Diseñador de tuberías Senior

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35 to 44

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English, Spanish


Victor Hugo Ruiz Garcia
Address: Aspiros 68-502, Santa María Malinalco Azcapotzalco CDMX, México
Age: 38
Marital Status: Married and 2 Children
Email: victorizuar@hotmail.com
Mobile: 044 55 28 97 46 25


September 2011 to July 2017
ICA FLUOR Engineering, Procurement and Construction EPC
Title: Piping Designer Senior III
More than 20 years as Architectural and Mechanical Designer and more than 10 years as Piping Designer of process and services lines routes systems using codes as ASME B31.3, B31.1, API, NRF’s (PEMEX), NOM, ASTM, etc., Performed conceptual and detailed design of distributive piping systems for a new and existing projects as Oil & Gas, Mining, Chemical, Bioprocessing, etc. Developed of Equipment Plot Plan, layout detailed, using PFD diagrams for conceptual and basic engineering, Subsequently the DTI's for support design with minimum spacing between equipment and facilities, as well as distances and spacing on arrangements of piping supports, using technical annexes, practices, typical of installation of NRF's Pemex, Standards of Fluor Company, ASME, API, NOM, practices (PIP), IRI, and references as Crane book, Piping and Pipeline Engineering, standards of customers as Transcanada, manual technicians as area classification determined by the Electrical discipline, geography, weather, geography north and another information about Plant location, studies of services, facilities, climate, etc. in the area, among other considerations and stress or flexibility for the development of detailed engineering (EPC). Developed configuration of pipeline racks complementing with other disciplines, developed mechanical preliminary of process equipment for location of nozzles, supports, stairs or requirements maintenance platforms, Using software design engineering as Smart Plant 3D, PDS, Plant Wise, Autocad, Microstation, Spoolgen, NavisWorks, Smart Plant Review, to generate 3D model, virtual tours, Renders, interference detection, extraction of drawings as, plant views cuts, sections, details, Isometrics And Estimates.
Estimates another area in which I was involved, developed proposals and tenders, for different national and foreign clients as:
o PEMEX, oil & gas onshore and offshore on drilling marine Platform, Compression, nitrogen removal at gas, compression plant on Dos Bocas Tabasco etc.,
o Braskem, Piping Modules proposal for the expansion of an existing plant on Brazil
o CFE, different proposals for the installation of pipelines and stations of measurement and regulation to the thermoelectric plants existing on Sonora.
o Mexichem proposal for co-generation plant.
o baft proposal for maintenance to plant in the state of Mexico.
o Shell proposal pipe rack modules for integration.
o Dow Chemical proposal modules
o Transcanada Pipelines, Pipeline, Pig traps, Gas metering and Gas regulating stations on Mexico
o Grupo Mexico Proposal ESDE III copper mine Cananea Sonora.
o Proposals for other companies such as blue tower to treat the waste from the CDMX, nitrogen removal plant, etc.

