Operations Engineer

Last Updated: 29th March 2019 (over 3 years ago)

Constanta, Romania


Phone Number


Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, French, Romanian


Operations engineering, Oil tank farm storage and movements, jetty/terminal operations, process engineering, quality control, oil tankers cargo inspection, offshore material logistics.

High PC skills, very good english knowledge.


Maritime University Constanta
Master's Degree

   Oct 2009
— Mar 2011

Engineering and Management in Port and Maritime Field

Ovidius University Constanta
Bachelor's Degree

   Oct 2004
— Jul 2009

Petroleum Technology, Petrochemistry and Carbochemistry


CICH Navodari SRL
Production Engineer

   Sep 2017
— Current

- plan the production and logistics activities considering the established production / work plan, ensuring the achievement of the performance, quantity and quality indicators;
- coordinate and ensure the rhythmic flow of the production process, tracking the achievement of production indicator according to the plan requested by Sales department;
- approve the technological instructions for each phase of the production, both when implementing and modifying them, and ensure the correct technological adjustments considering the variations and specifics of the raw material used in the process;
- organize the production process by a daily basis, in collaboration with the sector coordinators and assign the staff needed for each activity, taking into account their qualification and work authorization;
- participate in the analysis of the malfunctions or failures of the machineries / installations, establish the reason that caused them and take action to prevent any future effect;
- ensure the elaboration of methods to reduce the consumption of utilities;
- organize the preparation and start-up of the fabrication / packing process of the fertilizers;
- verify the monthly personnel clocking and send it to HR department;
- follow that training according to occupational safety standards are done correctly;
- participate in the recruitment of the personnel needed in the production sector;
- identify the training needs of the subordinated personnel end ensure their continuous forming and development;
- promote the image of the company by adopting personal attitudes that reflect the values of it.

Rig Oilfield Services LLC
Logistics Coordinator (onboard offshore JackUp MODU)

   Mar 2016
— Jun 2017

- record cargo entry and exit on board the oil platform and issue the necessary documents;
- daily update of stocks in the PSM software;
- check all documents that arrive with the cargo, physically inspect the materials together with the department heads, label them with part number, description, designation and store location for future identification;
- issue noncompliance documents, where applicable, and send reports regarding the state of the cargo to onshore office as soon as possible;
- send notifications to customers and to company office and register the sent correspondence;
- distribution of personal protective equipment to the platform’s crew;
- attend meetings and discuss the daily work scope with OIM and department heads, tracking material stocks, shortages and status of the material requisitions; discuss the daily program for cargo receiving / backload;
- liaise with logistic bases / onshore warehouses regarding stocks, material movements, ETA for vessels to shore / rig locations;
- communication with service companies regarding the receiving, sorting and storage of their materials arriving in common with the ones of the rig owner company;
- align to all offshore rules and regulations; understand the Company HSE Policy and how it relates to the job.

Oil Terminal SA
Operations Engineer

   Jan 2010
— Feb 2016

- elaboration of operation plans for ships / barges / rail tanks / truck tanks loading/discharging crude oil, oil products, liquid petrochemical and chemical products, well knowing and respecting the terminal and tank farms technological schemes (pumping pipeline routes, flow rates of all pumps, mooring berths and all the products corresponding to each of these installations);
- monitoring of ship loading/discharging technological process by tracking provision of oil products, compliance with client and ship instructions, providing storage capacity and achieving the contractual rate of load/discharge (6h office + 2h on field daily);
- tracking the operation of portuary and tank farm facilities and proposing adjustments, changes to them as needed by different market conditions, redesigning the technological schemes of the modified installations;
- field assist in maintainance, modifications, adjustments to pipeline installations, storage tanks construction, attending the commissioning and startup operations of newly built facilities as well as the decommissioning and shutdown process for the old installations that are going to be put out of use; report and update field process phases to direct supervisor, when assigned;
- other mechanical / maintenance responsabilities like: keeping track record of the operating condition of pipelines and valves, discuss the need of reparations / verifications with the tank farm’s facility chief (especially for those pipelines transporting corrosive products); take into account the last cleaning time of crude oil tanks, plan on emptying and preparing them for the cleaning process, depending on the ammount of the crude residue deposited on the bottom of the tank; keep a track record of all measurement equipment in the jetty / tank farm facilities (jetty flow meters, truck tankers flow meters, rail tanks weighing systems and tank radar systems), monitor their error rates and propose recalibration / verification for those that are close to exceed the allowed limits;
- continuous tracking and coordination of the activities undertaken by the shift supervisors of the terminal and tank farms, establishing priorities for the multiple operations that need to be performed in accordance with the customer requirements and the technological possibilities of the plant;
- communication with customers of SC Oil Terminal SA regarding oil product stocks, ship laycans, rail tanks scheduling, official quantities and other information regarding the object of the contract;
- involved as a key user in a new software implementation regarding an easier track of all terminal activities and oil product stocks by monitoring continuous updates and data entry by all implicated departments; reporting bugs, errors or calculation faults in data collection to the software developer;
- understand the Company HSE Policy and how it relates to the job; work very safe and efficient.

