Senior Mechanical Engineer (water/watewater treatment plants)

Last Updated: 30th January 2018 (over 4 years ago)

United Arab Emirates


Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English


Expertise in leading maintenance operations by detecting defective portions and by performing periodic maintenance and inspection.
Skilled in maintaining Lab equipments such as, Incubators ,Oven ,Freezers, sample fridges ,Distillation units, Centrifuge, water purification systems, chemical fume hood, furnaces, vacuum pumps, air compressors
Skilled in maintaining the wastewater treatment plant systems, maintaining and operating the filtering and chemical treatment processes
Experience in inspecting, service and repair components of the wastewater treatment plant including water intakes, pipes, water storage vessels, chemical equipment controls, circulation pumps, filter screens, wash press ,grit rakes, Archimedes pumps,grinders ,raw sludge pumps ,SAS Pumps ,digester, mixers, scum breaker compressors ,Centrifuge decanters ,Primary settlement tanks and secondary settlement tanks ,air scour blower ,air compressors ,vacuum pumps and valves.
Proficient in prepare work orders for servicing and repairs.
Inspecting the treatment plant systems on a daily basis to ensure effective operations.
Reduced failure rate by replacing parts at the designated period based on checks of the past inspections and promote preventive maintenance
Skilled in Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Health and Safety, Planning and Scheduling Leadership, and Staff Training
Knowledge of Quality Assurance ,Contract Management Project Management and Site Selection / Supervision
Experience in HVAC system, AutoCAD, root cause analysis.
Experience of working with minimal supervision or as part of a small team in analyzing mechanical failures


Zagazige university
Senior Mechanical Engineer

   Sep 1995
— Current

studying for 5 years in mechanical engineering courses.


Kharafinational UAE
Senior Project Engineer

   Apr 2011
— Current

Ensuring field activities are carried out as per safety standard procedure
Supervising maintenance of the plants, buildings, equipment or systems to ensure the work is executed to the client specification
Executing repair and maintenance works in the most optimum way for efficient operation& maintenance of the project assets and facilities
Monitoring site engineers and guiding them to ensure all aspects of work are understood by all concern parties
Assessing safety/quality procedures are implemented and adhere to in accordance with contract and company guidelines
Using resources to achieve the targeted KPIs of assets availability
Overseeing selection and requisition of materials required for maintenance to maintain the minimum required spare parts stock to cover regular maintenance and casual failures ensuring that the received materials meet the specifications and requirement intended of them
Performing predictive maintenance, analyze trends, and any repetitive failures, if any and recommended remedial measure to prevent any potential failures
Improving preventive maintenance in order to reduce corrective maintenance
Documenting maintenance and repair works and make sure such records are logged in CMMS system, as required
Identifying employee training requirements and recommended for management
Checking control expenses related to maintenance work and ensure organizational forecast and budget are met (monitoring the running cost and budgeting-CAPEX)
Assisting KharafiNational tendering department for pricing new projects
Reviewing incoming work request for functioning and maintenance of the equipment
Planning daily plant and machinery checks in accordance with company procedure and site working plan
Maintaining high levels of tidiness &housekeeping in the workshop and in the areas where maintenance work maintenance is undertake

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