• Project for CFE Topolobampo Lateral 1 Segmento 2, Sinaloa Mexico byTRANSCANADA
This project consisted in supply and installation of a gas pipeline with two stations, Inlet Station for control and gas regulation Station to service the new configuration of the plant, which was made change the consumption of fuel oil for natural gas.
My role was to develop the basic and detail engineering and the As-built, development final route of Gas pipeline to the internal facilities of the plant, Underground Piping system and Above piping system, development of the layouts for the two stations for engineering with other disciplines, Design of operating platforms, piping routing on existing racks, Supports location, Development of 3D model to give certainty to the jobs that were made. The result was customer recognition. With 3D model was generated and extracted views for Drawings, Section, elevations and details, the isometric were generated with the same software Autocad, the virtual tour was made with the backing of Microstation and the final export to PDF and review interference or problems in the future erection.
Yellow OFF of valves and fittings and Red line for AS BUILT.
• Project Los Ramones Fase II Sur México central zone from San Luis Potosí to Guanajuato for TAG Pipeline
This project consisted in supply and installation of a pipeline of 291 km with stations of regulating, metering, control and switching valves and Compression for phase II of the North and South segments with a total of 741 Km this pipeline supplies natural gas to the center of Mexico.
My participation consisted in the development of the Equipment plot plant for the stations of gas regulating and gas metering at San Miguel de Allende Gto Guanajuato, with two Pig traps and two points of interconnection (TIE IN's) with the existing lines of PEMEX, Also developed of piping above and piping underground systems routes, process and services piping, nozzles arrangement of process equipment and tanks, Emergency exit routes with the backing of disciplines as civil engineering and architecture, platforms for operation and maintenance, preliminary mechanical arrangements of Process Equipment with exploded material raw, Cross-checked with information from suppliers, development of 3D model with extraction of drawings as Plans views, elevations, sections, cuts, isometric and details for the basic and detail engineering (APC). In the Station of Compression, Metering and regulating the development of the fuel gas system for the three turbo compressors, as well as the interconnection of the process and services lines with the same equipment and Creation of 3D model with extraction of isometric, drawings in plant view, sections, and elevations for the basic and detail engineering (EPC), Yellow off of valves and fittings and generation of As built with site information, PDS software was used for the 3D for extraction of drawings as plant views, elevations, sections and isometric This Model was used for review engineering and interference with the software Smart Plant Review.
• Project Estación de Compresión Línea 5 Dos Bocas Paraíso Tabasco for PEMEX
This project consisted in the development of a Gas high-compression station from the oil platforms marines in the Gulf of Mexico, consists of three two-stage compressors, condensate collection system and heat oil system, fuel gas system, cooling system for gas and fire water protection system as well as interconnection to the existing lines of oil drains, the fire water protection system and gas high pressure.
My participation consisted in reconfigure the Plot Plan given in the contract of the basic engineering by client using the flow diagrams DFP and DTI's by client and development new arrangements for equipment and process considerations with backing for standards mainly NRF's, ASME, NOM etc. As well the piping routes on existing racks, mechanical preliminary development of process equipment to locate nozzles, locate the clips on the skid equipment for supports and platforms of operation, cross check with information from suppliers for the development of the detail engineering, Creation of 3D model, extraction of isometrics, drawings, cuts, sections and details, using the Smart Plant 3D and Smart Plant Review for interferences detection and engineering review.
Finally on Site I give backing as Piping for follow-up of mounting and routing, development of new piping arrangements or changes requested by the client, monitoring timely in assembly on the site.
• Project Plataforma de Perforación Ayatsil C for PEMEX
This project consisted in the development and construction of an unmanned drilling platform in the deepwater of Gulf of Mexico, in this case with a depth water of 123 mts.
My participation consisted in the development of the equipment plot Plan using information by the client with the entrusted of reorganize. Preliminary arrangement of mechanical equipment, location of nozzles, platforms of maintenance and locate clips for supports, cross-checking information from suppliers, using standards, practices, technical annexes, etc. as ASME API, NOM, NRF's, typical and procedures of Fluor etc. development of basic and detail engineering, development of 3D Model Type 2, with extraction of isometric drawings, cuts and elevations and As-built. With PDS for intelligent 3D model and Smart Plant Review for engineering review, and interference detection.
Backing for Process Department for the development of DTI for chemicals transfer.
• Project Piping Modules for Dow Chemical USA
This project consisted in to make the exploded Isometric APC to spools for construction of piping modules on process integration for maritime transport to the place erection on the east coast of USA.
My participation consisted in explode the isometric approved for construction to generate spools for erection on field on industrias del Hierro by ICA Fluor in Tampico, in this spools exploded was incorporating detailed mounting and assembly of spools with special holders of the client, all this with precise specifications and documented mounting by Dow Chemical United States Of America, SPOOLGEN was the software used for the explode isometric and generate mounting spools then exported to autocad to generate the new isometric in spools for construction.
• Project Plataforma Marina de Perforación Tsimin B for PEMEX
This project consisted in the development of the engineering and manufacturing of an offshore drilling platform location on the Gulf of Mexico.
Piping engineering backing on site for erection supervision and make the red line for the As-built piping isometrics and support for the process DTI's As-built.
• Project Cananea ESDE III copper mine at Sonora México
The project consisted in the development of detail engineering and construction of a new plant for the production of copper by electrowinning process as finished product.
My participation consisted in the engineering development finished product, the development of equipment Plot Plan of plant of copper plates formed by electrowinning process. Development of the piping system design of the tank farms to the electrowinning plant as well as the interior of the barrel electrowinning. Using the PDS to generate the intelligent 3D model and extraction of drawing plant views, elevations, and isometric, revision, and interference detection was made with the software Smart Plant Review.

