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William L. Davidson
4630 S. Kirkman Rd. #363
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Subject: Contract Employment Opportunities

I believe you will find my extensive senior level experience and knowledge in both the Public and Private Sector’s suitable to fulfill the requirements for the subject opportunity. You may also note my U.S. Domestic and Middle East (Iraq/Afghanistan) International background as added value to any Project Team. I am currently available and can mobilize on fairly short notice after receiving an agreeable offer.

I look forward to receiving a positive communication regarding an opportunity in the near future.

With warm regards,

William L. Davidson


Energy Resourcing/WorleyParsons
Asst Site Manager - Contracts & Administration

   Jan 2017
— Oct 2017

• Assistant Site Manager – Contracts/Administration – I managed the prime contractor and its subcontracts for two multi-million-dollar Ash/Water Management Projects at Plant Scherer which is owned by Georgia Power/Southern Company. The prime contractor (Zachry) is responsible for the construction of the ash project, while the water project will have multiple prime contractors. I was responsible for managing the contract of the prime contractor and its subcontractors as it pertains to all contractual requirements associated with the project. This included all procurement's, Construction Miscellaneous Correspondence, Requests for Information, Design Change Requests, invoice reconciliation and other documentation associated with the contracts. I was responsible for vetting subcontractor documentation as it pertains to a subcontractor and prior to the subcontracts being approved by Southern Company and all subsequent change order requests. Another significant part of my responsibilities was the oversight of the Advanced Work Package process. In addition I had oversight of the Project Controls day-to-day activities. These responsibilities allow me to manager a staff of eight to ten personnel.

Invensys Operations Management/Scnieder
Supply Chain Sr. Commerical Manager

   Jan 2012
— Oct 2012

This position had me responsible for $40m in contracts for the provision of Independent Verification and Validation of software being installed in Instrumentation and control equipment. This equipment is being installed at eight nuclear reactors located at three different project sites in China. The majority of these contracts are “time & material” contracts and I am constantly challenged to find areas of opportunity to contain/reduce cost and compress schedule where ever possible. We most recently compressed the schedule by roughly 8+ months from August 2013 to December 2012. This was at the customer’s request and the effort will be challenging. The vendor for which I was responsible for was the critical path for each of the each of the eight units being installed. I routinely managed and attended meetings with our customer, the China Nuclear Project.

DynCorp International
Project Controls Manager

   Jan 2011
— Jan 2011

Kandahar, Afghanistan

This position afforded me the responsibility of directing the activities of 25 – 30 project controls professionals in support of our military personnel and mission in Afghanistan. Our sole role was to support the provision of basic services such as shelter, electricity, water, food, aircraft maintenance, cargo support, etc. to our troops designated for the safe and secure future of Afghanistan. Efforts of my staff included 1) Producing a “right-size” staffing plan for the future vision of DynCorp’s ongoing efforts (15,000+ personnel) in Afghanistan, 2) producing estimates and schedules in support of ongoing theater operations and added scope as requested by the Department of Defense, and 3) producing cost reports and projections in support of DynCorps contract with the U.S. Government and it’s requests for additional services. Through my management the South Region was responsible for well over $1B in support to our military mission. My staff was based at Kandahar Air Field and throughout the South Region with several staff positioned at Forward Operating Bases (FOB) throughout the region. My Division was positioned to support four Hubs, with each Hub having 8 – 15 FOBs.

Department of the U.S. Treasury
Budget Policy and Management Advisor

   Sep 2007
— Nov 2009

• 9/07 – 10/09 - Budget Policy and Management Advisor (Senior Executive Service – Level III, Treasury Attaché’s Office, Public Finance Management Action Group (PFMAG), Office of Technical Assistance (OTA), U.S. Embassy – Baghdad, Iraq

• A major part of my scope of work was to provide technical assistance to the Essential Services Task Force supporting the Government of Iraq (GOI). This Task Force encompassed the Ministry’s of Electricity, Oil, Housing & Construction, Municipalities & Public Works, Transportation, and Communications. These Ministries’ made up the largest portion of the GOI’s investment/capital budget. I had routine interface with all levels of management in these Ministries starting at the top with the Minister’s themselves. The major focus was to provide guidance, best practices, leadership, and knowledge based results in all areas of budget and financial matters. This area of responsibility provided success’ in getting needed capital funding for the various ministries, strengthen and enhance the GOI’s Letter of Credit process, and enable critical contracts to issued between the GOI and the USG. I was involved with monitoring the Iraq Investment budget which for 2008 was $13 Billion.