Oil Terminal SA
AAD Office Management Advisor

   Jan 2010
— Sep 2010

- preparing and issuing electronic and hand written administrative documents accompanying the excisable petroleum products loaded in ships / rail tanks / truck tanks;
- communication with the operational departments and shift supervisors in order to receive all the needed documents to issue the electronic administrative documents in time;
- document control responsabilities regarding the correct issue of delivery notes, weighing reports, conformity declarations; calculation cheks for product quantities, identity cheks for destination addresses and search of other clerical mistakes in the expedition documents;
- communication with customers of SC Oil Terminal SA and the competent tax authorities;
- knowledge of national Tax Code regarding the storage / movement of oil products;
- good management of documents including sorting, filing and archiving.

Oil Terminal SA
Sampling Laboratory Chemist

   Nov 2009
— Jan 2010

- sampling liquid petroleum products from ships / barges / rail tanks / truck tanks / storage tanks / pipelines / pumps in order for them to be analysed;
- keeping a written record of all the sampled products, their source and the quantities used for analysis;
- basic analysis of sampled petroleum products;
- cleanliness inspection of empty storage tanks, rail tanks, truck tanks before the filling;
- sampling water from special built groundwater wells around the entire tank farm, in order to track water quality; report to Environment department if any track of oil products / oil waste is found in the groundwater;
- maintain the sampling and analysis equipment in good condition and report to direct supervisor any detected problem that could distort the sampling / analysis results;
- understand the Company HSE Policy and how it relates to the job; work very safe and efficient.

Cargo Surveyor / Quality Controller

   Sep 2008
— Oct 2009

– establishing the quantity and quality of delivered and stored oil products;
– continuous track of the oil loading / discharging process by: cleanliness inspection of empty storage tanks, rail tanks, truck tanks before the filling; laboratory sampling and analysis assistance; storage tanks and mobile tanks measurements; rail tanks and truck tanks weighing assistance;
– compliance with customer requirements regarding the quality specifications of the products, the quantities and other commercial aspects;
– preparing necessary documents for proof cargo handled quantity;
– preparing and sealing samples representing whole loaded cargo and delivering them to customer, as well as keeping and storing in good condition the own copies of these samples for eventual contestations made by any part;
– performs any other duties assigned by the foreign product customer like assisting the cargo superintendent with technical information before, during, and after all operation phases, emitting protest letters to any part that does not fully respect all the terms of the contract, assisting in the counter-analyis of samples at another authorised oil product laboratory in case of uncertainties;
– communication with foreign customers, refineries and terminals;
– understand the Company HSE Policy and how it relates to the job; work very safe and efficient.

Oil Terminal SA
Field Supervisor / Quality Controller

   Aug 2005
— Sep 2008

- quality control of the receipt, storage, conditioning and delivery services for petroleum products;
- verify that the correct pipeline routes are used for the oil movements, according to the technological schemes of the plant installations;
- field supervising that all operations during the shift are done right, according to standard procedures;
- supervise onshore pipelines, valves and shore tanks when vessels / railtanks / truck tankers are discharging or loading cargo, checking manometers and pressure gauges levels and ensuring there is no oil product leakage, registering all aspects in the shift logbook;
- assist in the preparation of standard operating procedures and make sure that all personnel is well instructed and respecting all regulations;
- identifying environmental aspects and signs during and following technological processes;
- issuing statement of compliance documents at the end of the technological processes;
- obligation to know and implement the procedures within the running service according to the Quality Management ISO 9001 standards;
- look for safe working methods and identify unsafe acts and conditions during technological process;
- understand the Company HSE Policy and how it relates to the job; work very safe and efficient.