

Major Duties:
• Project Electrical Engineer for Combined Cycle Power plant.
• Consult and review for overall electrical design works
• Execute the E&I construction for IGCC Power Block (STG, GTG, HRSG and EHV/HV /MV Substations)
• Project Management for the construction of 380kv SEC Interface Substation with Gantry tower

• SS-028 Interface Substation of SEC in Saudi Arabia (380KV GIS Substation and 33kv substation with T/L connection)
• Jazan IGCC (700MW X 5 Power Blocks= Total 3,500MW)

GS Engineering and Construction Co.
Sir. Electrical Lead Engineer

   Jun 2012
— Dec 2014

Major Duties:

• Senior Electrical Lead Engineer/Manager and Coordination Manager
• Consulting and basic design for Moatize Project
• Review and comments for overall electrical design
• Conducted the construction of 380kv Substation with Gantry tower
• Management for the electrical construction works of SEC PP-12 Power Plant
• Design Temporary construction power
• Proposal Design support for EPC Project

• PP-12 Power Generation Plant of SEC in Saudi Arabia (1,000MW X2 Power Blocks= Total 2,000MW)
• 380KV GIS Substation and 33kv substation with T/L connection from gantry tower to 380T/L

Samsung Engineering Co., Korea
Principal Electrical Engineer

   Apr 2011
— Jun 2012

Major Duties:
• Principal Engineer of Power Plant Design Team
• Electrical Lead Engineering For Saudi Aramco - Wasit Power Plant
• Basic and detail design for Substation of MV & LV SWGR and Control gear
• Design Single Line Diagrams for MV & LV SYSTEM
• 230kv Substation with GIS System
• Design MV Distribution system with SWGR rooms
• Wasit Co-Gen power Plant (Total 750MW-GTG, HRSG, Boilers, STG)

Hanwha Construction Co
Sir. Electrical Engineer

   Aug 2009
— Mar 2011

Major Duties:
• Senior Design Engineer of Electrical Design Team
• Senior Design Engineer of Marafiq Power plant Design TFT
• Design Works for380KV GIS System
• Project and Field Engineering Coordinator
• Design Temporary construction power
• Permit controller for Royal Commission of Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.
• Marafiq Power Generation Plant in Saudi Arabia (275MW X2 Sets)
• 380KV GIS Substation Extension
• 115KV GIS Substation Extension
• Gunjang Power plant in Korea

McMahon Engineering Consultant Co., New Zealand
Electrical Design Engineer

   May 2007
— Jul 2009

Major Duties:
• Integrated power grid protection and interlock system with power plant control system.
• Design, Modification and reviewing Single line drawings, Sequence drawings, and Control logics.
• Design VDF Control for pumps of Hydro power plant.
• Design Damper Control of cooling system of Generator for Royal New Zealand Navy Generator
• Design PLC schematics
• Design motor schematics and panel layout
• Design control system and schematics
• Design AC and DC Power distribution schematics
• Design power monitoring and synchronizer
• C&I Upgrade of Rangipo /Tokaanu Hydro power plant

• Rangipo Hydro Power Plant
• Tokkanu Hydro Power Plant
• Matawai Hydro Power Plant
• TE MIHI Steam Field Power Generation Plant (82MW X2 , 52MW)
• Royal New Zealand Navy Power Plant
• Sprit West Geothermal Power Plant

Mascot Die casting Co. New Zealand
Electrical Engineer

   May 1999
— Apr 2007

Major Duties:
• Process & Electrical Engineer
• Design, Modification and reviewing Single line drawings, Sequence drawings, and Control logics.
• Modification PLC schematics for Machinery of Plant

Samsung General Chemical Co. (Samsung Total), Korea
Electrical Engineer & Manager,

   Apr 1990
— Sep 1997

Major Duties:
• Modified electrical distribution system for stable operation of petrochemical complex.
• Troubleshooting and analyzing of power system during a test and normal operation.
• Planed, prepared an emergency operation procedure and trained operators to be coping with power outage for GT, HRSG and STG, synchronizing and parallel operation with grid power.
• Designing and start-up of Emergency power system which consists of 1000kw Diesel engine and UPS.
• Reviewed and modified BMS logic, Gas Turbine Control Logic of Power boiler plant.
• Process Operation and Production Management of Cogeneration Power Plant.
• Prepare technical reports and presentations to support plant activities and projects.
• Executed the Basic and Detail design the Logic & Sequence of Load shedding system also installation and application to the petrochemical complex.

• No.1 complex: 25MW STG, 25MW GTG, Boilers (140t/h 3sets), and 200MW 154KV Receiving facilities.
• No.2 complex: 42MW GTG + HRSG, Boilers (140t/h 3sets)

Ulsan Petrochemical Utility Support Co
Electrical Engineer / Project Engineer

   Mar 1986
— Mar 1990

Major Duties:
• Project management of 154KV Transmission Line and 154/22.9kv, 6.6kv substation extension
• Calculated cable size and selected appropriate type of circuit breakers and revised protection relay setting and extended current power grids.
• Planed the Maintenance schedule and test procedure for H.V (154/22.9. 22.9/11kv) Transformer, Switchgear, MCC. Protection Relay, Etc.
• Carry on supervision and technical support the electrical maintenance work of Co-Generation Power Plant which includes Oil and coal Boiler, Steam turbine generators, Water treatment and WWT plant
• Assist management of maintenance for generator, high pressure steam boiler H.V & M.L Substation and Distribution in utility centre of petrochemical complex.
• Managed plant standards, codes, specifications, Drawings and technical documents for utility center
• Review single line diagram and control logics for coal fire cogeneration plant. Updated BMS system

• 154/22.9KV Substation Extension (80/100MVA)
• 154KV Transmission Line (500MVA) and Substation Extension (80/100MVA)
• Electrical Engineering of Water treatment extension project.
• Electrical Engineering of Wastewater treatment extension project.
• Coal Boiler and steam turbine generator (250t/h, STG 47MW) Cogeneration project.

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