UHDE TYSSENKRUPP Engineering Company (June 2011 to September 2011).
Title: Piping Designer Senior
My participation was in the development of the basic engineering for the Low Sulfur Diesel proposal for the refinery in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, developing the system of process piping and services above and underground integration of WBS by external references using Autocad design software.

FERMIC Empresa Farmoquimica (August 2009 to June 2011)
Title: Piping Designer and Supervisor
My function was the development of new projects given by the different departments of the plant mainly the design of new routes of stainless steel piping projects, new adaptations, revamps, Preliminary mechanical development of process equipments for locate nozzles, platforms on equipment skids, The architectural design of new zones plant, follow up to civil engineers, mechanics, instrumentalists, suppliers and of projects, supervision of the new erection. Using the autocad design software to development of 3D model then using NavisWorks for engineering review and virtual tours for presentation.

• Project laboratory equipment design for Cepas department
Design of Sanitary Equipment for, dust extractor, stairs with stainless steel, etc. The design was made with the Autocad software.
• Project Enzimes plant transference plate design and development engineering
Consisted in the correction of a piping system of stainless steel 4" that caused contamination by retention of product and a request the new design was made the transfer by new transfer plate.
My role was collected information on site, Made adaptation to the DTi's, indicate the interconnection points TIE IN’s of intervention in the piping, generation of isometric and generation of 3D Model in Autocad and convert to Navisworks for revision and approval of the department involved.
• Project filter steam Piping System
Consisted in the configuration and adaptation to the existing system of Filtered steam to sterilize the entrances to the mixing dextrose tanks, cycle hexane and caustic soda.
My role was the development of conceptual, basic and detail engineering of the new system as well as the modifications to the existing design, upgrade and rehabilitation of Plant zones., development of Plot Plan and lay out, Using the Autocad software to generate 3D model and extraction of isometric, drawings and elevations of existing and new routes piping systems and using the software Navisworks for presentation with virtual tour, and Interference Detection.
• Preliminar structure support design for tanks and destilation column.
Consisted in development, propose, design, structures for support towers, proposed the location of tanks, piping vertical ducts, levels, height of the levels, location of supports, proposal of profiles according to the tables and considerations of IMCA as well as rules of location and equipment spacing, giving follow-up to the contractor in charge of the development end of the engineering and manufacturing of the elements. Using the Autocad software for the design
• Architectural Design
Development of architectural proposals for new zones and adaptation to existing laboratories, workshops for mechanical staff works, control rooms, etc. using the Autocad software for the design.
• Project Reactors of Fermentation and Pre-Fermentation
Responsible for the development of the new area for pre-fermentation and fermentation, cold water systems and filtration. Development of the conceptual engineering based on standards and norms of Fermic, ASME for bioprocesses, national standards as NOM, etc.
Applying surveys of the new building, to propose the location of the new tank as well as the location of the transfer plates and the sequence and location of intervention to existing systems, To make the Tie Ins, location of the new tank to the chilled water system for the supply cold water to the jackets of the new fermenters and pre fermenters, Follow Up to the suppliers, Cross-check the information from the contractors, generation of the 3D model, drawing, plant views, cuts, and isometric, sections with the Autocad software and convert it to NavisWorks for, engineering review and interference detection.

