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Dear Sir / Madam
Please find attached my Resume for Operator Oil & Gas / Petrochemical / Fertilizer EPC project at India / Kuwait / UAE / Qatar. I have over 13 years of experience in various domains, Plant Operations, Safety Management, Quality Assurance and Operation and Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning being the major ones.
As Chief Commissioning Supervisor with TOYO Corporation for Fertilizer Project, Nigeria (INDORAMA),signed on April 2015. I believe I meet all the essential criteria of the position. Highlights of experience and demonstrated talent I would bring to your organisation include:
§ Proved pivotal role in saving the plant from DCS emergency condition i.e. Failure of Methanol Flow Transmitter by controlling the reactor catalyst bed temperature & reactor cooling bath oil pressure
§ Diligently conducted detailed inspection, root cause analysis of failure, process hazard analysis and thereafter suggested subsequent modifications of system pressure difference which resulted increase in plant capacity
§ A keen communicator with honed interpersonal, problem solving and analytical abilities

I am now looking to take up roles in Plant Operations and Process Enhancement in companies. Of particular interest to me would be position in Quality Management.
I appreciate your taking the time to review my credentials and experience. Looking forward to a positive response.

Thanking you,

Enclosure: Resume


B.Tech - Chemical

   Feb 2010
— Apr 2012

Nandha Instition
Diploma - Petrochemical

   Sep 1999
— Mar 2002


ndorama Fertilizer & Chemical Ltd -Nigeria for Toyo Corpo,.
Process Supervisor

   Apr 2015
— May 2016

 Actively monitoring Critical functions in hydrocarbon Production and Processing
Plants and working on emergency shutdown systems (ESD) and thereby
guarantying safe operation and ensuring proper shut down processes.
 Ensuring all process systems are operated Design capabilities and monitor.
 Accountable for carrying out daily monitoring duties as required.
 Parameters to maximize production/Quality-making adjustments where necessary.
 Taking of plant shut down & Start up operation.

 Performing daily operations and maintenance activities various units as
Listed below and technically familiar with the process system and equipment.
 Monitoring proper disposal of effluents from plant after effective treatment.
 Working on areas where there is a scope for improvements with the knowledge gained from past experience.
Equipment’s & System Handled:
Thorough knowledge and operation experience in following sections:
 Ammonia Plant Feed Gas Compressor, Desulfurization, Reformer, CO2 Removal System.
 Methanation & Purification System,
 Ammonia Synthesis, Refrigeration & Recovery System,
 Utilities & Offsite like Steam Boilers Operations, Cooling Towers, Chemical Injection systems,
 Instrument Air Unit, Condensate Polisher Unit, and Nitrogen System,
 Ammonia Storage Tank, Caustic & H2SO4 Storage, Condensate water storage.
 Taking care of PLC and shutdown systems. Ensuring safe & smooth plant shutdown, start-ups, power failure and emergency handling
Commissioning & Operation of Package Boiler & BFW pumps, Cooling water pumps & Fans, SSF filters, Dosing Chemical Units safest working conditions.
o Successfully handled any failure during start-up & operation at utilities & offsite
o Efficiently conducted detailed inspection, root cause analysis of failure, process hazard analysis and thereafter suggested subsequent modifications of system pressure difference which resulted increase in plant capacity
o Successfully handled all turn rounds of the plants, for example
o Absorbers, Distillation columns inspection, Oil Separators, Moisture Separators inspection, Condensers (shell & Tube type) cleaning & Leak Test

Ras Gas Industries (Barzan),Ras Laffan City – Qatar for JGC
Process Supervisor

   Jul 2013
— Sep 2014

o NG line up, High Pressure Pumps, NG Pre header, Air compressors, Nitrogen Units, Package Boiler, Lube oil System, Cooling water System with maintaining safest working conditions.
o Fractionation Units (Deethanizer, Depropanizer, Debutanizer, Deisopentanizer) with safest working conditions.
o Slug Catcher, Condensate Stabilization, Acid gas removal, Gas metering station, Pigging Operations, Dehydration, liquefication, fractionation area operations
o Pre commissioning and commissioning inlet receiving, condensate stabilization unit, off gas compress ,entering station, condensate Treatment (Merichem process) and sour water treatment area in Gas plant
 Must be physically present on assigned areas most of the time for closer monitoring and early response to process deviations.
 Inspection and equipment to ensure efficient operation and safe conditions.
 Pertaining to Safe Operations of the Unit & operating the equipment’s as per standard operating procedure (SOP).
 Directs, control and supervising the activities of assigned personnel of Field and Panel board, including starting up and shut down. First line maintenance, housekeeping, prepares production reports
 Logic Testing, Control Valve Stroke Checking and Tuning if required.
 Review of all lab analysis and take preventive/corrective action to maintain product quality and environmental norms.
 Making detailed Daily Production Report. Ensuring Normal Operation of Plant report to Superior .
 Identifying & highlighting the engineering issues related to vendor documents.