I was the PFMAG’s Contract Manager for three independent contracts totaling $12m. These three contracts consisted of:

1) A contract to hire subject matter experts reporting directly to PFMAG Advisors in support of various budget execution efforts provided by the PFMAG. The contract allowed me to place and manage senior level consults and staff in support of the GOI Deputy Prime Minister.

2) A contract to employee linguist in support of PFMAG efforts both for the Budget and Banking Teams. This contract provided successful communications and interpretation between Treasury personnel and GOI Officials.

3) A contract to provide subject matter experts and logistics to respond to specific PFMAG statements of work associated with budget execution. This contract allowed me to engage an Iraqi consulting firm staffed with former GOI Senior Officials which established several projects for GOI efforts. Successful projects included an Investment/Capital Project Oversight Program primarily in support of the Ministry of Planning & Development Coordination, a Budget Execution Service Center, and Provincial Training Programs for Letters of Credit.

I managed the ongoing development, implementation, and instruction of an Investment Budget Execution Workshop for GOI Officials and was available to both Ministerial and Provincial Officials. This workshop was presented over a three to five day period and was presented to 450+ Iraqi Officials from Central Ministry’s and Provincial Government’s. This workshop covered topics such as Procurement Methods, Letters of Credit, Financial and Project Management, and Accounting and Reporting. This was highly sought after workshop. The workshop was instructed by six Senior GOI Officials, under my management.

I represented the Treasury Attachés Office on several Embassy Committees including the Budget Execution Coordination Committee, the Public Finance Management Action Group Operational Committee, the Ministerial Exchange Coordination Committee, the Asset Transfer Committee, the International Compact with Iraq Task Force, and others. I managed the development and submittal of responses to audits from the General Accounting Office (GAO) and Special Investigative Group for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR). In many of my efforts in the aforementioned activities I interfaced and worked with USAID and DIFD staff in an effort to strengthen the accomplishment of our combined goals. In
many of the aforementioned activities I worked closely with USAID and DFID staff in order to strengthen the outcome of established goals.

Southern California Edison Co.
Finance Manager

   May 1998
— Sep 2000

Finance Manager, Finance & Administrative Services, Transmission & Distribution Business Unit, SCE – I provided finance, budgetary, cost/schedule, contract management, and internal control’s support to four independent departments. My staff of nine to fifteen Lead/Cost Engineers, Financial Analysts, and Budget Analysts handled annual Capital Budgets of $60 million and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Budgets of $25 million. The majority of the Capital effort was directed towards an overall $230 million Customer Information System (CIS) software development project supporting SCE’s Customer Service Business Unit. My primary management involvement in the Capital arena was associated with overseeing earned value/forecasting, cost/schedule, and financial reporting aspects for the CIS. I was involved in the initial cost and schedule phases of an extensive Work Management System (WMS) in support of the operation and maintenance for the Transmission/Distribution Business Unit. The O&M effort was in support of roughly 450 personnel involved with Finance & Administrative Services, Human Resources, Regulatory Affairs, and Software Development Processes. The process involved budgeting/forecasting, analysis, monitoring, and reporting on the financial aspects of the four mention departments. I also was directly responsible for the management and oversight regarding the terms and conditions of contracts related to management audits/reviews and contractor personnel supporting the aforementioned four departments. Both the Capital and O&M efforts called upon my expertise to routinely interface both verbally and in writing with SCE Corporate and Business Unit Executives in group presentations and one on one meetings.

Southern California Edison Co.
Budgets and Cost Control Manager

   Sep 1996
— May 1998

– Manager, Budgets and Cost Control, Finance & Administrative Services, Nuclear Generation Business Unit, SCE. This position involved the management of all budgets/cost control, procurement/contract oversight, and administrative/payroll activities for the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) and SCE’s involvement with its partial ownership of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station (PVNGS). My overall staff in this activity involved 30-45 personnel, including five direct reports. The cost/financial aspects included annual Capital budgets of $150+ million and O&M budgets of $200+ million. Capital projects involved cost/benefit analysis, earned value forecasting, cost estimating/scheduling and planing/reporting for all SONGS capital additions as well as financial oversight responsibility for all PVNGS capital additions. The O&M activities involved support to the entire Nuclear Generation Department and oversight of the PVNGS O&M budgets. I was responsible for providing procurement/contractor reviews with regards to contract terms and conditions as well as providing payroll and administrative services activities for the Nuclear Department. Additionally, my staff and I were an integral part of rate case filings with the California Public Utilities Commission. I also had a significant responsibility for routine interface with San Diego Gas & Electric Company, and the Cities of Anaheim and Riverside due to their partial ownership of SONGS, as well as routine interface with Arizona Public Service Company and the four other partners/owners of PVNGS. During this period I was also SCE’s representative to the industry wide Electric Utilities Cost Group (EUCG) for nuclear affairs.