Project Destilation Column of ISO propanol
My participation consisted in the design an development of Isopropyl destillation column, conceptual design of the structure for location tanks, separators, filters, pumps, pipe systems proposal for intervention in the existing systems for interconnection. Generating the 3D model, drawings plan views, elevations, sections and isometric with the Autocad Software and convert to Navisworks for engineering review, and interference detection.

THALES Empresa Firma de ingeniería (April 2009 to August 2009)
Title: Designer Senior Cad
• Responsible for the design of voice drawings, data systems, ambient sound, intrusion, for Pemex's offshore platforms, generation of as-built documentation on-site Ciudad del Carmen Campeche.
• Engineering for toll booths of Tijuana and Tecate in Baja California Norte, Applying surveys on site for the new engineering.

HONEYWELL Building Solutions (February 2009 to April 2009)
Title: Designer Senior Cad
• Responsible for the design of security systems, fire detection, intrusion, CCTV, access control, fire systems, fire suppression with FM200, for bicentennial of Mexico City project, development of 3D model for the presentation and guide in construction, detection of interference with other disciplines of the project.

IACI Ingeniería aplicada en construcciones Industriales (August 2008 to February 2009)

Title: Piping Designer
My functions were the development of piping systems design projects and design of new areas for customer proposals.
• Designer Sanitary piping systems and services, yellow off valves in DTI's
• Development of Plot Plan, Layout, structural proposals.
• Desig of sanitary equipment for laboratories and process area for the pharmaceutical industry, Sanitary stairs, for; Abbot Laboratories, Merk, Becton Dickiso, Glaxo, Best, Etc., backing On-site.

HONEYWELL Building Solutions (July 2007 a August 2008)

Title: Designer Senior Cad

• Designer of engineering security systems, fire detection, intrusion, CCTV, access control, fire protection systems, fire suppression with FM200, mainly for Telmex and banks as Scotia Bank.
• 3D Modeling for the presentation and guide in construction, interferences detection with other disciplines of the project.

PROSISA Firma de Ingeniería, Construcción y Procura IPC (Febrero 2006 a Julio 2007)

Title: Piping Designer Lider
My role was Mechanical piping design lead in the new department of mechanical, generate designs of fire piping systems, process systems and services such as water, compressed air, steam, oil, etc., revision of the piping layout, coordination of designers and draughtsman, follow-up of projects for review and approval of the projects generate arrangements for proposals estimates.

• Project Transmision Plant General Motors (Saltillo, Toluca, San Luis Potosí)
My role was development of the piping system, design for the new plants, Tank Farms, and supervision of performance engineering, generate the 3D model in Autocad and Cadworx, making the revision of interference with NavisWorks, on-site backing for follow-up to the assembly and installation red line by applying delivery As Built.
• Project AEROMEXICO, Aeropuerto Internacional, Benito Juárez García of Mexico City
Development and monitoring of documentation As Built for fire protection system. edit engineering drawings, assemble project, plotting, elaboration of submital to client. estimates and quantification of raw materials for Process Piping Systems, Services and fire protection system, 3D virtual tour in NavisWorks.

INTEGRA Racks del valle de México, sistemas de almacenamiento y estructuras metálicas 2006

Title: Designer Senior Cad

• Development and Design, Project Manager of structural elements, as well as designer of architectural spaces for offices, automated systems etc.
• Development of projects of metal structures, drawing, calculating, photo-realistic 3D renderings and final presentation.

AQUILSA, 2004-2006

• Draftsman and Supervisor of work, digitalization of drawings of civil works, earthworks, electrical installations, horizontal signs for airports as ASA, and ASSHUR and the GAP.
• In Cancun International Airport, Villa Hermosa Tabasco, Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City
Supervisor In earthworks for the expansion of general aviation FBO Terminal 1, electrical installations and complementary works in the Cancun International Airport.


