Senior Instrumentation engineer

Last Updated: 20th January 2018 (over 4 years ago)




Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level


A Self-motivated & Goal-Oriented Lead I&C Engineer in Project Management, Resource Optimization, Team Management, Liaison & Coordination, Quality Assurance & Control, Process Enhancement, Inspection & Installation and Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning professional having experience of 17 years (15 Years in Middle East) with strong conceptualization strengths and believes in strong work ethics & willingness to work hard to achieve organizational objectives. Ability to grasp the essentials of any situation quickly, come up with workable ideas and communicated clearly to the team member.


Mott MacDonald
Lead C&I Engineer

   Jul 2017
— Current

 Review and approval of instruments details design engineering.
 Review of Cable Block Diagrams, Cable Schedules, and Interconnection wiring Diagrams, GA and Vendor documents. Review of Instrument Loop Drawings for DCS / ESD System, Compressor Control Systems and package Systems like Fuel gas system and fuel gas supply system, Burner management system (Duct Burner).
 Settlement metering system design concept review, approval, verification of installation, testing, commissioning witness test with third party agency, end to end testing with external parties (TRANSCO LDC) and following-up the MDEC registration.
 Telecommunication system design concept review and approval and followed testing commissioning and site acceptance including the IEC 80870-5-101 & 104 communication establishment of plant system with external third-party system (TRANSCO) and testing.
 Review of system architecture, system conceptual, overall configuration and control narrative, Instrument Loop Drawings for DCS / ESD System, Third Party Systems (package system).
 Witnessing of FAT on behalf of owner for Plant DCS, Turbine control system, Package control system, RO DCS, Flow meter, flow computer and etc.
 Site commissioning functional test witnessing of Gas turbine and its auxiliary systems, HRSG. Steam system and steam turbine and its auxiliary with surface condenser, BOP system like fuel gas supply system, Diesel oil supply system, sea water intake system and sea water supply system, cooling water system, Instrument air system, DEMIN / REMIN water system, water treatment and waste water treatment system, RO (Reverse osmosis) plant system and MSF control system and etc.
 Familiar with SIEMENS T3000 system logic verification and functional testing of the major equipment, system and sub subsystem in the Balance of plant (BOP).
 Cold and hot commission of Simple cycle and combined cycle power plant including HRSG (Boiler), steam system, water system and steam turbine with surface condenser.
 Interface coordination with local authority TRANSCO to clear the construction activity, signal exchanging and commissioning activity and witnessing.
 Witnessing and participating to Performance test, reliability testing and end to end test with external parties.