Kuwait National Petroleum & GASCO Company for Hyundai E & C Ltd -Kuwait,UAE
Supervisor (Process)

   May 2008
— Jan 2013

o Natural gas storage & NG compressors, GTG (3 No’s)(GE-IV) & HRSG (3 No’s)
o High Pressure Centrifugal Pumps, Damp condenser & Cooling water system, Lube oil units & Hydraulic oil system, Vacuum system, Steam Control System, N2 Units, Emergency Diesel Engine (EDG) maintaining safest working conditions.
o DM water plant, Water storage, Gas Oil storage, Chemical Storage, Operating and Monitoring Hot Oil Unit
 Feed receipt section consisting for pig receiver and slug catcher.
 NGL extraction and stripping unit consists of Slug catcher, 3-phase glycol separator, Turbo-Expander which process light gas like methane.
 Oil & Gas Plant ( condensate separation, Hg& H2S removal, Dry Gas Molecular Sieves, Condensate Stabilization, Deethaniser, Debuthaniser), Chilling & Dew Point Facilities( Expander & Cold Box), LPG Treatment, Centrifugal compressors with Gas Turbine or electrical motor, reciprocate compressors, Tanks Farm
 ADIP treating unit for propane and fuel gas.
 Molecular sieve dehydration and regeneration unit.
 Glycol and methanol injection and regeneration unit.
 Hot oil system consisting of hot oil furnace.
 Closed loop propane refrigeration system consisting of 2 Stage refrigeration RAND-DRESSER compressor driven by GE Gas turbine Mark V & VI speedtronic control system
 MEROX section consisting of extractor, merox reactor, oxidiser and three phase separator.

o Giving quick response and report to panel operator for the safe and effective operation of the plant
o To maintain records and log books for important field readings and jobs..
o Smooth start up and shut down operation of plants.
o Smooth handling of plant during emergency like Power Failure, Instrument Air Failure Fire and DCS failure
o Proper housekeeping ensuring clean and safe work area.

Bharat Oman Refineries Limited-Refinery , Madhya Pradesh,Bina, India

   Jun 2007
— May 2008

 Managing the operating staff & maintenance staff and construction staff on daily basis for smooth planning and execution operations.
 Familiar with oil manifold chokes, Handling HP, MP& LP separators (2&3 phase).
 Responsible for receiving and retrieving the pig from pig receiver in feed line from offshore production platform.
 Good co-ordination with upstream offshore production platform and Down Stream transmission and distribution department to run the plant smoothly.
 Supervise and ensures subordinates and contractors are fully aware and adhere to the company's HSE program me, procedures, standards and systems.
 Responsible for maintain the production capacity and product specification of products like Propane, butane and gasoline within its range by continuous monitoring of NGL extraction, fractionation.
 Responsible to maintaining the optimum recovery of RAW NGL from offshore and onshore gas feed.
 Responsible for smooth operation of product treating facilities like ADIP treating unit for Propane and fuel gas and MEROX unit for feeds like propane, butane and gasoline.
 To monitor the consumption and maintaining the stock of chemicals like merox catalyst, caustic and ADIP in plant.
 Thorough knowledge and operation experience in following Equipments: Claus’s Reaction Furnace, Top & Side fired Reformer, Amine absorber, Reactors, Natural, Balance and induced Draft Fired heaters.Knock out Drum, Blowers, Absorption and Stripping towers.Knowledge about ESD, During Utility Failure and Power Failure etc.

Thirumalai Chemical Ltd
Operation Supervisor

   May 2002
— May 2007

o Coordinating with shift operators for normal operations of the plant
o Job planning for the next day
o Executing Management decisions during production
o Training the new comers to plant
o Arranging shift Rota
o Trouble shooting both in field and panel during crisis
o Planning Shutdown of plant for maintenance purpose.
o Checking Operators Log sheets and Optimizing the Process

Technical / Commissioning / Pre commissioning Experience:

o Preparing punch list with reference to P & I diagrams
o Executing Pre commissioning & Commissioning jobs like Air Blowing,
o Water Washing, Steam blowing of Process Lines
o Preparing leak test package
o Follow up safe start up with respective procedure.
o Monitor sub-contractor‘s implementation of pipe cleanliness controls, flushing, blowing, reinstatement.
o Assisting in preparing start up, shut down, standard operating procedures, emergency procedures, pre start up reviews during the project stage.

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