• Course Sped Piping Design at Rice University (USA), with videos in ICA Fluor Mexico City. Topics Design of piping systems, Plot Plan, Equipment, Heat Exchangers, standards (ASME, ASTM, ANSI,) etc.

• Course of SMART PLANT 3D intelligent models for the piping system. Topics Piping, equipment, CIVIL. For generation of projects.

• Course of Microstation, PDS AND PLANT WISE for the piping system. PIPING, EQUIPMENT FOR PROJECTS.

• SPOOLGEN Course for generation of Piping Spools.

• Course of structural calculations for industrial storage systems, quantification of materials and unit prices for quotes, transforming steel company, located in the Salto Jalisco.

• PLANTFLOW course software for mechanical calculations and 3D design of piping systems for industrial mechanical installations, to be held in Mexico City.

• AUTOCAD R12 al 2017 2D y 3D.
• 3D MAX


5to. Semestre de la carrera de Ingeniero Arquitecto

   Aug 1998
— Jul 2003


Diseñador de Tuberías Senior III

   Sep 2011
— Jul 2017

Puesto: Diseñador de Tuberías Senior III
Me desempeñe principalmente en el área de diseño de sistemas de tuberías, en la última etapa como líder de diseño en diferentes proyectos Oil & Gas, Minas, Químicas, etc. Elaborando y desarrollando los Plot Plant de equipos en particiones y completos, Layout para detalle, utilizando los diagramas primeramente de Flujo para ingeniería conceptual y básica, posteriormente los DTI´s apoyado con las normas de espacios mínimos entre equipos e instalaciones así como distancias y espaciamientos en arreglos de tuberías apoyado de normas, anexos técnicos, practicas, típicos de instalación como las NRF´s de Pemex, Estándares de Fluor, ASME, API, NOM, practicas (PIP), libros de apoyo como el crane, Piping and Pipeline Engineering, normas de los clientes como Trancanada, calcificación de área determinada por la disciplina eléctrica, geografía del lugar, estudios de servicios, instalaciones, clima, etc. de la zona, entre otras consideraciones, también en todos los proyectos o propuestas se toman para el desarrollo del diseño especificaciones de material realizados por departamento de la especialidad de materiales, y del área de estrés o flexibilidad todo para el desarrollo de ingeniería de detalle (APC). Desarrollo de la configuración de racks de Tuberías complementando con espacios de las demás disciplinas, desarrollo preliminar mecánico de equipos de proceso para ubicación de Boquillas, soportes, escaleras o requerimientos de plataformas de operación y espacios requeridos para elaboración de los Plot Plan, Todo esto desarrollado con software de ingeniería de diseño integral como Smart Plant 3D, PDS, Plant Wise, Autocad, Microstation, Spoolgen, NavisWorks, Smart Plant Review, Para generar modelo 3D, recorridos Virtuales, Renders, Deteccion de interferencias, extracción de Planos En planta, cortes, secciones, detalles, Isometricos y volumetrías.
Otra área en la que me desempeñe fue la cuantificación de material para volumetrías de propuestas y licitaciones, para diferentes clientes nacionales y extranjeros como:
o PEMEX oil & gas Onshore y offshore en plataformas marinas de perforación, de compresión, de extracción de nitrógeno al gas, planta de compresión en Dos Bocas Tabasco etc.,
o Braskem en la propuesta de módulos para la ampliación de una nueva planta en Brasil
o CFE en diferentes propuestas para la instalación de gasoductos y estaciones de medición y regulación a las termoeléctricas existentes en Sonora
o Mexichem propuesta para Planta de cogeneración.
o BAFT propuesta de mantenimiento a planta en estado de México.
o Shell propuesta Módulos de tuberías para rack de integración.
o Dow Chemical propuesta de módulos de tuberías,
o Transcanada, Gasoducto, trampas de diablos y estaciones de medición y regulación en Hidalgo México
o Grupo México Propuesta mina de cobre ESDE III Cananea Sonora.
o Propuestas para otras empresas como torre azul para tratar la basura de la CDMX, planta de Extracción de Nitrógeno, etc.
• Proyecto para CFE Topolobampo Lateral 1 Segmento 2, Sinaloa México con TRANSCANADA
Este proyecto consistió en el suministro e instalación de un gasoducto con dos estaciones una de entrada para control y otra de Regulación de gas para dar servicio a la nueva configuración de la planta, que consistió en cambiar el consumo de oleo combustible por gas natural.
