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Last Updated: 24th November 2017 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
45 to 54

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English, French, Romanian


Result oriented professional, with over 16 years of Commercial Management practical experience in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry, with a solid track record securing key clients and demonstrated success driving multi-million $ revenue growth, while providing visionary management and leadership. In-depth understanding of industry trends and customer needs, always trying to find the best possible solutions and continuous process improvements for clients.
Dynamic, hands-on, results driven B2B Consultative and Solution based Sales.


Romanian Academy of Economic Sciences
BSc - Business Economics

   Oct 1991
— Jul 1996

Economics Analysis on Business and Social Environments


Remote Site Logistics FZ LLE
Business Development Consultant

   Sep 2016
— Current

Supporting International Logistics companies developing business in Africa, thru providing market research and consultancy on business modeling, definition and implementation of sales strategies. Developing studies on logistics solutions and their applicability on emerging markets, mostly dedicated to the Oil and Gas and Energy sectors.
• SENEGAL: Provided the business model for the development of alternative solutions to the existing market of logistics services and facilities providers for the Oil and Gas / Energy industries, onshore and offshore support, following major developments in Western Africa MSGBC countries (Mauritania-Senegal-Gambia-Guinea Bissau and Conakry). Networking with Government reps and interested investors, providing consultancy on the benefits of the project’s implementation.
• NIGERIA: Commercial leadership on the implementation of a 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) Project for a major Oil&Gas operator, on a remote site. Organized sales processes, recruited Sales Managers, provided a reporting platform to measure KPI, implemented tools on keeping commercial awareness on industry trends and customer requirements.
• MOZAMBIQUE: Performed market analysis and built a business plan for the establishment and development of an Integrated Logistics Base in the port of Pemba, following similar approach with Nigerian model.
• CAPE VERDE: Currently undergoing market study and evaluating business opportunities in providing logistic support, following Country’s interest in joining neighbor countries on developing Oil & Gas / Energy sectors.

Integrated Logistics Services INTELS Nigeria Ltd
Commercial Services Manager

   Apr 2001
— Aug 2016

Management and development of Commercial responsibilities (Sales Management, Contracts Management, Key Accounts Management, Sales Support), commercialization of Company’s logistic solutions offer, performing lobbying actions, networking and identifying business leads, selling the Company’s services (sea/air freight importation, break bulk port operations, materials handling, distribution, transportation, ship agency, door-to-door), facilities (open storage, warehousing) and integration with civil and industrial construction, accommodation, hospitality, catering and protocol. Plan, develop and implement strategies to increase volume, diversification and territorial footprint, in order to meet revenue & profit targets.
• Consistently achieved yearly sales targets (in the average of 9 digits USD consolidated amounts), therefore proud to be associated as a major contributor in achieving substantial growth, both as Company and implicit the Free Zones operated, establishing the Company position as the main logistics services provider in the Industry, in Nigeria.
• Definition and ownership of Commercial Sales Budget, ensuring alignment to overall Company’s development objectives.
• Contracts Coordinators, Sales Managers, Key Accounts Managers recruitment, coaching, evaluating and management; attracted high quality talent, implemented measures to elevate professionalism and efficiency in the workplace.
• Efficient Bids and Contracts management, from quotes preparation, negotiations and risk management and up to cross-functional contract implementation across the Company and KPI management. Achieved over 90% new contracts completion and yearly renewing existing contracts, consistently ensuring customer portfolio stability and growth.
• Developed sales strategies that nurtured new accounts, integrated new services, as well as expanded the territorial foot print: new locations offering customized, tailor made services and logistics packages (added 2 new logistics terminals).
• Increased Company’s business lines thru engineering, preparation and sale of innovative solution services, packages that brought improvement on sales performances as well processes optimization and customers supply chain costs reduction.
• Continuously collected and analyzed relevant information about the opportunities and the logistics needs for various markets, new trends and competitor activities, identifying decision makers, accounts mapping, lines of approach.
• Continuously driven by a consultative approach with customers in ensuring freight is imported, handled, stored and distributed thru Company’s terminals and complex bases, providing efficient one-stop-shop and door-to-door solutions.
• Leadership in formulating, bench-mark and sharing independent development strategies for each account, which includes positive rate development both opportunistic and within contract terms (innovative in developing lump sum rates).
• Established consistent Company’s Tariff policies, adapting to the changes in the Industry as well as aligning with associated costs; periodically performed Tariffs Comparative Analysis on similar African businesses.
• Sales Teams management thru clients allocation, preparation and assignment of the sales targets and monitored performance goals accordingly (KPI management); held services presentations and sales techniques updates when improvements are required in order to assist sales teams in achieving targets.
• Constantly meeting with key clients, maintained best relationships, monitored contracts compliance and performance. Process owner on identifying and carrying out the most appropriate preventive and corrective actions in order to avoid low potential clients.
• Promoted and continuously monitoring in the implementation and applicability of customer care principles, ensuring best practices are followed, therefore achieved and maintained a proven high level of clients satisfaction (implemented a quarterly surveying system on quality of service rendered and contractual compliance).
• Process optimization on the documentation and issuance of over 3,500 invoices and credit notes / month, achieved full automation and 100% accuracy. Managed the systems integration with main key accounts on electronic invoices submission and payments processing, improving drastically invoices processing by reducing time and associated cost.
• Substantially improved the efficiency on credit control activities / funds collection, achieving full compliance with payment terms and keeping outstanding / receivables level of DSO (Days of Sales Outstanding) less than 70 days against an industry average of more than 150 days.
• Champion the continued development of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and a specialized C-level sales analysis and reporting system, providing comprehensive info on daily status of commercial activities.