LNGc Shipbuilding and Offshore Business Development, LNGc, FPSO Shipbuilding Project Management

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45 to 54

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English, Korean


I had experienced more than 24 years working in Shipbuilding and Offshore business development in oil & gas industries such as newbuilding of VLCC, ULCC Tankers, Large Containerships, LNG, LPG Carrier, Drillship, FPSO, F-LNG, FSRU, Fixed Platform and other oil & gas production facilities. Mostly I had executed a key management roles for Marketing, BD, Commercial, Tender, Contract and Technical (Sales Engineering) matters.

During Tender and Negotiation stages of the projects, I had taken the lead at meeting with clients (Shipowners, Oil Majors and NOC) for further clarification on technical, commercial and contracts matters. In case of EPCI project tenders, I had led to tie-up with strategic partners of Engineering, Transportation, and Hook-up & Commissioning in the form of project consortium or project joint venture in order to set up the winning strategy. At the project negotiation stage, I had led to review and manage the Commercial, Contracts, Schedules, Specifications and PEP etc…

In recent 6.5 years, I had used to work for Dyna-Mac Holdings, which is a list company on mainboard in SGX, in Singapore as a Senior Vice President for the business development of Topside Modules of FPSO, F-LNG, Turret, Onshore Plant, Modular LNG Plant. I had developed and set up the Brazil Yard and commenced Brazil FPSO Business as a Country Manager. As a major project, I had committed to contract 14 units of Modules (Total weight 13,500t) which was equivalent at U$120 million from Petrofac Emirate / DSME Consortium with the results of having been diversified and expanded the business Portfolio from FPSO Module to Onshore Plant. In addition, I, as a senior management, had experienced to overseeing HSE, Quality, Project Management, Contracts Management including Claims (Change Order, Variation etc..) of the above EPC project.

For 16 years (from 1993 to 2009), I had used to work for Samsung Heavy Industries in Singapore office, Seoul HQ, and Geoje Shipyard for the EPCI business of newbuilding Commercial Ships, LNGc, LPGc, FPSO, F-LNG, FSRU, LPG-FSO, Drillship, Semi-submersible and Fixed Platform. During the tenure as a Chief Representative of Singapore Office, I had committed to contract 28 units of LNG carriers, Drillship and Offshore Gas Process Platform and etc which were equivalent at U$4.6 Billion.

In terms of technical aspects, as a naval architect, I had started to work for quality engineer of hull structure, piping and hull outfitting, particularly Cargo Containment System for LNG carrier (GTT Mark III Type) and LPG carrier (Prismatic Independent Tank, Type A) in Samsung Heavy Industries. I had experienced to develop, to execute and to manage on Project Quality Plan, Inspection and Test Plan, Project Execution Plan, Contracts Control, Risk Management, Cost and Schedule Impact Management and Mitigation Plan for newbuilding FPSO (Hull and Topside) and LNG carrier (Cryogenic Cargo Containment and Handling System) etc.. from inception to delivery on time with safety and quality within budget.

I have lived in Singapore since 2004 and I have led my staffs of Commercial & BD division with my knowledge & experience and have maintained harmonious working relationships with multi-cultural staffs and teams.

With my techno-commercial knowledge, leadership to enhance staff’s potential capability and business development and project management experience of new shipbuilding and offshore oil & gas plant, I entrust that I would highly contribute to your company's growth and prosperous in the future.


In-Ha University, Korea
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

   Mar 1987
— Feb 1994

Naval Architect, Bachelor of Engineering


Dyna-Mac Holdings Limited
Senior Vice President

   Jun 2011
— Dec 2017

- Senior Vice President of Marketing, Business Development, Commercial, Estimating and Tender.
- Country Manager at Dyna-Mac Brazi
- Director of DMKS (Joint Venture between Dyna-Mac and Keppel SingMarine Brazil Yard).

 Expanded and diversified Dyna-Mac’s Group Business Portfolio into Onshore Modular Plant. (Major Clients: Technip, Fluor, Bechtel, JGC, Chiyoda, Toyo Engineering, Subsea 7, ABB, Siemens etc..)

 Developed and diversified new biz opportunities on F-LNG, LNG Plant and Fixed Platform. (Clients: DSME, SHI, Technip, Bechtel, Fluor, Chiyoda, JGC, Toyo Engineering, Samsung Engineering etc..)

 Developed the Brazil Yard, Joint Venture, and Petrobras FPSO Business as a Country Manager. (Clients: Petrobras, MODEC, SBM, Bluewater, MISC, Yinson, Bumi Armada etc..)

 Feasibility study for potential business opportunity in Mexico, Nigeria, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea.

 Map out winning EPC tender strategy and team-up with partners for collaboration.

 Strategy Planning for Brazil FPSO Tender.

 Expanded the strategic business portfolio to Onshore Plant, LNG Plant, Fixed Platform and F-LNG

 Contract awarded from DSME to provide 14 Modules (about 13,500mt, U$120mil) for ZADCO UZ-750 EPC Project.
(The first step to further expand its portfolio into onshore facilities)

MiDas Marine & Offshore Pte Ltd

   Apr 2009
— May 2011

- Consultant for New Building Commercial Ships, LNG Carrier and Offshore Business & Project Development.