Mi función fue desarrollar la ingeniería básica, de detalle y el As Built, generando la Ruta final del ducto a las instalaciones internas de la termoeléctrica tanto aérea y enterrada, se genero el layouts de las dos estaciones para el desarrollo de la ingeniería con las demás disciplinas, diseño de plataformas de operación, ruteo aéreo en racks existentes, ubicación de soportes, sin ser parte del alcance se modelo la parte de la trayectoria de la tubería para dar certidumbre a los trabajos que se realizaron esto dio como resultado la entrega en fecha anticipada y reconocimiento del cliente. Del modelo generado se extrajeron vistas para los planos en Planta, Alzados, Cortes y detalles, así también los isométricos se generaron con el Mismo software Autocad, el recorrido virtual se hiso con el apoyo de Microstation y la exportación final a PDF para recorrido virtual para detección de interferencias o problemas en el futuro montaje.
Yellow OFF de válvulas y accesorios y Red line para el AS BUILT.
• Proyecto Los Ramones Fase II Sur para la Zona central de México de San Luis Potosí a Guanajuato para TAG Pipeline
Consistió en el suministro y montaje de un gasoducto de 291 Km. con estaciones de regulación medición, control y compresión y válvulas de seccionamiento para la etapa II de los segmentos norte y sur con un total de 741 Km este gasoducto suministra gas natural a la zona centro de la república Mexicana.
Mi participación consistió en el desarrollo del plot plant para la estación de regulación y medición en Apaseo El alto Guanajuato con dos trampas de diablos y dos puntos de interconexión (TIE IN´s) con líneas existente de PEMEX, también el desarrollo de las trayectorias aéreas y enterradas de las líneas de proceso y servicios, arreglo de boquillas en equipos y tanques, rutas de escape con apoyo a las disciplinas civil y arquitectura, plataformas de operación y mantenimiento, arreglos mecánicos preliminares de los Equipos de Proceso con despiece, chequeo cruzado con información de los proveedores, generando modelo 3D con extracción de Planos, Alzados, secciones, cortes, Isométricos y detalles para la ingeniería básica y de detalle (APC). En la Estación de Compresión, Medición y Regulación el Desarrollo del sistema de gas combustible para los tres turbocompresores, así como la interconexión de las líneas de proceso y servicios a los mismos generando y complementando el Modelo 3D con extracción de Isométricos, Planos en planta, secciones, cortes y alzados para la ingeniería básica y de detalle (APC), Yellow off de válvulas y accesorios. Y por ultimo generación de Asbuilt con información de sitio, se utilizo el software PDS para el modelo 3D de donde se extrajeron los planos en planta, Alzados, cortes e isométricos con revisión de interferencias y de ingeniería con el software Smart Plant Review.
• Proyecto Estación de Compresión Línea 5 Dos Bocas Paraíso Tabasco para PEMEX
Consistió en el desarrollo de una estación de compresión de alta para el Gas proveniente de los pozos de las plataformas petroleras del golfo de México, consiste de tres compresores a dos etapas, sistema de recolección de condensados y sistema de aceite de calentamiento, sistema de gas combustible, sistema de enfriamiento de gas y sistema de agua contra incendio asi como interconexión a las líneas existentes de desfogues, al sistema de agua contra incendio y gas de alta presión.
Mi participación consistió inicialmente en reconfigurar el Plot Plan dado en las bases como ingeniería básica del cliente utilizando los diagramas de flujo y los DTI´s de la oferta y los nuevos arreglos de equipos y consideraciones de proceso con apoyo a las normas principalmente NRF´s, ASME, NOM etc. Así también la ruta de Tuberías y los racks a utilizar, desarrollo preliminar mecánico de equipos de proceso para orientar boquillas, ubicar soportes en los skid de equipos y plataformas de operación chequeo cruzado con información de los proveedores para el desarrollo de la Ingeniería de Detalle, Generando, modelo 3D con extracción de Isométricos, Planos, cortes, secciones y detalles, utilizando el software SmartPlant 3D y para detección de interferencias y revisiones de ingeniería con el software Smart Plant Review.

