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Last Updated: 5th February 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Ulsan, Korea, Republic of


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25 to 34

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A competent professional with 12+ years of expertise in the field of Instrumentation and Control Engineering design for Oil &Gas (Offshore, Onshore) & Power plant. My expertise includes Detailed engineering and Control system design & testing on various DCS platforms. Major activities in design includes Cable schedule, Instrument Index, I/O list, Instrument datasheets, Instrument location plan, Vendor Packages Review and Hands on software like SPI (INTOOLS) and Navisworks. Involvement in FAT & SAT as well construction and commissioning activities. Well Conversant to Engineering Standards & Codes (ISA & IEC61511).


Birla Institute of technology and Science
BS Inustrisal Engineering

   Apr 2004
— Jul 2007


Tractebel Engineering
Manager I&C

   Nov 2017
— Current

Dong Yang Engineering
I&C Engineer

   Oct 2013
— May 2017

Project: PSINC Shipbuilding (Client: Matson Navigation Company) Nov 2016 - April 2017

• Review & comments for detail engineering drawings
 Piping & Instrumentation diagram
 Instrument Index for DCS/SIS I/O Lists
 Cable Schedules
 Connection drawings
 Junction box schedule
 Instrumentation required for Package Equipment
• Raise DRF’s for connection drawings comments and keep track with updated revisions of all documents.

Project: HEBRON Topside (Client: ExxonMobil Canada) June2014- July 2016
Review of detail engineering drawings/documents
o Piping & Instrumentation diagram
o Logic Diagrams
o Instrument Index
o Cable Schedules
o Termination Drawings
o Loop Drawings
o Technical Interface of ICSS with vendor packages.
o Control Schematics
•Review of vendor packages documents Electrical wiring, Interconnection termination diagram, Installation and hook up, P&ID.
•Verify vendor packages wiring done in Smart Plant Instrumentation (INTOOLS).
•Manage Inst. Index, Junction box/Panel reports, Inst data sheet, cross wiring in SPI.
•Coordinate with sub-contractor for engineering issues highlighted related to wiring, instruments etc.
•Issue SEWI (Site Engineering Work Instruction) to sub-contractor) for design changes.
•Active involvement in mechanical completion & commissioning activities.

Project: MOHO NORD TLP (Client: TOTAL E&P Congo)

•Review of skid packaged equipment, UCP's control system equipment and interfaces.
•Co-ordination of packaged vendors ensuring instrument standardization, project specification and client requirements.
•Review of Functional Design Specifications developed by ICSS supplier for PCS, PSS, ESD and F&G.
•Review of ICSS vendor design documents like cabinet drawings, IO assignment.
•Involved in I/O hardware list freezing.
•Cable schedule as well junction box segregation as per client specification.
•Review & update the functional analysis for process, safety system (ESD/F&G) based on Cause & Effect chart developed by vendor as per client requirement.
•Submitted Functional Analysis to ICSS vendor for software design.

Alstom India Ltd
Lead Engineer

   Sep 2011
— Oct 2013

•Responsible for detailed engineering process, design and system integration.
•DCS System Engineering and development using ALSPA control system.
•Conducting and coordinating system engineering meeting with clients.
•Understand and implement client requirements for the Process.
•Preparing engineering IO Assignment, Loop Schematics and DCS architecture layout.
•Integrating third party configuration in ALSPA system.
•Building Control Input Output database for Control processor.

Emerson Process Management
Deputy Manager

   Mar 2010
— Aug 2011

Project: - Aryan Coal, Bin Qasim & Wabash

• Preparing Master Engineering Database based on FDS and other design inputs.
• Development of logic using SAMA or control narrative on Ovation system.
• Development of static graphics and dynamic testing of graphics with logic.
• Co-ordinate with customer to discuss technical issues and engineering details.
• Executed the ARYAN COAL Project (2*135 MW – KORBA) having Boiler, electrical and remote section.
• Executed the retrofit Bin Qasim Project (2*140 MW) of Pakistan.
• Completed the emulation part for GT and ST logic of GE Mark V in Ovation DCS for the Pusan Simulation Project in Korea in duration March 1st to April 30th 2011.
• Executed the Duke Wabash Migration project of WDPF system to Ovation release 3.3.1. Major activities include generating the Hardware Database and control implementation and done the testing

Honeywell Automation India Ltd
Sr. Engineer

   Feb 2009
— Mar 2010


• P&ID take-off and IO reconciliation with the IO database.
• I/O Assignment, Configuration of Series C and FF Instruments as per Design inputs (Experion EPKS C300).
• Prepare the Visio drawings for complex loop with operation philosophy.
• Co-ordinate with customer to discuss technical issues and engineering details.
• Non complex and Complex loops configuration referring Control Narratives (EPKS R300).
• IO Assignment & point building in EPKS using Smart Builder.
• Simulate and testing of all non-complex and complex loops.
• Development of CAB logics for special application on ACE node.

Invensys India Ltd
Sr. Engineer

   Oct 2006
— Feb 2009

Project: - Reliance JERP (Client: Reliance Industries Ltd)

• Carry out detailed engineering, design and system integration.
• DCS System engineering and development using /A Series Foxboro System.
• Conducted engineering meeting with clients.
• Understand and implement client requirements for the process.
• Foundation Field bus segment design and validation check and integrating the FF device.
• Preparing engineering documents like BOM, IO Assignment, Loop Schematics, Panel design and layout.
• Serial Interface like ABB PLC, BENTLY NEVEDA (Third Party Interface).
• Building Control Input Output database for Control processor.
• Conducted UTILITY, PRU, and PP FAT and SAT for the whole system before dispatch.
• Engineering development tools like, Foxcae, IACC and graphical tools like Fox Draw.
• Done the Erection and Commissioning of UTILITY PIB 68, 69.