Samsung Heavy Industries, Singapore Branch Office
Chief Representative, General Manager

   Apr 2004
— Mar 2009

- Chief Representative, General Manager, Shipsales and Offshore Business Development in APAC.

 Business development & Shipsales of Newbuilding Project for LNG-Carrier, Drillship, Offshore Platform (EPCI) as well as commercial vessels such as VLCC, ULCC and Containerships etc...

 Marketing & Shipsales of LNG Carrier, Drillship and Container vessels to the clients mainly who are MISC, Brunei LNG, Woodside Energy for LNGc, Tanker Pacific, TMT, Varun Shipping for Drillship, OOCL, NOL-APL, MISC, PIL, YangMing, Evergreen,Wanhai for Container Carriers and PCL, Ocean Tanker, MISC(AET), Pertamina, SCI for Crude Oil Tankers.

 Marketing, Shipsales & Business development of new EPC high-tech concept LNG-FPSO, LNG-FSRU to the potential clients mainly who are Woodside Energy (Browse, Sunrise), BHPB(Pilbara LNG), Inpex, Petronas, Shell and BPMigas etc.

 Provided N.B market trend, available slots, standard specification to clients regularly and consistently communicate to seek for New Building business opportunity. Eventually, I had got an outstanding N.B Contract Performance as shown the below “Major Achievement in Samsung Heavy Industries (Singapore)”

 Biz Development for Semi-sub Rig and Fixed Central Process Platform in S.E Asia. The major EPCI projects were Vasai East (EPCI, Platform, ONGC), NR-B(Platform construction, Woodside), MHN(EPCI, Platform, ONGC), CPOC (EPCI, Platform, CPOC), Inpex Ichthys(Semi-sub, Inpex) etc.

## Major Achievement in Samsung Heavy Industries (Singapore)
During the tenure as a Representative of Singapore office, the following projects
had been committed and contract awarded.
2007 Tanker Pacific Drillship (EPC) 3 units
OOCL 4,500teu Container Ship 6 units

2006 Tanker Pacific Drillship (EPC) 1unit
ONGC Central Process Platform (EPCI) 1unit
OOCL 8,200teu Container Ship 4units
OOCL 4,500teu Container Ship 4units

2005 OOCL 4,500teu Container Ship 2units

2004 MISC 147kcbm LNG Carrier 3units
OOCL 4,500teu Container Ship 4units

Samsung Heavy Industries , Seoul HQ
Commercial Manager for newbuilding Tankers and Offshore Production Facilities

   Apr 2000
— Apr 2004

- Business Development Manager, Offshore & Tender

 Assigned for Offshore Business as Tender Manager in Seoul H.Q.

 Management a few tender projects such as Rong Doi(Platform, EPCI, KNOC-Vietnam), CCP Expasion (Platform,EPCI,VSP- Vietnam), Enfield FPSO (Hull & Topside Turnkey, Woodside, Austrailia).

- Shipsales & Commercial Manager, C.O.Tankers

 Assigned for C.O.Tanker Business for European Shipowners as Shipsales & Commercial Manager. N.B contract C.O.Tankers with renowned tanker players such as Minerva, Thenamaris, EMM, Metrostar, Ceres, Helespont Steamship in Greek, Euroceanica, Geden, Euronav, Premuda in Europe. Successful several N.B contract awarded on VLCC, S-Max, A-Max COT & Product Carriers.

Samsung Heavy Industries, Geoje Shipyard
Naval Architect, Quality Engineer

   Dec 1993
— Mar 2000

- Quality Engineer

 Review and Negotiation Contract Clauses with regards to production, project schedule and quality matters etc.

 Contract & Full Specification negotiation for quality and production
matters with clients for FPSO, LNGc, Drillship, Ro-Ro Ferry etc.

 Set-up Quality Manual, Quality Standard and Project Quality plan for offshore RIG and Floating Production Unit

 Quality assessment, Internal quality audit for ISO 9001:1994, 2000.

 Vendor & Sub-contractor Assessment

- T/F Team for LNG Carrier Technical Development (GTT Mark III )

 Set-up Quality standard, quality criteria for Cargo containment system for LNG Carrier, GTT Mark III Type, during fabrication and installation of Insulation Panel, Membrane SUS plate etc.

 Enhance to develop productivity and efficiency for construction of LNG

- T/F Team for Cruise Ship Technical Development

 set-up Quality standard, quality criteria for Cruise Shipbuilding particularly Structure, Interior Design and Welding for thin plate and Productivity and Construction method etc.

 Enhance to develop productivity and efficiency for construction of Cruise Ship.

- Hull Structure Engineer

 Hull and Hull Outfitting Inspection and quality survey for Commercial Vessels such as LNG carrier, Bulk Carrier, Afra-Max, Suez-Max,VLCC, Pana-Max Container Vessel, Ro-Ro-Ferry and FPSO etc.