Y finalmente di Apoyo como ingeniería de tuberías en sitio para seguimiento de montaje y ruteo, generando arreglos nuevos o cambios solicitados por el cliente, supervisión puntual en montaje en el sitio.
• Proyecto Plataforma de Perforación Ayatsil C para PEMEX
Consistió en el desarrollo y construcción de una plataforma de perforación no tripulada para el Golfo de México para aguas profundas en este caso con un tirante de agua de 123 mts.
Mi participación consistió en el Desarrollo del Plot Plan del arreglo Equipos utilizando los típicos mandados por el cliente con la encomienda de reorganízala ya que estos eran para tripuladas, además de omitir algunos sistemas en plataformas típicas que antes se fabricaban, el arreglo de tuberías de proceso y servicios, arreglo preliminares de equipos mecánicos para la ubicación de boquillas, plataformas de operación o clips para soportes, chequeo cruzado a información de los proveedores, todo apoyado con normas, estándares, practicas anexos técnicos, etc. Como ASME API, NOM, NRF’s, típicos y procedimientos de FLUOR etc. Generación de Ingeniera Básica e Ingeniería de Detalle, desarrollo de Modelo 3D tipo 2, con extracción de Isométricos, Planos, cortes y alzados y As Built para cierre. Con el software PDS para el modelo inteligente tridimensional y para revisión de ingeniería y detección de interferencias con Smart Plant Review.
Apoyo al Departamento de Proceso para el desarrollo de in DTI para trasferencia de químicos.
• Proyecto de Módulos de tuberías para Dow Chemical USA
El proyecto consistió hacer el despiece (spools) de isométricos APC para la construcción de módulos de tuberías en racks de proceso e integración para transporte marítimo al lugar o sitio de montaje en la costa este de USA.
Mi participación consistió en hacer el despiece de isométricos aprobados para construcción para generar los spools de montaje que se construyeron en los patios de Industrias de Hierro de ICA FLUOR en Tampico Tamaulipas, esto desde la configuración del software requerido por el cliente hasta el despiece e incorporación detallada de montaje y ensamble de spools con soportes especiales del cliente, todo esto con especificaciones precisas y documentadas de montaje por parte de Dow Chemical Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, se uso el software SPOOLGEN para el despiece de isométricos y generar spools de montaje que se exportaron a autocad para generar los nuevos isométricos en spools para construcción.
• Proyecto Plataforma Marina de Perforación Tsimin B para PEMEX
Consistió en el desarrollo de la ingeniería y fabricación de una plataforma marina de perforación con pozos adosados para el Golfo de México.
Apoye como ingeniería de Tuberías en sitio para supervisión de montaje y hacer el red line para el As Built de tuberías y apoyo para el As built de los DTI´s de prceso.
• Proyecto Cananea ESDE III Mina de Cobre en Sonora México
El proyecto consistió en el desarrollo de ingeniería de detalle y construcción de una nueva planta de producción de láminas de cobre por electrodepositacion como producto terminado.
Mi participación consistió en el alcance de la zona de producto terminado, El desarrollo de Plot Plan de la planta de cosecha de placas de cobre formadas por electrodepositacion. Desarrollo del sistema de tuberías de los tank farms a la planta asi como el diseño interior de las tinas de electrodepositacion y cosecha de placas. Utilizando el software PDS para generar el modelo inteligente tridimensional y extracción de planos en planta, alzados, corte e isométricos, la revisión y detección de interferencias se hiso con el software Smart Plant Review